About Me

This is me

Hey there! I bet you’re visiting this one particular page to know more about me and about my blog too. Well, to be honest, there is nothing so specific about me and my blog either. I just want to have a blog that will be useful, informative, and also a little bit entertaining in one way or another. I know I know. The blog’s name is Ortega animal care but you will find no article, video, or anything about that. I just want to grab people’s attention in a unique way, and I wish to surprise them a little bit by using a mismatched title for my blog. My name is Jason A. Smail, and my blog is all about entertainment, health, lifestyle, technology, business, and finance.

Hehe.. I hope you don’t feel like you’ve been pranked. It’s not that I wish to trick the visitors or something, but I just wish to make a blog that feels refreshing and also have a unique title on it. To be honest, I’ve seen so many other blogs with the even weirder or unmatched titles on the internet. By the way, my interest in making this blog is to provide people with the necessary information about the topics that I’ve mentioned before.

Technology seems to be a thing which takes my interest the most. You can see various articles and several videos regarding the today’s and future’s technology on my blog. These kinds of information can give you unique perspective and some inspirations to be more creative, especially if you really love to innovate things, or simply to satisfy your feeling of curiosity about interesting pieces of tech that might come up next. Aside from that, entertainment and lifestyle are also interesting to be discussed on this blog too. Then health and business information will also be shared on this blog as well. It’s true that this blog isn’t exactly being specific, but trust me, it will be quite refreshing to read various things from a single blog, it’s because you may never know what kind of article or information that you might stumble upon on my blog.