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Feb 05

Rekor Nasional Baru Dalam Angkat Besi Untuk Nepal Di Asian Games Tahun Lalu

By Jason A Smail | Lifestyle

Asian Games pada tahun 2018 masih hangat di hati altet dan pendukung dari manca negara. Banyak sekali negara yang berbahagia karena para atlet mereka dapat berprestasi dengan gemilang di suatu ajang internasional, dan salah satunya adalah Nepal. Negara itu melihat rekor nasional baru sebagai bagian dari Asian Games 2018 yang sedang berlangsung dalam bentuk angkat besi. Saat dunia menyaksikan, kontestan angkat tersebut, atletnya, Sanju Chaudhary mencetak tiga rekor nasional baru pada edisi ke-18 ASIAD yang saat ini sedang berlangsung di Jakarta Indonesia . Selain berita tentang cabang olah raga angkat besi, mungkin anda juga tertarik untuk membaca berita tentang venue asian games 2018.

Di divisi 53 kg wanita yang lebih baik, Chaudhary mengangkat 72-kg pada snatch dan 86-kg pada clean & brengsek, dengan kapasitas total 158-kg.

Dengan ini, Choudhary memecahkan rekor nasionalnya sendiri yang telah ia tetapkan sebelumnya dengan 71-kg di snatch dan 85-kg dengan berat total 156-kg dalam Seleksi Asian Games pada Juni awal tahun lalu.

Namun, Chaudhary gagal mengalahkan 12 lawannya di kejuaraan dan terlihat di posisi terbawah di bawah kontestan dari Filipina, Turkmenistan dan Thailand.

Sayangnya, negara ini juga menyaksikan kekalahan dari para kontestan Taekwondo dan Berenang dalam Olimpiade Rio 2016, yaitu Nisha Rawal dan Sirish Gurung, pada hari yang sama, bersamaan dengan angkat besi yang justru mengharumkan nama negara mereka.

Nepal sepertinya perlu melakukan evaluasi terhadap pendapatan medali mereka. Negara-negara lain telah melakukan investasi besar dalam taekwondo, tetapi kami memiliki standar yang sama dengan empat tahun lalu. Jika semuanya berjalan dengan cara yang sama, Nepal harus tetap di level yang sama empat tahun kemudian juga. Para pemain telah melakukan apa yang mereka butuhkan dan bersikap profesional dengan apapun hasilnya.

Bahkan, banyak atlet yang ingin melakukan yang terbaik untuk negaranya.

Semoga upaya tanpa henti mereka dihantui oleh tantangan terus-menerus akan membawa yang terbaik untuk kontestan Nepal di Asian Games 2018 yang sedang berlangsung.

Jan 31

Knowing tourism objects in Ebeltoft

By Jason A Smail | Lifestyle

You feel that it has such long time for you to plan for a long trip again. In this case, it is quite reasonable that the long trip requires more preparation than the short trip that you run every weekend. For some people, they tend to intentionally to use their long days off for the long trip. Here they usually take the trip along with their friends in the workplace. It is certainly quite necessary for people in the office to find out the relaxing activities on the long days off. To take a trip or other refreshing activities is meaningful to keep your mind in balance. By this way, it is possible for you to be quite ready for the upcoming busy days after your days off run out. Suppose you plan for another long trip, it is then the right time again for you to read some references such as

To gather a lot of information to determine your destination of the long trip is certainly crucial. You certainly do not want to be less informed so that you cannot arrange the agenda properly. For instance, if you plan to take a long trip to Denmark, it is good that you really know some tourism objects that you feel a must to get there. You must feel a little bit disappointed that you are less informed so that you do not visit some popular tourism objects.

One of the very popular destinations in Denmark is the Town of Ebeltoft. At glimpse, you probably wonder on why many people from foreign countries get there to have a long vacation.

The fact is that this tow is surrounded with a number of favorable tourism objects ranging from garden, museum, public park, historical buildings, and many more. It is certainly such a proper option for family trip though.

Jan 17

Learning Golf for the Beginners

By Jason A Smail | Lifestyle

Learning to golf for beginners is a fairly long journey, meaning that to be a talented and capable player requires a long journey in terms of training and a variety of challenges that will be passed. Those of you who want to have the skills to play golf will not hurt to start training from the beginning so that later you will get used to the various knowledge that is in the game. The one who is slammed is the pleasure and enjoy the game because it will be a valuable experience that will not be easily overlooked when it really becomes a player later. Did you find one of the right Bali Golf Courses due to the reason for the location distance from your home or office?

Those of you who are interested in learning golf for beginners can easily become a driving range or place to practice hitting the ball first. After that, find a coach who can guide you to know how and what golf really looks like because if you don’t use the coach you won’t play properly. And the most important thing is that you always use process minded rather than goal minded because the process will provide a lot of learning compared to when you constantly think about what you will get later. Without a process, the goal will not mean anything.

What needs to be considered when practicing is always patient because like other sports, playing such the golf sports also requires patience since you will pass step by step to get to perfection. The first thing to start is to practice hitting the ball first. Just go to the driving range to be able to practice hitting the ball. If you need to get along with the trainer, the exercise will be more effective and can be corrected which part will be a mistake and what will be correct. With the trainer driving range training becomes faster and more focused like playing golf in general.

Jan 07

The maximum punishment for LIOs

By Jason A Smail | Lifestyle

Now you are in status of a military service member and it is much better for you to abide the military codes that rule out your way of being a service member as you are supposed to be. It is good that you are quite aware of the importance of understanding the codes including the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Most of the ucmj articles are punitive and it is crucial for you to know who is eligible to charge actually. By this way, you will not be careless to participate in any act against the code. Make sure to get to know more about articles of the UCMJ.

You should not take any risk to get in the commission of criminal offense if you do not want to put your career and your future into high risk. In fact, it is going to be quite difficult for you to develop your military career as you are in suspect of committing or assisting any criminal offense. It is possible for you to send in jail for life as you commit to terrible offense. Meanwhile, if you are asking for the minimum punishment, you should know your status. Based on the fact, you are going to be considered as the true offender or the accessory after fact.

Although both true offender and accessory after fact are considered as the principals in term of military code, you might find the different level of conviction for each role. If you are less in your involvement of the offense, it is important for you to know the maximum conviction.

Based on the Article 79 that particularly discusses about Less Included Offenses (LIOs), there is no maximum punishment that is ruled out by the article 79. However, it is possible for you to find the explanation in details in the other articles such as the Articles 77 and the Articles 78.

Jan 05

Making quality time for fifteen minutes per day with your spouse

By Jason A Smail | Lifestyle

Then it comes your way to figure out the reason why there are many people that eventually decide getting divorced although they have already lived together for years. In this case, it is not few that even have already had some children but they eventually decide getting divorced as ruled in the family law. Thus, you may end up on several questions including how you possibly maintain your marriage to last forever. There are some tips that you can read so that you are going to feel having such a useful guide based on the experiences of people that successfully maintain their marriage.

For instance, it is quite important for you to make quality time with your beloved spouse in daily basis. This is what your spouse and you have to be aware of. By this way, your spouse and you can start making quality time changeably. As the result, it is going to be more possible for both of you to consistently making quality time. At least it is recommended for you to spend for fifteen minutes to make a quality time with your spouse. Although both of you are considered as busy people, you have to spare your time for the quality time still.

It is not supposed to be such a long conversation between your spouse and you in daily basis. Your touch or hug on your beloved spouse is also considered as the useful ways to create quality time.

Besides that, you can also make a conversation about some of your marriage goals. It is certainly exciting to discuss about some goals that you want to achieve together. By sparing your time to enjoy your quality time with your spouse, you have already tried to maintain your marriage which is expected to last until the end.

Dec 01

You need to know these facts about cosplayers

By Jason A Smail | Lifestyle

One of the advantages of cosplayers is that it’s very easy to get along with friends who are hobbies, especially those who are projects. Even cosplayers from outside the city can get to know from the same hobby. Now, the cosplayers who hold gatherings are not just gathering or not clear, but to expand their association and network. Meanwhile, if you like cosplay events, just check out the news about American Go workshop at Youmacon anime convention in Detroit.

Like Elsa or Anna from Frozen? You can also be a cosplayer

Many think that cosplay is only limited to Japanese anime characters, even though you don’t know. Maybe because there are a lot of anime lovers in the country, so every time there are more cosplay events that use costumes from Japanese anime characters.

The fact is, Batman, Iron Man, Harry Potter, Star Wars, even princesses from Disney animated films like Cinderella, Snow White, Frozen, are cosplay anyway. Cosplay = costume play, not only anime costume play!

Cosplay is a hobby that makes money

Toppers, in fact, this hobby is not just wearing costumes and playing, you know. But it can also make a lot of money. Yes, this Cosplay business can be various, from winning every race, or holding a Cosplay parade to fill the excitement of an event, such as a parade at Mall or PRJ, and so on. You can even become a model and open a costume manufacturing service. Yes, whatever it is, this hobby is not only fun but also makes money! Cool, right.

Well, that was some unique facts about Cosplay. Well, for those of you who want cosplay, you don’t need to dye your hair with hair dye. Enough to use a Cosplay Wig that you can buy online at a trusted store, where you can find a lot of cosplay items.

Nov 20

Pastel colors are surprisingly compatible with the kitchen

By Jason A Smail | Lifestyle

Providing pastel shades on kitchen window curtains has proven to effectively give a brighter shadow to the entire kitchen area if the curtains are exposed to sunlight. Especially if your kitchen space is basically designed in dark colors. With the presence of calm pastel colors on the curtains, the kitchen room looks attractive and more interestingly, the room remains illuminated by natural lighting. On the other hand, don’t hesitate to hire the professional painters near your location, whenever you want to paint your house but you’re simply too busy to do it on your own.

You can also give pastel accents on the kitchen floor

If you want to give a touch of pastel color to the area under the kitchen, install pastel colored tiles on the kitchen floor of your home. As with granite counters, ceramic floors have a variety of pastel color variations such as peach, cherry and cream colors which certainly give a unique texture to the kitchen floor in your home.

With pastel colors on the floor area, the whole kitchen will feel more dramatic and certainly more calm and soothing.

Pastel colors are also suitable for display on the kitchen island

Pulai kitchen is usually placed in the middle of the kitchen room which certainly can be the main focus on decorating the room. For that, presenting pastel colors on the kitchen island or simply combining them with other colors is the right choice. The beauty of pastel color lies in its ability to adjust to other colors. So when you try to bring pastel colors to the kitchen island, you won’t worry when you want to mix them with bright colors.

For example in the area under the kitchen, you can paint it with bright blue, then in the top area, you can choose the color of turquoise which will certainly be very fitting combined with the bright blue color earlier.

Nov 08

This Is Another Side Of Your Jewelry

By Jason A Smail | Lifestyle

Is the gold jewelry you bought is genuine? Then how do you know if it’s real or fake gold? There are several things you need to know before buying gold jewelry, one of which is gold content. So it’s very important to be careful before buying gold jewelry. To find out the authenticity of a gold jewelry or the level of purity of gold is to look at the jewelry certificate. For example, jewelry with the label “10K” or “14K” indicates rust on the jewelry. So, the higher the rust value on a Grillz jewelry, the higher the price of the jewelry. In addition, you can check the authenticity of a Grillz gold with the color of the gold itself, where to buy jewelry and some other things. Many jewelry myths and facts developed in the community. This certainly can make many people confused, must believe or not about the issue.

Many people believe that diamond is a stone that cannot be destroyed because of its violence. In fact, diamonds are among the hardest stones among other types of gemstones with a hardness of 10 Mohs. However, that does not mean that diamonds cannot be destroyed or damaged. Well, what can scratch a diamond is a diamond itself. Diamonds can also be damaged and cracked if exposed to very hard collisions, especially on the outside which is more fragile to cracks. Many myths also circulate that using opal gemstones is called a bad sign. It is only a myth that has developed since hundreds of years ago. This myth is probably caused by the fragile nature of opal, soft, and easily peeled or cracked. So, if you use opal gemstones on rings or other jewelry you need to be careful because of their nature. There are many types of gold, this is just a myth. The reason is, although it comes in several colors such as yellow gold, white gold and pink gold (rose gold), however, the original gold color is only one, namely gold. Some of the gold colors is produced from a mixture of other metals, generally white.

The first thing that is most important for buying a piece of jewelry is determining what jewelry you will buy. After you determine the jewelry like what you will buy, carefully and find out about the jewelry. Starting from the type of metal, gold jewelry rust, what gemstones are planted in jewelry, to the characteristics of diamonds in jewelry. That way, you will not be deceived by “naughty” sellers. After determining the type of jewelry, choose which place or jewelry store you want to make a transaction, offline store or online shop. Both stores have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, if you buy jewelry at an offline store, you have to prepare a lot of time. The reason is, you will need a lot of time to find a jewelry store that suits your taste. doesn’t it take time?

Nov 06

Getting your mentality prepared for Umrah trip

By Jason A Smail | Lifestyle

Going Umrah is not only about a trip. You cannot just think of trip facilities and budgets. It is not merely about how much cost you pay and how convenient you go in it. For every moslem, it is more than just coming to somewhere new. It is such a holy trip which they should concern on some steps. It is required a proper preparation in finance, health and mentality. You may start saving some money to obtain the joyful experience through the exceptional facilities, but you should not forget that going umrah packages 2018 is a holy trip which requires you to understand the steps very well.

As Umrah consists of some steps, it is better for you to take some training. You will not feel convenient if you are blind to the steps of Umrah. It will not feel convenient any way. Otherwise, you will feel comfortable and confident if you understand the steps very well. Umrah comprises of some steps which are supposed to be quite sacred for moslem. Thus, you can feel more focused as you get deep understanding in the stuffs. In specific way, every step of Umrah is quite associated with certain rituals and duas.

For the purpose of feeling more focused, some people memorize duas of Umrah. This is going to be different from another trip that you take in every weekend. You are not required to set a proper preparation. Umrah requires you to commit to your prepared plan.

You can join the training where you meet the instructor and the other participants that can motivate you to learn every dua of every ritual in umrah. By this way, you do not feel so much burdened. You can even feel more encouraged as you have a lot of friends that feel the same in the training.

Nov 01

Excellent tricks for dealing with flies

By Jason A Smail | Lifestyle

Does anyone know basil? Basil is a kind of leaf that is usually made fresh vegetables in various foods. The trick is to take enough basil, pat the basil on a plastic and give a little water. Then wrap the plastic containing the basil and the water. Arrange it so that it looks attractive. Thus it can be used to repel flies while making decorations in the house. In addition, the fragrant smell can also be used in natural air freshener. Aside from that, you might want to visit and find various more tips regarding how to drive pests away from your house.

Turn on the fan

This one way is a very easy way. Simply turn on the fan you have, aim at the insects, especially flies. Then the fly was immediately driven away by the wind. But this is specifically for homes that have fans. When you don’t have it, you should also buy a new fan. In order to use this easy method.

With Clove Leaves

Clove leaves can also be used to repel flies. The search is also easy, there are many in the traditional market. Clove leaves have a fragrant aroma. This type of herb spice is very effective for fly repellent. Because flies are also allergic to these sweet-smelling herbs.

Using Candles

It turns out that flies are one insect that is afraid of fire. Turn on the candles in your house in a place where flies often fly. The flame in the candle makes the fly run away. Also, note that flies hate liquids that are distinctive. One of them is this waxy liquid. For example, we light a candle, then place it in the kitchen near the food or at the dining table. This method seems safer. Usually, this method is widely used for people who sell rice on the side of the road and placed next to the side dish to avoid flies.

Oct 28

Memilih Photo Booth Sebagai Souvenir? Perhatikan Beberapa Hal Terlebih Dahulu!

By Jason A Smail | Lifestyle

Sudah menjadi tradisi dalam sebuah acara pesta bila tuan rumah memberikan souvenir sebagai tanda terima kasih dan kenang-kenangan kepada mereka yang hadir. Juga, sudah menjadi hal umum bila tuan rumah seolah berpusing-pusing ria dalam memilih souvenir apa yang tepat untuk diberikan.  read more here Pada umumnya, harga, bentuk, serta kegunaan barang yang akan diberikan menjadi pertimbangan. Jika Anda ingin memilih sesuatu yang berbeda namun sangat berkesan, mengapa tidak memilih photo yang para tamu bisa dapatkan dengan befoto di booth sebagai souvenir?

Seiring dengan berkembangnya teknologi dan kreatifitas para penyelenggara pesta, juga tren yang ada di masyarakat, saat ini bisa kita temukan dengan mudah penyediaan photo booth di sebuah acara atau pesta. Hal ini dimaksudkan untuk menyambut para tamu undangan juga untuk memberikan kenangan yang tidak terlupakan. Untuk memilih jasa booth foto terbaik, bisa menjadi pertimbangan Anda semua.

Photo booth adalah sebuah area yang penyelenggara acara atau pesta sediakan, dimana tamu dapat berpose atau berfoto dan kemudian langsung mendapatkan hasilnya pada saat itu juga. Saat ini, photo booth seperti menjadi pilihan bahkan untuk berbagai acara termasuk event dari sebuah bisnis atau perusahaan. Pernahkan Anda berfikir bahwa menyediakan both foto akan mampu menambah kesan baik, dimana hal tersebut juga akan berpengaruh pada nilai tambah kemeriahan pesta atau acara Anda?

Untuk memilih photo booth sebagai souvenir satu-satunya dalam pesta, pastikan bahwa Anda akan memperhatikan atau mempertimbangkan beberapa hal. Kadang, mereka yang hadir sebagai tamu undangan tidak mewakili dirinya sendiri. Ada beberapa yang datang sebagai perwakilan dari sebuah instansi atau perusahaan atau juga perorangan. Sebagai perwakilan, umumnya mereka akan memberikan souvenir kepada pihak yang mereka wakili.

Selain itu, tidak semua orang senang difoto terlebih jika harus antri panjang untuk melakukannya. Jadi, sekalipun Anda ingin memilih photo booth sebagai souvenir, jangan jadikan sebagai satu-satunya pilihan souvenir. Seperti telah dikatakan diatas bahwa kehadiran photo booth adalah untuk menambah kesan baik, bukan sebaliknya.

Oct 27

Reasons For Women Like To Use Necklace Pendant

By Jason A Smail | Lifestyle

Why do women like to use pendant necklaces? All women always want to look beautiful and charming with accessories to support their beauty. Some of the most commonly used accessories are accessories in the neck area, namely necklaces. In this case, there are 2 types of necklaces, namely plain necklaces or without pendants and necklaces with pendants. Every woman must have a deposit or collection of necklaces in her house, be it a plain necklace or a necklace with a pendant, even both. Every woman must have certain reasons why they prefer to use a necklace with a pendant, be it a letter pendant, initial pendant, some even use a cross necklace and cross pendant for Christians compared to a plain necklace. When will you go to the market for สร้อยคอ purchase?

In its history, necklaces have been widely used since the days of Ancient Egypt, but at that time necklaces could be used by anyone, both men and women. This necklace-shaped jewelry is used as one of the signs in the different status and social class of those who use it. For necklace materials usually use precious metals such as platinum, silver, and gold, while for pendants usually use types of precious stones such as diamonds and gems, or can also be added with pearls or beads. With the development of the times, now the pendant is not only as a sweetener of a necklace but also indicates that the identity of the user is stored in the necklace.

Aside from being a sweetener of one’s appearance, a necklace with an initial letter or pendant is one of its users’ identities. There are those who write nicknames in letter locket, some are just showing their initials, depending on the wishes of each user. This type of pendant is usually adjusted to the color of the necklace, and some people even deliberately order a pendant with the same material according to the necklace they wear.

Oct 11

These Four Things That Make Many People Choose Diamond Ring As Jewelry for Engagement

By Jason A Smail | Lifestyle

Moments of marriage and engagement are indeed a moment that is awaited by many people. Many preparations will also be made before the special moment. One of them is by choosing diamond rings. The ring must always be present at that moment because it symbolizes a very special impression. There are also many types of rings that you can choose and you adjust the character or budget that you have.


The number of people who choose diamond rings for weddings and their engagement is not without reason. There are several specific reasons why they prefer the ring to their engagement and marriage.

1. Beautiful appearance
Diamonds have a sparkling and stunning appearance, which is why many people are willing to spend money on diamonds. Because the appearance is luxurious and can reflect light that is very beautiful, diamonds are indeed preferred by many people, especially women. Many of them prefer the jewelry to other types of jewelry for their wedding and engagement.

2. As an investment
Aside from being a jewelry, diamond stone is also a safe investment. It’s just that you have to make sure the diamond you buy comes with official certification. Never buy a diamond if you are not given an official certificate from the store. Because the authenticity of diamonds is usually based on the certificate in the store and you get it.

3. Considered as a symbol of love
Diamond rings are a sign of complete love. If a man gives you diamonds, then he implies that he really wants to have a relationship with you

4. Can be made according to your wishes
When buying an engagement ring, you can choose a diamond shape according to the style and personality of your partner.
To make your fiance ring more special, you can also design your own fiance ring and match it with the wishes of your partner.

Diamond rings are indeed the best choice for the moment of your engagement and marriage that you can choose according to your own wishes.

Sep 13

Short Hair Recommendations Suitable for Curly Hair

By Jason A Smail | Lifestyle

There are many short curly hairstyles that you can choose according to the shape of your face and personality at Short side haircut or also called undercut is a hair model that is suitable for you with an active soul and does not want to be complicated with hair care. This super short cut is indeed a low maintenance haircut. If you have to rush to the office in the morning, we just need to comb and give a little gel for hairstyling. Shaggy bob haircut is suitable for you with short curly hairstyles that have round faces. The shaggy haircut will give the frame to the face so it looks more tapered. If the girl has the type of hair that expands, you should choose Shaggy Bob’s haircut which is rather long. If it’s too short, it might make our curly hair look bigger and expand. This hair care treatment is also easy. You just dry your hair naturally and comb it with your fingers.

Almost similar to a short side haircut, pixie haircut is also one of the very short hairstyles. The difference is, in pixie cut we don’t need to thin the hair on the side. This pixie hairstyle is rather unique, ladies. Although the model is short, it can make us look feminine. Now, this pixie haircut model can be used by all types of face shapes. For a round or square face, add a layer on the side to disguise the jaw shape. Who says that bangs can only be worn by straight haired women? For even the owner of curly hair, bangs can be really used. The trick of making bangs for curly hair is not cutting too short, because curly hair usually has a tendency to rise so that it makes hair look shorter than the owner of straight hair.

This 80s wavy hairstyle is suitable for you who have a classy spirit and want to be different. Retro style usually matches a formal look, but Beautynesians can create it to make it look more modern. For everyday styling, just add the gel and comb the hair to the side for a sleek style. Beautynesians can also comb and allow natural dry hair to look messier.

Sep 05

Tips for saving your money when you’re eating at a restaurant

By Jason A Smail | Lifestyle

Restaurants often to be the places where you or your friends and family members gather together for various purposes. That’s why you may have to visit this place, at least for once in a while. However, as you know, eating in a restaurant will usually cost you more money instead of cooking on your own. That’s why for those who want to keep their budget stay low when they’re eating at a restaurant, we’re going to share with you some tips for it. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a restaurant with affordable prices and good foods, you may check out Bob Evans prices.

1. If it’s possible, skip the appetizer

Although appetizer can boost your appetite quite nicely, and it’s a good way to enjoy a full course at a restaurant, it costs you money while you may also don’t really need it. Furthermore, some appetizers might work really well, and it boosts your appetite so effectively, thus, making you order more foods than you’ve expected.

2. Find the cheapest and the most filling menu

When you’re browsing through the menu in a restaurant, take your time and choose the one which has the lowest price. Then, don’t forget to consider the one with the affordable price that can fill your stomach quite well. If you’re not sure which menus to pick, just ask the waiter/waitress about the menu which is going to fill your belly nicely among the ones with the cheaper prices.

3. Bring your own tiny little desserts

Candies and chewing gums can wash your mouth quite nicely. Instead of ordering the restaurant’s dessert which costs you more money, bringing your own chewing gums and candies in your pocket may cleanse your mouth from the lingering taste of the food that you’ve eaten beforehand. This is also lowering your appetite as well, thus, making you don’t feel like to order another portion of food from the menu.

Sep 05

Recognize Some Criteria for Good Restaurants For Customers

By Jason A Smail | Lifestyle

Restaurants certainly have to be a comfortable place so you can enjoy all the food there. Not only the food that is there must be delicious but also the atmosphere of the restaurant that must be comfortable and the service provided. The restaurant must be the best place to spend food. One that you can go to is the best brunch nyc.

A cozy restaurant will certainly make you feel at home whenever you go there. Starting from for breakfast, lunch to dinner. There are several criteria for good restaurants according to customers. You can refer to some of the criteria here.

1. Good food
The food must have good taste and good quality. Even not only on these two points, but the assessment is also in the presentation of the food. whether it is in accordance with the menu concept or not. A good restaurant will always serve a delicious, neat, clean and consistent food menu.

2. Employees who are swift and understand
The qualified restaurants certainly train and educate their employees to the fullest. so, in the end, it produces employees who are swift and responsive in serving and guiding guests’ willingness. Do not let the existing employees do not know the menu provided and cannot answer if there are customers who ask about the items on the menu.

3. Pay attention to small details
Places to eat that have optimal quality, will pay attention to all aspects of the restaurant. Including details such as, the clerk or servant is placed not too far from the guests’ distance so that guests do not have difficulty calling, napkin or a lap cloth that is neatly folded, until swiftly attaching a new extra cloth on the table even without being asked. When employees detail small things like this, the dining experience of each guest will certainly improve better. So as to make guests not hesitate to come back.

Sep 03

Finding your life partner with easy access on doctor dating site

By Jason A Smail | Lifestyle

For some people, to find their life partner sometimes takes very long time. There are different challenges that they should deal with. One of the most common barriers is about the carrier that they have to pursue. Moreover, if it is still base education period which usually takes in relatively long time, they seem that do not have much time to meet with the new people. Meanwhile, they are getting in more ages at which some people tend to feel more worried. In this way, the presence of the online dating site is certainly meaningful. In example, recently there are a lot of doctor dating site which is currently emerging and attains fun response.

Doctor dating site is quite useful for the doctors that are seeking for the suitable life partners. Its presence is quite relevant with the current hype of digital era. Now everyone can do anything in effortless way. Those also include the way of finding their true love. Today there are many doctors that are connected with that kind of site. If you are a single doctor and read this, it is better for you to immediately join on the website as well.

There are abundant advantages which you can take by becoming a member of the website. The direct advantage which you can enjoy is that it is quite easy to access. You can access it anytime and anywhere. You can spare your lunch time for few minutes to get connected to the website.

This is definitely meaningful for many people as some people with certain carrier are limited in some points to find their life partner. The response of the public on the emerging sites is quite surprising. It is better for you to sign up immediately and find someone special before you are later than another.

Aug 20

This Four-Stage Performs the Right Home Care

By Jason A Smail | Lifestyle

The face is indeed the part that gets the most attention. Many people treat their faces well and even go to a beauty clinic for maximum care. Because beauty clinics are considered to have many sophisticated tools to be able to treat their faces. One of the tools commonly used is a galvanic facial machine. That way, they can provide maximum care for their customers.

However, if you don’t have the time to go to a beauty clinic, there are several steps you can take to get good facial care even at home.

1. First step: Clean the face
The first way to facial at home is to wash your face first. This stage is very important indeed ladies. Because if the face is not clean, it will make it difficult to absorb vitamins and substances that enter your skin. Therefore, the first stage is very important. You are free to use facial foam or your flagship face wash.

2. The second stage: Doing Scrubbing
After doing the first stage, continued with the second stage, which is to do the scrubbing itself. The function of scrubbing is to remove dead skin cells on your face with the aim of the face being able to breathe again and regenerate very well.
For the scrubbing itself, you can use products that have been sold on the market or beauty shops. Well, another way to find out the name of scrubbing is that there are several products that use the name Peeling. If you have enough time at home, you can make your own scrubbing at home, how to make a mixture of sugar, rose water and olive oil.

3. The third stage: Steam the face with warm water
How to facial itself in the third home is by steaming or commonly referred to as evaporation. This evaporation step aims to open your facial pores to make it easier for you to remove blackheads that stick in the pores of the face.
Let your face get steam from the water for 5-10 minutes. After that, dry your face using a towel or tissue.

Jul 30

Considering some aspects before choosing best motherboard for i7

By Jason A Smail | Lifestyle

As i7 becomes so popular today, many people are figuring out the proper setup of the other elements which are able to support the processor maximally. In this case, although it is still recent in introduction, some personal computer elements such as best motherboard for i7 are ready in abundant number. Thus, it is quite important for everyone that plan to use the processor, to know the way how to pick the best option effectively. In fact, it is not few that feel confused to decide the best one due to the abundant number of the choices.

In this way, in order that you can pick the best choice effectively, it is better for you to consider some crucial aspects. As the result, you will not spend much time to consider and you can get the enjoyment immediately. Through those aspects, it is very easy for you to compare some options in your list. Those general aspects comprise of features, design, and price. You can just try to pick some options based on those features. Afterwards, you can compare one to another and put your own evaluation.

If you still feel unsure about your own evaluation as you probably think that you are not familiar enough with this matter, it is recommended for you to read some reviews on the options in your list. The comprehensive reviews usually describe the option on some points of view. Thus, it is possible for you to determine the strategic choice.

However, it is important to note that it is not all reviews that are independent. It is such luck if you can find the independent reviews on the options in your list based on the experiment. Instead, if you have some friends that are familiar with this stuff or probably have experience of using the options, it is certainly helpful.

Jul 30

The Reasons for The Use of Embroidery

By Jason A Smail | Lifestyle

There are numerous strategies to put a logo on a bit of attire. Organizations and associations who wish to show their image can browse a wide cluster to approaches to brighten a shirt. You need to ensure you are picking the correct technique for your organization. When you make the decision to choose Lesesne Industries, this can be an interesting topic to talk about. Embroidery stays one of the best techniques for logo attire enrichment for various reasons. Today we will investigate a portion of those reasons.

Embroidery is assorted

It can be utilized to decorate baseball tops, golf towels, polo shirts, rucksacks, and so forth. The consequences of the weaved logo are steady from piece to piece and the thing created is an excellent thing with an apparent high esteem.

Embroidery is quality

Most everybody concurs a weaved logo speaks to the most astounding quality embellishing technique accessible. At the point when a logo is weaved, the brand is likewise seen as speaking to a top-notch organization.

Embroidery is misconstrued

There are more affordable decisions out there for the advertiser to pick when marking attire for their organization. Restricted spending plans may lead a few organizations to think about printing alternatives. Yet, the adage that you get what you pay for stays valid for enhanced clothing. Embroidery might be the somewhat more costly approach to introduce your logo, however, in the event that you are speaking to a quality brand, it is the best portrayal of value.

Embroidery isn’t constrained

Not at all like ink, which is restricted to the frivolity of clothing that is smoothly finished, a weaving string can be connected to a large number of textures. Textures which have a considerable measure of measurement like arouse sews and polar wool make for awesome palettes for weaving. What’s more, the string utilized as a part of weaving is delicate and sufficiently malleable to be agreeable when worn.

Jul 28

Golf Holiday Package Facilities

By Jason A Smail | Lifestyle

Before you can book a holiday package, you must need to know the facilities that you will get. If you choose a package that also provides you with the hotel, then you might need to know more about the hotel. It might be important for you since you want to have a pleasant holiday and a comfortable rest at the hotel. It might be the same thing as when you want to book a hua hin golf holidays package. You might want to know the facilities that you will be able to get and also the hotel where you stay at later. To get you the best hua hin golf holidays packages, you can visit This website will show you the information about the golf holiday package that you might want to know.

It’s very important for you to know the facilities that you will get from the for their golf holiday package. This kind of information can help you to choose which package that is the best for you. For example, the Black Mountain Stay and Play Package. This is one kind of golf holiday package that you can find at There are several kinds of facilities that you can get from this package, such as daily breakfast and a private swimming pool that available at the villa. You can get the other kind of facilities from this package.

When you decide that you want to book Black Mountain Stay and Play Package, you will be able to choose your own villa. There are 3 kinds of villas that you can book here. Each villa is already provided with the private swimming pool that you can use any time you want. You can also have the access to play at Black Mountain golf course for 3 round.

Jul 27

The Best Leather Tote – Kate Spade NY Cedar Tote

By Jason A Smail | Lifestyle

This 17x10x6inch leather tote is one of the best leather totes. This leather tote comes from Kate Spade brand. Kate Spade offers 9 different colors for this series. This amount of colors is quite enough to be an option. Same as others brand, Kate Spade also provides a protection bag or also known as dust bag and a box with their name on it when you bought their products.

Actually, Kate Spade’s leather tote is quite similar to Michael Kors’ and others’ leather tote but, Kate Spade makes it different by using the bright colors to attract their buyers. Different from others brand, Kate Spade only provides one large compartment.

Kate Spade’s best leather tote has a simple, yet so elegant design. They don’t provide any compartments or slip on the outside of the leather tote. But, they have a decoration such as Kate Spade’s logo on top of the leather tote.

This zipper top leather tote, on the inside, they provide one medium zippered compartment and a few small pockets or slips on the other side. This Kate Spade leather tote has their own tag on the inside that stitched to the materials.

At the bottom of this leather tote, they provide protectors feet and they made their best leather tote structured so it can stand on its own. This best leather tote is made of crosshatched leather. The crosshatched leather is a high-quality leather.

Since Kate Spade uses a high-quality leather as the materials for their product, this leather tote is quite expensive. This best leather tote is priced around above $200. Actually, for this simple leather tote or also called New York Cedar tote, $200 is quite expensive. Moreover, this leather tote doesn’t provide a much amount of compartment, so it makes the buyers quite difficult to divide their stuff.

Jul 26

Two Countermeasures That Usually Used in the Sea

By Jason A Smail | Lifestyle

As one of the solutions to reduce oil leakage and work accident at sea, MBC has done its job very well. This hardware is able to stop the flow of oil quickly when the hose is disconnected because of the tanker off the track. Tanker out of this path is usually caused by the failure of tethering or unstable wave conditions. The oil leak is not 100% can be stopped, but at least MBC can reduce quite a lot of possibilities when the oil leak in the hose. This is a very effective method.

Please note, if there is a significant oil spill in the sea, there are two countermeasures that are quite often used. This handling should pay attention to the state and type of beach, because not necessarily both are used throughout the coast. The types of handling are:

– Sorbent
Sorbents can dispose of oil through adsorption mechanisms (attachment of oil to the surface of the sorbent) and absorption (absorption of oil into the sorbent). This sorbent serves to change the oil phase from liquid to solid so it is easy to collect and set aside. Sorbents must have hydrophobic, oleophobic and easily dispersed characteristics on the surface of the oil recovered and reused. There are 3 types of sorbent which are organic (cotton, straw, dry grass, sawdust), natural inorganic (clay, vermiculite, sand) and synthetic (polyurethane foam, polyethylene, polypropylene and nylon fiber)

– Bioremediation
Bioremediation is to accelerate the process that occurs naturally, for example by adding nutrients, resulting in the conversion of a number of components into less harmful products such as CO2, water, and biomass. In addition to having small environmental impacts, this can significantly reduce the impact of the spill. Unfortunately, this method can only be applied to certain types of beaches, such as sandy beaches and pebbles, and ineffective in the ocean.

To determine which methods are suitable for oil countermeasures at sea, it is necessary to analyze in depth and involve many parties. The sooner the decision is made, the more marine life that can be saved.

Jul 10

Note Some Things While Planning a Restaurant

By Jason A Smail | Lifestyle

For those of you who are planning to establish a business, then the restaurant can be the right business and liked by many people. There are many restaurants that have been successful because of a large number of customers who enter their restaurant. One restaurant that is often visited is a buffet restaurant. Wynn buffet is what you can visit. You can also find out Wynn buffet price to know for sure the price at the restaurant.

For business people, you can also establish a restaurant with some unique concepts but still prioritize the convenience of visitors. Keep in mind that there are some things that make visitors comfortable and you should apply to your restaurant.

1. Convenient concept and atmosphere
Imagine you as a consumer, certainly, prefer a restaurant with a comfortable atmosphere is not it? In addition to comfortable, uniqueness can also be an added value.
However, not only that, just make sure your restaurant has an adequate WiFi connection. The reason is also simple because it has begun many consumers who not only to the restaurant to eat but also work.

2. Continue to innovate
In addition to unique themes and designs, consumers are also interested in menu innovations. The recommendation menu is needed, but it’s useless not if the recommendation menu becomes a boring menu?
To avoid this, you need to rack my brain for a new menu that is no less delicious to attract consumers.
Not only in terms of menu, innovation can also come in the form of promotion to new concepts to give the impression always new to the restaurant. Certainly, visitors will never get tired of eating food at your restaurant.

3. The presentation of food is interesting
In addition to the quality of food that can attract attention, consumers would also prefer Instagrammable restaurant. As many as 52% of all global consumers are recorded often posting photos of food on social media. Now, with the changing trend towards the food presentation, it’s good as a restaurant owner you consider this. Do not let the presentation of your food be the loneliness factor of diners in the restaurant.

Jun 10

Try some new menu

By Jason A Smail | Lifestyle

There might be many restaurants that can offer you a new kind of menu that you never try before. But sometimes you feel that that restaurant has the same kind of taste like the other restaurant and you feel that there’s nothing special when you visit them. Have you ever try to eat at buffet restaurant? There are many buffet restaurants these days that you can visit and maybe Bacchanal can become the first option for you. You maybe think that the buffet restaurant will offer you a food that quite uninteresting and you think that you already try all buffet food and it just the same food with a different name. Actually, you really need to try Bacchanal Buffet. They can offer you some menu that you never try before. But before you visit this place, you need to know about the Bacchanal buffet cost since you will need to pay before you can enjoy the food here.

There is some restaurant that bravely serves a menu that really makes people feel that it is a weird kind of food but actually delicious. You might also find the same feeling when you visit this buffet. There are many kinds of menus that you might never try before and you need to try it to relieve your curiosity. Some menus that you can try in this buffet restaurant are Red velvet pancakes, Seafood Laksa, and many more. You don’t need to worry if you want to refill your food since you can refill it anytime you want. You can also find another menu that maybe you already try before like Sushi or Dim Sum. But maybe the sushi or dim sum that you tried before has a different taste like the one that served in this buffet restaurant. That’s why you need to try it at least once and remove your curiosity.

Jun 08

Dangers of Bed Mite on Your Bed

By Jason A Smail | Lifestyle

Itching of mosquitoes is an awful sleeping story for everyone. But what if the itch is in fact still there after someone uses an insect repellent? Or the bump on the skin was filled with fluid? It could be a bed bug; flat-bodied lice that like to inhabit cotton and wood! If you want to replace your mattress, you can visit our website and get adjustable bed.

How a mattress tick can land on your mattress

A dirty environment is not always a sign of mattress infestation. They can stay in a dirty and clean bed. Lice also tend to be in beds that are usually inhabited alternately, like a bed in a hotel.

With its flat and small body, they can move quickly from one place to another. For example, they are able to move by passengers on clothes brought by immigrants who stay at the hotel. Lice that ride on clothes that humans take during the holidays will move from the hotel bed to the bed after the man returns home.

How to eradicate mattress infestation

Use of a vacuum cleaner to suck up the lice and eggs can be done. However, it takes effort that is not instant. The use of special insecticide mattress fleas can effectively eradicate mattress infestation. But be careful, excessive insecticides can make mattress ticks more resistant, making it more difficult to eradicate them in the future. Evaporation and freezing can be another effective alternative to eradicate this flea. However, both of these require the tools normally owned by an insect repellent whose service you need to rent.

Small insects can have an effect on larger creatures. After traveling, it is better to wash dry or wash clothes in water with a temperature of 60oC to kill lice or other insects. Not buying a used mattress is also one way to prevent the formation of colonies from these bed mattresses. Stay sensitive to your environment for a cleaner and healthier life.

Jun 08

How to Make Waffle as the Healthy Food Choice

By Jason A Smail | Lifestyle

If the Waffle House prices sound like the nice topic to talk about, does it mean you wonder to eat waffle whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner? A sound breakfast can come in every single distinctive shape, sizes, and flavors – from fried egg whites with vegetables to entire grain hotcakes with a spread of nutty spread. Truly, even waffles can influence a solid breakfast when you to develop them with superb elements for nourishment and all around delectability. In the event that waffles are what you’re wanting, simply ahead and arrange them in light of these tips:

Search for waffles on the menu that get made with entire wheat or entire grains to expand fiber and supplements. These additionally add a wealthier flavor to your breakfast and make a strong base for every one of the fixings you’re going to include. Pick new natural product fixings that include sweetness without including void calories. The fruits, banana, for instance, are frequently a wonderful alternative on the menu and offer an assortment of both minerals and vitamins to your waffles.

Be aware of fatty garnishes whipped cream, nut, and syrup. In the event that you adore these little additional items, pick one in little sums as these calories can include rapidly. For your additional information, waffles you cook with whole grains and high benefit oils or without the oil can be the wholesome food. It can be included in a healthy diet, which means you have the chance to keep your health maintained while keeping taking breakfast with new menu choice.

The matter is not the waffle but the way you enjoy it. If you then eat the plain waffle with high sugar syrup, it is not the best option for your diet program. As you all know, those who are running diet program must pay attention the sugar consumption.

May 29

When you start a new coffee shop business

By Jason A Smail | Lifestyle

Starting a simple coffee shop in the early months will be very difficult, the coffee shop has opened, but expectations of visitors who come not well compared with operational costs already incurred. Be patient, and not just be patient from these early months, we ourselves as baristas and coffee shop owners will learn how to introduce coffee shops in every way possible. In the meantime, you may visit to find the high-quality of coffee shop equipment in the business.

This is where the early months should be used to analyze how to form our own coffee market, whether by marketing in social media or using other conventional marketing. In fact, in these early months, if any visitors come, ask for a review of what is less than our own coffee shop. Surely a review of visitors who come, a benchmark to develop this small coffee shop. Whether the coffee shop signpost is too small or not seen strategically, or about the coffee presentation or about the arrangement of the coffee shop space. All these things were acquired in the early months, the excitement of developing this coffee shop could not be found if it opened a large direct coffee shop, of course, there was a distance between diners and coffee shop owners.

There is nothing wrong with having an excess budget, allocating it to marketing strategies can use the influencers to introduce our own coffee shop. In this digital era, it should have an Instagram account, Facebook for our coffee shop business, because with our social media as business owners can always keep in touch with customers. Not only that, social media is also a great way to make decisions for coffee shops or to inform interesting things to customers.

We hope this small info can help you to understand more about the coffee shop business. It’s can be tough at first, but once you’ve reached your customers, you’ll likely have the loyal ones who can never feel enough of your coffee.

May 23

For Minimalist Houses, Here are Some Tips You Can Follow

By Jason A Smail | Lifestyle

Having a home, it also has to think about how to decorate the house. Many people end up choosing a crystal decoration for their home. You can also get it in denver crystal store. With the right and appropriate crystal decoration, your house will look more luxurious and classy.

In addition, for you who have a minimalist home, then some decorating tips you should try.

1. Use neutral and pastel colors
Use bright and warm colors when decorating a minimalist home. You can choose neutral and pastel colors like white, light brown, green, soft blue, and so on. Use these colors to dominate the room.
Also insert contrasting colors such as black, yellow, or red to make the room livelier. The selection of the right colors will make your little dwelling feel comfortable and warm.

2. Open Partition
You can use an open partition as a space separator to keep the house visible. For example, to separate the living room and living room, you can use a large shelf partition that can be used as a place to put goods and home decoration.
Or if you have a closed kitchen area, you can make the part of the wall half open so it can be used as a mini bar.

3. Carefully choose decoration
If you have a house with a minimalist design, then choose an ornament that does not have a large size because it will affect the space you have at home. This will make you feel that your room is narrow and full. So, choose an ornament that looks interesting and more striking but with a small size and light. This will make your house look spacious and roomy.

4. Vertical decoration
Talk home minimalist, then you should be more creative in exploring space. And the vertical area of ??the house is often forgotten. Well, try to take advantage of more leverage.
For example adding a wall outboard shelf as a place to put photo frames or ornaments, displaying wall paintings, sticking a series of decorative lights on the walls of space, and so forth.

May 17

Relieving Your Stress at Night Club

By Jason A Smail | Lifestyle

As a worker, there might be a lot of things that you need to do in your daily life. You have a lot of jobs to do and sometimes those jobs makes you feel so stressed out that you don’t want to see it anymore. When you feel stress, you really want to find the best way to get out from your stress. Maybe you will choose to stay at home and enjoy your time alone. Relaxing inside your bath tub and using the most relaxing bath bomb that you might have. Or maybe you can just go out to some night club and then release your stress by listening to the song and dance along. If you live in Corpus Christi Texas, then maybe you already know that there are many clubs in corpus christi tx that you can visit whenever you feel stressed with your job.

When you visit a night club, you can find many things inside. There are many people who are dancing around, enjoying their drink, listen to a music, watch a performances and many more. You can also become one of those people and release your stress in a night club. You can choose the best clubs that you think can help you to release your stress. If you think that there is a performances that you want to watch in one clubs that near to your house, then just go and visit that club and just enjoy yourself. All people who visit night club usually has a purpose that they want to enjoy themselves. They just want to release their inner self that always hiding during the day. You can also release your inner self that you always hide during the day and then just enjoy the music that offered by the night club that you visit.

Apr 17

A guide for the smoker’s ethics

By Jason A Smail | Lifestyle

It’s because between smokers and non-smokers live under the same sky, between them needs to be mutually tolerant. Not everyone is also comfortable with cigarette smoke. Therefore, people smoking should be very clever to maintain the harmony of human life by carrying out the following good smoking guidelines. Meanwhile, if you love to have a smoke with the water filter, check out the cheap bongs under $100 in the online store.

1. Smoking in the Right Room

Smoking in the room that has been provided such as the Smoking Room or the environment with the contents of people smoking all. Or when you are visiting people’s house and you want to smoke, look at the table first, is there an ashtray available. If available, it means the host gives permission to smoke. But if it still does not exist, you need to ask permission allowed to smoke or not to the host.

2. Smoking in Public Spaces

The same thing you need to do when smoking in public spaces, such as food stalls or coffee shops, that no room information is allowed to smoke or not. You need to pay attention to people in the neighborhood, if they all do not smoke, then smoking should be delayed first or you can ask permission to those around you.

3. Cleanliness Part of a good attitude

If you are a smoker, then you should always throw cigarettes in place. Because you must take care of your fellow smokers, do not let your behavior summed up that all smokers are dirty. If there is no ashtray, you can make the empty cigarette pack into an ashtray.

4. Dispose of Cigarette Smoke in the Right Direction

In the case of smoke, smokers have rules. Never throw cigarette smoke into the face of the other person. You need to make sure the cigarette smoke does not lead to someone else.

If you are not a smoker and find smokers behave disobediently this guide, then do not hesitate to reprimand. Give your complaint to the smoker. If the smoker continues to insist, give this Good and True Smoking Guide to him.

Apr 01

Watch This If You Are Looking For Couples Through Online Dating Sites

By Jason A Smail | Lifestyle

Caution is important when looking for matchmaking on the internet, but avoid having excessive suspicion to others. Because it will make others lost their feeling and lazy to know you. Here are some tips that you can use when you want to find a partner via the internet or marriage sites.

– Know Your Partner Well

Do not easily believe all the explanations about him that are emblazoned in the profile column. But find out the character of him further by paying attention to the media’s social content and establish a longer communication with the He.

– Safe Rules of Discovery

You should not rush to agree to his invitation to meet if you are only a week or two to know him. But wait till you long enough to communicate with him and already know enough of him. When deciding to meet him, choose a common and crowded place. If you are still doubtful or anxious, you may invite one of your friends to accompany the ground coffee with him. For example, it turns out he is a person who sucks or is not polite, just leaves it straight.

– Tell To Nearest People

Always open and tell the people closest to you if you’re using an online dating site to find a mate. The people closest to you can help give you advice, even take care of you from the bad things that may happen.

– Beware If the He Starts Asking Something

If he suddenly tells a sad story about his life and ends up asking for money loan to you, you should start taking care of him. Because a good man can not borrow money to a woman, especially if you’ve just met each other. Beware of people who want to cheat by pretending to use a dating site.

Mar 19

Tips for Choosing the Correct Violin Size

By Jason A Smail | Lifestyle

The purpose of making the violin in various sizes is to adjust one’s ability because the actual weight of the violin has an effect on one’s comfort in playing it you are the reason cover . If a violin is too large (heavy) or small (light) for someone, there is still discomfort, though, over time and perseverance in practice, this will not be a problem. Visit our Youtube channel and watch – to help you train your violin game.

There is a simple way that you can use to find out the appropriate violin size. Here’s the explanation:

– Hold the violin, by the way, the left hand (palm) holding / holding the scroll.

– Now notice the difference of indentation on the elbow. In the violin, the arms and elbows appear to bend, while in the viola (size 3/4), the elbows and arms appear to be more straight. In this case, a string instrument that can be used comfortably by it is a 4/4 violin.

– If your hand is not able to grasp the scroll, then choose the smaller violin size, vice versa.

Actually, the violin has a variety of sizes tailored to the size of a person’s body, namely:

1. Size 1/16 – suitable for children aged 3 to 5 years, with a length of arms between 14 to 15 3/8 inches.

2. Size 1/10 – suitable for young musicians (children) aged 3 to 5 years, with arm lengths between 15 3/8 to 17 inches.

3. Size 1/8 – suitable for children violin fans aged 3 to 5 years, with a length of arms between 17.1 to 17.5 inches.
Size 1/4 – suitable for young musicians aged 4 to 7 years, with arm length between 17.6 to 20 inches.

4. Size 1/2 – for children aged 6 to 10 years, with a length of arms between 20 to 22 inches.

5. Size 3/4 – for children aged 9 to 11 years, with a length of arms between 22 to 23.5 inches.

6. Size 4/4 or often also called full size – can be used for children aged 9 years, with a minimum arm length of 23.5 inches. This size is suitable for adults, or who have a minimum arm length of 23.5 inches.

Feb 22

Try To Show Gowns and Suit In Wedding Photos With These Three Tips

By Jason A Smail | Lifestyle

As a fun and highly awaited day, marriage requires a lot of very mature preparation and exquisite detail to make it even more meaningful. One of the things that should not be missed from your wedding party is a wedding photo. Beautiful wedding photos will be available from professional photographers in the field. You can choose wedding photographers gold coast to capture every moment at your wedding with very beautiful. Nice wedding photos show that the wedding party is also very successful.

Wedding photos have many themes and styles that you can use. You just need to adjust the style and theme you want to your wedding party title. In addition, wedding photos should also show a very nice wedding dress and dress so it is very pity if you just pass up. Some of these poses you can use to show the wedding dress and suit that you use on your wedding day.

– Hanging Bridal Clothing
Without wear, it turns can wedding dress into a meaningful photo object. You can hang a dress and a bridal suite that you use in a meaningful place to produce a better picture than the usual picture.

– Get Ready
The theme of this photo is when someone puts on your wedding dress. Usually, this pose is taken from behind when the bride is asking someone for help to dress her wedding dress.

– Detail Wedding Gown
You can ask the photographer to take a detailed picture of the wedding dress you wear. Try to take your drawing from a very close distance to display the details of the wedding dress you are wearing. A detail of the wedding dress will be very dear if missed.

– Groom Holding The Bride
Another poses that can show details of your wedding dress is when the groom holds the bride’s body part and shows the man’s hand in the bride’s dress. This becomes a very romantic pose and can show details of a very beautiful wedding dress.

Feb 13

Andriod app which helps you make cash

By Jason A Smail | Lifestyle

The moneymaking app is right there, and you no longer need to be suspicious let alone think about negative things about the application, because you keep thinking of where the provider of the application company gets a profit so willing to give it money for free to you, like the appnana invitation code.

Moneymaking application is an advertising method

The moneymaking application is actually an advertising method whose way of working is if there are advertisers who want to introduce an app or their product to be quickly recognized then the advertisers spend some money or expenses to promote their app/product in a moneymaking app.

the money earned from advertisers will be shared by the moneymakers, some for the creators and some for you, so this is definitely not a fraud because it’s a unique and new advertising method.

How money-producing apps work

The workings of the moneymaking app is that you will be told to do an in-app job such as downloading an app and then try it out, watch an advertisement video and a job that is told, after you do the job correctly then you will be given a number of points that you can exchange with money through PayPal account and another online bank account. or may also be redeemed with Google Play Gift Card Balance.

For those of you who do not know what it is Appnana, consider the review:

Appnana is a dollar android app and can be exchanged with gift cards like Amazon gift card and many more, how to download apps or games that provide Appnana and you will be given coin pineapple for your exchange with dollars or gift cards.

Who want to try please follow the ways below:
Download Appnana app on play store
Install Appnana and register for 10,400 coins of pineapple

You can add the pineapple coin by downloading the game application provided by Appnana
If your pineapple coin already 15 000 can input this code r18822017 to get an extra coin 2,500 coins pretty if your coin has reached 30,000 can be in exchange with Amazon gift card
how easy is not it? we can play games and applications on pay as well, let’s try before the game.

Feb 13

Benefits of Having a Lot of Friends

By Jason A Smail | Lifestyle

In social life, we need to interact with many people either directly from your school, your neighbor or even only through chat rooms. Many people will come and go from our lives. We should not waste any encounters that happen to our lives. Take as much benefit from everything that we face. Have lots of acquaintances. Have lots of friends. Having lots of friends is something very fun, here’s the proof!

1. Never Get Lonely
Of course, if people who have many friends are never lonely. Their lives are always decorated with color. If they feel lonely, then there will be many people who accompany. They live to tell his friends to come to this cafe, and then his friends will come.

2. Have lots of ideas
Having lots of friends means having lots of ideas. When going to build a business, then people who have many friends will do a small survey to their friends. And that’s where their ideas will flow swiftly. Not infrequently, the idea of a friend who will be united with other friends.

3. There are many people who help
When you need help, you will not be confused asking for help to whom. You can simply contact your friends to help you.

4. Free
You do not need to keep the feelings of others when you will be friends with many people because that’s how you are. There will be no parties who feel jealous because you started to be friends with other parties. You will be an easygoing and free expression wherever you are, without fear of any injury to your socialization.

5. You realize, the world is narrow
Since you are free to be friends with anyone, you will realize that there is no gap that will separate humans all over the face of the earth.

Feb 10

Writing a structured movie review

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The text of a film review is a text that contains a review or an assessment of a cinematographic work. Reviewing a movie requires us to be critical. This critical attitude is so important that the reviews/critics we write contribute to the progress of the film and the drama itself. The main purpose of the review text is to inform the reader about the strengths and weaknesses of a movie/drama. Meanwhile, you can also check out the lonelyseal online film festival if you’re looking for a unique way to enjoy a movie event.

Movie review text tends to be fairly short (about 600-1200 words). To write this text a person takes a lot of time to prepare. For example, you can watch other movies by the same director or writer to get a taste of each individual style. This will help you to contextually interpret the movie. This contextual assessment will help us to understand the interrelationship of this film with other films and recognize the style of directing his directorial style.

Write a movie review ideally done someone after watching the movie more than once. Make a plan related to the stages that when you’re doing these activities. For example, during the first watch, focus on the plot and the content of the movie being watched. Focus on stories, themes, genres, and issues such as history, race, gender, sexuality, class, or the environment. During the second watch, focus on the interesting elements of the movie that you can highlight in the review. For example formal techniques such as cinematography techniques, editing, lighting, and sound. If you need to take more notes, maybe you should watch a movie or part of the movie a third time

Movie Review Text Structure

The structure of the text is the parts that build a text so that it becomes a whole text. The structure that builds the review text consists of orientation, interpretation, evaluation, and summary.

Feb 09

Tips for Choosing Men’s Shirt

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Whether to be worn alone or to be gifted to others, choosing a men’s shirt can be more difficult than you can imagine. Shirts have an important role to create first impressions, especially during job interviews, and present themselves well in social gatherings. Taking the time to choose the right shirt, researching the quality, and ensuring the right size can have a significant impact. Visit vêtement homme to get more information about fashion.

Choose shirt color. Certain colors are more suitable for different occasions, for example, to work, relax, etc. If you have an important position in your work, you may choose different shirts when working than when in a relaxed social activity. Conservative colors are usually the choice for job interviews. White is the chosen color for job-related opportunities. Faded white, light blue, or light gray is a safe choice. In a job interview, first impressions are very important. Therefore, you should look professional without looking “dazzling”.

If you want to look more splashy at parties or when huddled in cafes, choose bright or unconventional colors. Bright green or orange is quite popular, so is pink. Although you do not want to make the people around you look dull, of course, you want to stand out in the middle of the crowd. If you want to look more splashy at parties or when huddled in cafes, choose bright or unconventional colors. Bright green or orange is quite popular, so is pink. Although you do not want to make the people around you look dull, of course, you want to stand out in the middle of the crowd.

Choose a shirt motif. Solid colors are considered common choices because they are easy to integrate, but there’s nothing wrong with choosing a fine-grained or checkered striped motif. Different motifs are more suitable for certain situations. Plain shirts are considered very practical because they can be worn with almost any type of tie, whether plain or patterned. If you occupy a high position in a job or will go on a date, plain colors like white, black, gray, or light blue are the most appropriate choice. A patterned shirt is somewhat more difficult to integrate with a tie. This shirt is more suitable for office workers with lower positions, parties, or walks.

Feb 09

A proper Wear and Use of Tool Belt

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A toolduty website is a right place to start your search for the tool belt Toolsduty, right? Generally, tool belt is something each specialist should possess. It works like an expanded hand and encourages you to convey your vital instruments wherever without any difficulty. It can be hard for you to focus on fill in and additionally care for your devices and sit around idly hunting them. You additionally can’t convey your apparatuses and work in the meantime, so this is the place a device belt comes conveniently. Great quality apparatus belts do cost a considerable amount, yet they merit putting your cash in.

One of the important things is that you need to pay attention to the bel and its buckle mechanism. In simple words, the best one is the product that you can wear and remove easily. It would be better to not buy if there is the fault in the mechanism. You actually get what you pay for, so don’t act like a cheapskate when investing in such that product.

To wear and use tool belt properly, you must buy a durable product first. It could be the one that comes with multiple pockets. You should check for various pockets since that is the reason somebody would go for an instrument belt, isn’t that so? On the off chance that you had just a modest bunch of apparatuses, you wouldn’t search for an instrument belt. Likewise, ensure that the pockets are found where your hands can reach effectively.

Then, place all your important tools close to your dominant hand side. This is aimed to ensure that you can take the tool easily. Main tools usually include framing hammer, carpenter pencils, pliers, and much more. Some individuals also like to put the knife. Where should you optional tools? It could be best to place near you another hand side. Place them in an accessible place yet main priority should be given to your main tools, as said before.

Feb 08

Do These Three Wedding Photo Tips For Your Wedding Event

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Marriage is what everyone is waiting for. Many people want to make a perfect wedding party and do a lot of preparation for it. However, the thing you need to remember is that the number of preparations sometimes makes you do a lot of mistakes. Especially in wedding photos. For wedding photos, you have to choose a suitable and experienced photographer to produce a good photo. Port Douglas Wedding Photographer can help you get the best quality photos.

In doing wedding photos, there are many things you should do and often you do make mistakes. Here are some tips to make your wedding photo more meaningful.

1. Determine the Right Time
This is the most basic thing you can do, you can ask the photographer to capture the moment where many guests are present. That way, you will get lots of poses and candid from the guests. Candidate poses invited guests will make your wedding day more meaningful and show that the marriage is going very well.

2. Prepare for Appearance
You must wear the right dress to get a good photo. Or you can also ask invited guests to wear clothes of the same color to get better photos. With the same clothing color, the resulting photo will be very meaningful and show great proximity.

3. Special Pose
For your photos with family, you can ask the photographer to take pictures in certain poses. However, try to ask the photographer to take pictures of your friends who are performing a special pose to show that the party is successfully enjoyed by everyone present.

Three tips may be a little input for you who will hold a wedding and still confused how to create a good wedding photo and in accordance with what you want. So, try to do these three things.