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Sep 02

Where to Go to Play Arung Jeram?

By Jason A Smail | Entertainment

Arung jeram or also called rafting is a ride that categorized as a water sport, especially extreme water sport. Arung jeram is a sport where being played on the fast flowing river. The participants are using an inflatable boat as a transportation. Dufan also has this tiket dufan 2018 ride. Arung jeram dufan is an artificial arung jeram. Dufan is using a water pump to make an artificial river.

For the one who loves nature and loves arung jeram or rafting so much, you have to try playing rafting at these places. First, there is the Pekalen River. Pekalen River is located in Probolinggo, East Java.

Pekalen River one of the most favorite place to do arung jeram. Because this river has a very beautiful scenery. The level of difficulty of this river is in grade 3. This river has a length of 12km from Pekalen upside. From the middle side, 7km and from the downside, it has 10km.

Second, there is the Citarik River. Citarik River is located in Sukabumi. This river also has a beautiful scenery and fresh air. The level of difficulty of Citarik River is in grade 3.

Third, there is a river that located in Aceh. This river is called Alas River. Alas River is the longest river in Aceh. The level of difficulty of this river is in grade 3 until grade 4. This river has a sharp turn and a very fast flowing current so it will make the participants’ adrenaline pumped.

The last one, there is a river that comes from North Sumatra. This river is known as Asahan River. This river has a very high level of difficulty. Asahan River is in grade 4 until grade 5. This river is usually being used for arung jeram competition. Asahan River also becomes the third best river in the world.

Sep 02

Visiting amusement park now can be fun since dufan offer many promos

By Jason A Smail | Entertainment

I hope you all have childhood memories like visiting amusement parks with your family. I hope you remember waiting in line for hours to experience the latest adventure trips and I hope that you remember the joy of being able to eat as much junk food as you want during your visit to the amusement park. If you don’t have memores to like this, it’s not too late. Make a visit to the next holiday amusement park for you and your family. Since Dufan mati incident offer package offers that allow you to buy a hotel or condo, your tickets for amusement parks, and food all for one large price promo dufan ancol.

Parents can really relax and enjoy a theme park vacation because they don’t have to worry about cooking food or their families getting from place to place. At present, the Dufan model game vehicle is in many places. It must be just this hysterical expression that will come out of your mouth. Because this vehicle makes hysterical no names are more suitable than Hysteria. This vehicle is in the form of two towers with a height of 60 meters each with a capacity of 24 seats once this rides ever down because of electric disfunction that cause dufan mati. The vehicle seat is then raised to a certain height slowly for a few seconds.

Ocean Dream Samudera offers dolphi cards and Seaworld Ancol. The third is Atalantis Water Adventure which has quite cheap ticket prices, after dufan mati incident they divided into 8 types of promos making Dufan become one of the rides with quite a lot of promos. This promo offer from Dufan management is indeed to further increase the enthusiasm of the people in the capital region especially to spend free time at Dufan. However, currently since dufan mati incident Ancol already has a number of playgrounds that can be enjoyed by visitors with a very enjoyable game.

Sep 01

Go to the playground, these are the four benefits you can feel for your body

By Jason A Smail | Entertainment

Sometimes, when a vacation arrives, you will be confused where you will fill your vacation and where to go. This is common in those who live in cities. In fact, in the middle of the city, there are certainly many tourist attractions that you can visit. One of them is Dufan. There, you can also ride the rides arung jeram dufan and make your adrenaline gets even more spurred and you can get more up your mood.

By traveling to an amusement park, there is not only you feel maximum pleasure because you can enjoy all the rides there. However, you can also get benefits for your health. Some of the benefits of visiting an amusement park you should know are

1. Improve Mood
When you climb a ride that lifts your body high and is thrown down, it will improve your mood. Endorphins in the body can be pumped properly. This will trigger energy and improve your mood.

2. Burn calories
When you ride a ride that challenges your adrenaline, then not only can you shout loudly, but you can also burn as many as 40-70 calories in your body.

3. You run more
Recreational parks generally have a very large area. It takes time to approach a ride from other rides. That way you swing more steps than usual.
You can burn about 1000 calories if you walk 10 miles around a recreational park. But do not worry because you will not realize that you have stepped in a lot because you also have fun.

4. You can help overcome fear
When you see other people happy to enjoy a variety of challenging rides, you will be more moved to try and conquer fear. Unwittingly this will also increase your confidence to deal with fear or worry in life.

Sep 01

Total shutdown of dufan mati incident caused people severe trauma

By Jason A Smail | Entertainment

Although physically the Tornado game condition has functioned well, PT Pembangunan Jaya Ancol as the manager of Ancol Taman Impian has not dared to operate the tornado game since dufan mati incident. “We are still investigating the cause of the death of the tornado game, so for a while it still cannot be operated. Even so we still open the World of Fantasy vehicle as usual,” explained Public Relations of PT Jaya Ancol development, Sofia Cakti when contacted by reporter on Thursday. In addition to the traffic jams, he also claimed to have watched a roller coaster game that his mother and sister had abruptly stopped when it was run when dufan mati occured. Fortunately, he said when he stopped his position was not upside down and only lasted briefly. “Since the incident of my mother and sister, I chose to play safe,” he said.

Temporary cessation to an unspecified time limit, continued Sofia, was based on our commitment as managers to keep promoting the safety of visitors to Ancol Taman Impian. “Termination until we know what causes the tornado to stop and is completely safe,” he said. “And that we have proven by still functioning the visitor safety system and seat belt protection against visitors, even though the game has problems, such as the cessation of electricity supply caused dufan mati,” Sofia explained. As is known, the vehicle of the game Tornado in Dunia Fantasi (Dufan), Ancol Dream Park, experienced dufan mati congestion while being operated on Wednesday (07/20/2017). A total of 15 visitors to the Tornado rides were panicked. Even so the 15 visitors were declared safe after officers evacuated them manually. According to Sudaryatmo, it is not only a vehicle for the tornado game that must be audited, but all playing areas are dangerous. Sudaryatmo also said that the failure of the Tornado vehicle due to the dufan mati of electricity could not be used as an excuse. “There should be a back up system,” he said. He also added that if there was an indication of negligence from Dufan, the Tourism Office should be given sanctions in the form of strict sanctions.

Aug 31

This is a fun ride that you can meet in Ancol

By Jason A Smail | Entertainment

When you are in the holiday season, you may feel tired if you are at home. however, when you are in Jakarta, you can go to Ancol which has a large enough area to explore. There are many interesting things you can find there. Starting from the Fantasy World that offers lots of rides, such as harga tiket masuk dufan terbaru for arung jeram dufan until the Sea World which will take you to a different world.

In Ancol, you will be free to go around without fear of feeling confused where else you are going. Because a very large area can make you feel satisfied there. There are several rides that you can find there, like

1. Seaworld
This one tour must have been very familiar both for Jakarta residents and outside Jakarta. Seaworld Ancol, an area that offers entertainment and education, especially about marine biota.
Visitors can see about 7,300 freshwater biota displayed in 28 displays in the form of a large aquarium and four open pools. Occasionally there will also be a Feeding Show attraction, namely the action of divers feeding the marine biota.

2. Ocean Dream Samudra
Want to see the smart attraction of dolphins, sea lions, and various other animals? Ocean Dream Samudra can be an option. This Edutainment Theme Park gives visitors the opportunity to get to know marine animals more closely.
This ride is also the center for the study of ex-situ conservation of dolphins (dolphinarium) because it has the most complete dolphin concept and facilities. Ranging from dolphin storage pools, water treatments, trainers, procurement of quality fish, laboratories, medical teams, and veterinarians.

3. Fantasy World (Dufan)
To Ancol with friends, it is definitely not complete if you don’t go to Dunia Fantasi or Dufan, which is already famous for its thrill rides. If you arrive at the weekend, try to arrive at the ticket purchasing counter at Dufan an hour before opening so you don’t get stuck in a long queue. Other facilities such as toilets, souvenir shops, medical centers, information centers, to the room for nursing mothers also exist.

Jun 09

Price comparison

By Jason A Smail | Entertainment

Sometimes when you want to buy a product or get a service, you would like to compare the same product that sells by a different seller or the same service that offered by two companies. This can help you to know which company or seller who can give you the best quality service or product. It might be the same when you want to watch a movie. There might be several cinemas that you can visit to watch a movie, and sometimes you make a comparison between those cinemas and then choose the one that can offer you a cheaper price. For example, you want to compare the AMC theater ticket prices and the ticket prices from another cinema. To help you easily make the comparison, then maybe you can visit Price List. This website can show you the ticket price list from every cinema that you want to compare.

Make a price comparison is not a bad thing. Every people in this world must be doing it at least one. This is because people want to get a product or service at a cheaper price. If maybe you usually need to pay for at least $10 for a movie ticket, then maybe there’s a cinema that allows you to get 2 tickets for the same price. Or maybe you can also get a free popcorn if you but the ticket movie for $10. There are many possibilities that you can get when you make a price comparison. You need to know the product or services that you will get when you pay a certain price. You can make as many comparisons as you want and if you need a guide of the price list, then you can visit Price List’s website. Then you can find many prices that you want to know and make the comparison.

May 04

How To Become A Singer

By Jason A Smail | Entertainment

You know for sure that you spend a lot of your time singing and, secretly, aspiring to become a great singer. Maybe you know that being a professional singer is not easy and takes a lot of effort. However, the good news is you can achieve your dreams. Train your vocals and singing style, have the right equipment, and promote yourself to be a successful singer.

Regardless of whether you are sure to be the next star, or just pioneering a career as a singer, following a vocal class can provide many benefits. By learning from vocal trainers, you will not only learn how to sing better but also learn to organise your voice so you can sing as you wish. Look for a music school or a vocal tutor that gives you a vocal class in your town.

Even if you have a good voice, if you can not read music notation, you can not read the purpose of your career dream in music. By knowing how to read music notation, you can communicate with other musicians, write your own songs, and deepen your knowledge of art. If you do not get a formal education in music, learn yourself how to read music notation and understand the basics of music theory, such as rhythm, harmony, and others.

When you’re ready to perform and start singing in public, you can search for vocal groups to sing along with. The groups include church choirs, school choirs, singing groups, community choirs, vocal quartets, spiritual singers groups, and more. Even if singing in your group may not be in the spotlight, at least you can learn a lot from the group and encourage yourself to further improve your quality.

As soon as possible, look for a job as a singer. This work can add professionalism to your experience as a singer. Although the work is not too prestigious, there may be a way to achieve success through the work. Once you have a few songs, either your own or another singer’s song, you can record them for use as a demo. The recording is useful for getting a performance offer, a work contract, and other opportunities. You can rent recording sessions in the recording studio.

May 03

Cause Of Divorce On Most Celebrities

By Jason A Smail | Entertainment

Almost every day we can find news about celebrities on TV or the internet. Not only good news but also bad news is coming from them. This is part of Entertainment and it’s all a natural. We may see the celebrities happy in front of the camera but in real life, they suffer enough. In addition to a personal life that is often disturbed by journalists and news searchers, their household problems are also very complicated. Many celebrities divorce and choose to find another partner. Sometimes, this is not only wanted by one party but couples of these celebrities also want the same thing.

– Because of another person

The entertainment world is a narrow world and even they can meet strangers more often than meeting their families or spouses. It can bring a feeling of likes to strangers that they do not know for long. This will lead to a desire to cheat on and leave their previous partner. This will be known to the public and will be delivered to their homes and there was an argument until the decision to divorce. Many of the disadvantages they get are mainly about their children. The development of their child will not be perfect like any other child who lives with both parents.

– Economy problem

In addition to the third person who can disrupt the lives of celebrities, the economy is also a major cause of divorce. They have a luxurious lifestyle and are always in the top position. If their partner has economic problems, it will be bad news and can make them humiliated by the haters. They can also get bad treatment from other celebrities and assume if they have gone bankrupt and can not survive in the entertainment world. It was the worst nightmare for all the celebrities and they would not let it happen, and therefore they prefer to divorce the other reasons.