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May 06

How To Choose CCTV

By Jason A Smail | Technology

There are various types of CCTV cameras that have been designed and made specifically for monitoring using special methods. In short, CCTV is capable of capturing and producing images by utilizing different technologies.

– Thermal CCTV Camera

This type of camera is designed and made specifically to be able to capture and produce images based on the level of heat produced by the object being monitored and does not require a light source at all. Thermal cameras have little interference because the camera is not affected by light (backlight, shadow, dark, fog) and a thermal camera is very suitable for monitoring the movement of objects that emit heat. You can visit our website to get a cheap thermal imaging camera.

– Infra Red CCTV Camera

Infrared cameras are used for nighttime surveillance in low-light conditions. Infrared cameras/night cameras are designed and made specifically to produce images by capturing infrared light waves (invisible light) with very low energy, which means that even though there is little camera light this can still produce images clearly. This type of camera is equipped with infrared LED lights as an infrared light source to illuminate objects in dark conditions. with an IR (Infra Red) LED that is very small and small power is enough to provide clear night vision to CCTV infrared (Infra Red CCTV) cameras. The light generated from the LED lights on the camera is not visible to human vision and the image produced by the camera IR type is monochrome (black and white).

– Day and Night CCTV Camera

If you want to use a CCTV camera that can be used by day and night, then the CCTV Day and Night Camera (Hybrid) can be your best choice, because this type of camera is equipped with ICR technology (IR CUT Filter) where when the camera is in low condition the camera will automatically enter to night vision mode by activating the infrared LED light that has been included on the CCTV camera to see in the dark. For now, the Day and Night CCTV Camera (Hybrid) camera is a common camera on the market, so you don’t have to bother to buy a special night camera, only me the quality of the night mode image depends on the camera price.

Apr 09

You Can Save Your Items With These Some Ways

By Jason A Smail | Technology

For those who have a house that is not too big, storing goods is a difficult thing. They certainly have a lot of goods and can only store a portion of these items. For that, they will need 迷你倉. However, the selection of warehouses must also be considered that site.

There are many warehouses offered, you have to choose the most suitable for you.
If your house is small and wants to store lots of things, then you can do a few tips on storing this item.
1. You can store toiletries behind the glass
Bathing equipment is a lot of equipment and requires a special place to store it. You can make a storage area behind the glass. If you do this method, then you have provided space in your home but can still keep all the items that you have at home.
2. You can save items under the table
If you have small children at home, then you can keep their toys under the table. You can buy a table with a drawer underneath and keep your child’s toys there. You can still save toys and provide space in your room, right?
3. You can save your items in a vertical way
You can make a vertical storage to store all your items. There is a large space between the floor and the ceiling of the house that you can use to store things at home.
4. You can use multifunctional furniture
You can make multi-function furniture in your home. You can use a dining chair that has a free space underneath to store items. You can also use a dining table that has drawers for me to store tableware so that it is easier to reach by many people when going to eat.

Apr 05

What Will You Do Consider Before Choosing SEO Service Provider?

By Jason A Smail | Technology

Before choosing SEO services, determine the SERP achievement target for the position of your website in search engines is rank 1, top rank 5, top rank 10? In fact, many people get confused about how SEO works. This then leads them to continue their conventional marketing methods and pass the chance to get the benefits of SEO. You can go to to get to know everything about professional SEO service. Below are important things to keep in mind when you go to find out the trusted SEO provider.

Full Dedication to SEO

Choose a company that is fully dedicated to SEO, unofficial SEO services certainly do not have a team dedicated specifically to SEO, besides the ability of the team involved must be tested. Most SEO service providers only use external techniques by inserting links to social sites. However, one must know how the composition of the right SEO both on page optimization and off page optimization. This knowledge can only be obtained with a fully dedicated team for SEO. If there is no dedicated team or just submit a link, you can be sure that keywords that are optimized will not last long in the SERP search engine. If there is a competitor, you will definitely lose.

No one can guarantee first ranking on search engines

Never believe when there are SEO service providers who say that they work exclusively with Google. Also, it is important to be careful if someone promises a rank 1 on Google. Because no one can guarantee Google’s first rank. Even Google itself does not provide services so that your website is ranked first in organic search results. As for the usual offered by SEO service providers is the first page of Google, which means ranking 1 to 10, or 10 to 20.

Guaranteed SEO

This is an important point so choose SEO services that provide a warranty. Money back guarantees something the SEO company provides if the SEO services in timeframes according to the agreement are not successful.

Mar 14

Get Acquainted With The Types Of Speakers

By Jason A Smail | Technology

For those of you who don’t understand speaker technology but want to buy speakers, don’t worry. There are many references and guidelines in choosing the type of speaker, by relying on reviews and asking friends and comparing prices and quality. The general principle that applies is the more expensive the price of a speaker the better the sound will be produced, but for the needs of speakers, only you can determine. This is in line with which type of speaker you should choose to listen to music you like or even to watch movies. For this one, you can choose to bose soundlink mini 2 which produces amazing technology with a charging dock and battery that lasts almost 10 hours so you can enjoy music and movies longer than using conventional speakers.

There are also individual speaker types which are designed for you to listen to music without crowds. The individual speaker type is the floor speaker, this is one type of speaker that you should know where the speaker is loud enough on the left and right sides especially at the top. This hard enough ability is able to deliver a more realistic sound. You can consider having this floor speaker when you have more time to spend watching movies or television. This floor speaker is very good if it is supported by televisions with LCD types that have a widescreen.

Another speaker that you should know is the bookshelf speaker that offers a small bass response but has a fairly strong treble. The model is indeed small, but this speaker has other advantages, namely not taking up a lot of space. This type of speaker has accessories that allow the speaker to stand. It even has additional rules to expand the speaker sound. For those of you who are interested in this type, you have a small room so that the reflections of the speakers can be more clear. Other speakers if you want to have a home theater, you can rely on center-channel speakers that have sound with middle-frequency quality that is not immediately spread so that the sound will remain loud even though the room you have is more spacious.

Mar 06

The Early Big Cases Of Computer Viruses

By Jason A Smail | Technology

Many people refer the viruses as malicious programs, which is currently commonly called malware. Computer viruses are actually just one type of malware, self-replicating programs are designed to spread themselves from computer to computer. Meanwhile, perhaps you need to use the Best free antivirus for pc if you wish to have a good defense for your computer without wasting your money.

Security software development company, ESET revealed the virus is the earliest malware found. Here’s a history of some of the most famous viruses and malware that spread threats and riots in the world:


The first virus for the IBM PC platform and the first used a stealth mechanism. Pakistani Brain infects the floppy disk boot sector, spreading globally in a matter of weeks. Since the Brain virus first attacked in 1986, worms and Trojans continue to attack and infect PCs. However, of all threats faced by users, each year can be defined by one significant virus. Denzuko, a malware made in Indonesia, is a program that can kill c-brain, but it itself spreads like a virus (nematode).

STONED (1987)

This boot sector virus initially spread throughout New Zealand and Australia. Infected computers will display pro-drug slogans at the start, including “Your PC now is Stoned” and “Legalize Marijuana.” The Stoned virus has many variants and is very common in the early 1990s


Developed by Robert Tappan Morris Jr. Son of former NCSC scientist. Often referred to as the first worm, viruses spread in thousands or maybe tens of thousands of computers and workstations running VMS, BSD, and SunOS.

AIDS trojan (1989)

First Ransomware. Request 189 US dollars to be sent to PO BOX in Panama

WHALE (1990)

Regarded as a pioneer in anti-debugging technology, Whale is considered a virus, but it is very large and very inefficient. A researcher at the time described the main method of Whales replication as an antiviral researcher who sent specimens to each other. Unfortunately, malware makers have learned a lot since then.

Mar 01

The Good Way To Find Out The Right SEO Service Provider

By Jason A Smail | Technology

Do you currently want to hire SEO services for your site? Wait a minute, you should not arbitrarily choose an SEO company to optimize your business website. As a consumer, you also have to be careful with SEO services because not all can provide good service. To get the best result from search engine optimization that you do, it can be better to hire Dallas SEO. However, getting the best SEO service is a must because you spend the amount of money for it. Make sure that you choose only a professional SEO service that has years of experience in providing the service.

Indeed, more and more companies that used to focus on offline finally decided to target the online market. Likewise other small business people, who finally made online shop sites or blogs for their business.

However, creating a blog and website for business will not automatically help business growth because the site must have traffic from various sources. One of the best sources of traffic on the internet is the search engines because usually, traffic from search engines is potential customers who are ready to buy goods. To get traffic from search engines, you must understand about SEO (search engine optimization). Unfortunately, SEO is not something you can learn over the night. For this reason, it would be better to invest in selecting the best service. This helps you ensure that you will only get the quality result. The presence on the first page of the search engine is something that you will get.

If we’ve talked to search engines and SEO, then we will remember Google, this one search engine is very dynamic and regular updates. With good SEO techniques, a new business site can also enter on the main page of Google. Therefore, when you want to hire SEO services you should be careful.

Mar 01

These Three Steps Will Help You Protect Every Account You Have On The Internet

By Jason A Smail | Technology

Today, everyone certainly has an account on the internet. Many people also have more than one account on the internet to facilitate all their activities. The most important thing to keep your account from hacker attacks is 2 factor authentication. This dual security system will help you protect important information on the account log me once.

By using this security system, you will be able to keep all important data or personal information that you store in your account. In addition to using 2 factor authentication, there are several steps to being able to secure your account from all hacker attacks.

1. Use VPN
Virtual Private Network, also known as VPN, is one of the safest tools for you to use. As in the abbreviation, this will give you high security access when exploring the world and connecting to the internet. VPN is also very useful if you use public wifi and there is no maximum security there. Because public networks like that are easy to track your activities when you are infected with that network.

2. Use two-step verification
This is useful for social media users. Every social media currently uses this security system. Using this system is indeed quite time consuming, but if you want safer security, then you have to do it. Because, by doing this step, your account can be maintained properly.

3. Don’t connect each account
This is often a problem. You must be very often connecting every social media account that you have. Apparently, this is the easiest way for hackers to break into all your accounts in an instant. Because, this way the hacker is able to automatically control all of your social media account access.

make sure you have used maximum security on every account that you have on the internet.

Feb 08

These Are Some Habits That Are Often Done And Trigger Damage To The Computer

By Jason A Smail | Technology

The computer or laptop that you have at home is sometimes often broken and you can’t fix it yourself. For that services from computer repair will be very much needed at this time. No wonder there are many people who choose to use computer repair services that are right and in accordance with what they need. Visit to get the best computer repair you can use.

All problems that exist on computers or electronic devices that we have at home, usually are due to habits that we often do and trigger damage to the tool. Some habits that can trigger easily damaged electronics are

1. Poor ventilation
All computers and laptops need qualified air vents. It seems like there is almost no computer with a casing without air holes because it requires good circulation for the maintained temperature of the hardware. Most of us ignore this problem, by placing the computer in any place and position. In fact, a computer needs enough space to absorb cold air and remove heat from the inside. Positions such as under the table or facing the wall are positions that we should avoid.

2. Dust that accumulates
There is ventilation, of course, there are fans too. A good computer must have a cooling system that is okay too. Equipped with a fan that runs constantly with clean ventilation. Over time, the fan will definitely be filled with disturbing dust. Where did the stubborn dust come from? Of course, because you keep under a table full of dirt. The impact of the accumulating dust is certainly going to reduce the performance of your computer because the temperature of the hardware becomes out of control and tends to increase.

3. Loose cable
Wires that are loose or even damaged by being bitten by a mouse can threaten the safety of the entire computer because it opens a large gap to the entry of water or short circuit.

Feb 06

Criteria and Examples of Quality Backlinks

By Jason A Smail | Technology

You can’t carelessly look for backlinks. Google does not judge backlinks from quantity but also considers quality. Remember, quality backlinks will only harm you. So you have to select backlinks carefully to get quality backlinks. What are the criteria for quality backlinks? Visit to get help and the answer.

Here are some quality backlink criteria:

– Relevance

As previously explained, you must get relevant backlinks in order to obtain positive effects from backlinks. How to determine a website that is relevant to your website? Make a website priority scale that has the potential to be planted with backlinks. You can group them into several potential website groups. From very relevant, quite relevant, to irrelevant.

– Have an Authority

Relevance is not enough. You also have to make sure the website that you are going to install backlinks really has credibility and influence. How do you ensure the credibility of a website? You can check the credibility of the website using software like Ahrefs. The credibility at Ahrefs is measured using a scale of 1 to 100 called the Domain Rating (DR). Rating domains measure how many quality backlinks a website gets. The higher the DR value, the more potential for backlinks.

– Traffic

Besides Domain Rating (DR), you also need to consider the amount of traffic generated by a website before making it a backlink. To measure how much traffic a website generates per month you can also use Ahrefs. Make sure the website that will be planted with backlinks really gets traffic.

– Editorial Standard

Also, pay attention to the editorial standards of website content that will be planted with backlinks. Usually, those that produce quality backlinks are websites with strict editorial standards such as news portals or credible bloggers.

– Quality of Outbound Links

Websites with good quality backlinks will usually only provide quality backlinks to websites. Therefore, pay attention to the outbound links from prospective websites that will be planted with backlinks. Are their outbound link track records good? Do they provide outbound links to quality websites or not?

Jan 12

Here Are Some Signs if Your Instagram Account Hacked

By Jason A Smail | Technology

Currently, of course, there are many people who use social media, especially Instagram. Instagram itself has become one of the social media used by millions of people. Unfortunately, not everyone pays attention to the security of their Instagram account. With more hints, it will help you secure your Instagram account. Because passwords are indeed considered inadequate to secure an account on the internet.

Being careful is indeed one of the things you have to do. There are several ways to find out if your Instagram account has been hacked by someone. Some of the ways in question are

1. There is data that changes
You can change your profile photo even though you never replace it. Or you can also vary your personal information without you knowing the real cause. This is what makes you have to be careful so that later you will avoid various hacking actions that can happen to your account. Make sure you don’t tell your account password to everyone, even though that person is someone you know.

2. Upload photos that you never uploaded
This is a sign that is quite significant. You certainly know what photos you have uploaded and never uploaded. For that, if there is a photo that you have never uploaded but on your Instagram, then it’s time for you to secure your account properly.

3. There is a notification from Instagram
It could be that Instagram detects attempts to enter from hackers. Check email. If there is a warning email from Instagram, immediately check your account and immediately alert.
The second method is usually there is a similarity of authentication where Instagram will ask whether you are logged in in a certain area with your account simultaneously. If that isn’t you, just say no so the Instagram party can immediately take care of it.

You must pay attention to these three things to avoid hacking attempts by some bad people.

Jan 11

The Types of Filaments

By Jason A Smail | Technology

As an artist you need to be smart when you use your Filament on your 3 dimensions printer. This is a basic guidance for you to determine the function of each filament that you have at home. You don’t want to get bad result for your art designs therefore you need to take it as a serious matter. The filament is very pricey therefore you don’t want to spend your money on them.

 As an artist you have to pay attention for the designs that you are going to create so you will be happy for the outcomes. The filament has different functions as for making 3 dimensions arts. There are many types of 3 dimensions filament refill that you have to know before you create your designs. The very popular one filament is called as the ABS and it has a purpose for creating wear-resistant part of the design that can stand still in higher temperature  and it is an easy filament type so you will not get problem for waiting your print out for too long.

This filament will give a one solid plastic and strong quality and durable figures for your designs. Commonly the artists or toys companies use this kind of filament for making children toys such as the Legos, sport equipments, plastic handle for knifes and many more. Sometimes a jewelry store can also use this filament in order to make wedding rings for their beloved customers. This filament can stand for the high temperature among 210 degrees in Celsius up to 250 degrees in Celsius. Therefore the jewelry can also bake the wedding rigs for their customers from this type of filament. The one thing that even will attract you more from this type of filament is the glowing effect that will occur on your figures.

Jan 05

Boiler Care Must Be Done Properly To Avoid Corrosion

By Jason A Smail | Technology

Boilers are one type of technology that converts water into steam power that can move other objects. Even now many ships use boilers as steam power plants. Factories also use boilers in their work processes. This is what makes Gemlsa produce boilers with very good quality. The durability of the boiler must be calculated as long as it will be used for a long time. In addition, boilers have complex components that not everyone can understand. This is where the importance of the quality of an item can be used in the long term as long as it is cared for and cleaned regularly.

If you think the boiler can’t cause problems, then your opinion is wrong. Boilers that are not properly treated can cause damage, one of which is the appearance of corrosion in the boiler. Pengkorosian can be caused by water or other substances. The following is corrosion that might appear:

– Corrosion is caused by boiler water
Corrosion will occur if the smoke funnel above the combustion chamber is continuously exposed to moisture. If that happens, immediately deal with the chemical liquid so that the corrosion does not get worse. Washing with a chemical reaction will slow the occurrence of corrosion. Some of the causes of corrosion are negligence in the blow off, not clean cleaning in the boiler, insufficient circulation of boiler water and excessive use.

– Corrosion by nature
One part of perforation or perforation, expansion of the area is caused by the separation of acids in boiler water and the separation of large/fat acids from animals or woven plants in boiler water.

– Corrosion by excessive heat vapor.
Steam is a separator in hydrogen and oxygen when the temperature of the steel surface rises to centigrade 400 degrees or higher. Oxygen is the corrosion section of a steel section.

Dec 09

Tanda-Tanda Kecanduan Internet

By Jason A Smail | Technology

Saat ini, anda bisa dengan mudah mengakses internet. Salah satunya adalah dengan menggunakan jasa dari mangoe sky. Secara keseluruhan, penggunaan internet yang kompulsif adalah fitur utama kecanduan internet. Dan para ahli setuju bahwa penggunaan internet menyebabkan masalah dalam kehidupan seorang pecandu internet, baik pribadi maupun profesional. Semua subtipe kecanduan internet berbagi komponen yang sama. Tanda-tanda seseorang yang kecanduan online meliputi:

– Penggunaan internet yang berlebihan atau tetap online lebih lama dari yang dimaksudkan (sering dikaitkan dengan hilangnya waktu atau mengabaikan kebutuhan dasar)

– Penarikan diri disertai dengan kemarahan, ketegangan, dan / atau depresi ketika komputer tidak dapat diakses

– Kebutuhan untuk peralatan komputer yang lebih baik, lebih banyak perangkat lunak, atau lebih banyak jam penggunaan untuk mencapai efek yang sama

– Konsekuensi negatif dari penggunaan, termasuk argumen, berbohong, prestasi buruk, isolasi sosial, dan kelelahan.

Jadi, bagaimana Anda bisa menyaring kecanduan internet? Pada dasarnya, inilah tujuh pertanyaan untuk ditanyakan pada diri sendiri atau orang yang dicintai. Jika Anda menjawab ya untuk setidaknya tiga pertanyaan ini, Anda dapat mempertimbangkan meminta bantuan. Atau lagi, mungkin bahkan salah satu “ya” akan merupakan tampilan pada penggunaan internet Anda.

– Apakah Anda menghabiskan lebih banyak waktu di Internet hanya untuk mendapatkan tingkat kepuasan yang sama?
– Apakah Anda mengalami gejala penarikan (depresi, agitasi, kemurungan) saat tidak online?
– Apakah sesi Internet Anda lebih lama dari yang direncanakan?
– Apakah Anda menghabiskan banyak waktu untuk kegiatan terkait-Net lain, seperti membeli buku-buku terkait, membicarakan tentang Net dan mencoba perangkat lunak baru?
– Meskipun efek samping (masalah keluarga, kegagalan menyelesaikan pekerjaan) apakah Anda terus menggunakan Internet?
– Apakah upaya Anda untuk mengurangi atau berhenti bertemu dengan kegagalan?
– Apakah Anda menyerahkan aktivitas sosial atau pekerjaan yang penting untuk menghabiskan waktu online?

Coba periksa email Anda hanya tiga kali sehari: satu kali di pagi hari, satu kali di sekitar waktu makan siang, dan satu kali di malam hari. Email Anda, meski perlu, bisa menjadi buruk untuk manajemen waktu sebagai situs jejaring sosial jika Anda terus-menerus menyegarkan atau memeriksanya tanpa henti. Pastikan untuk membuang, mengarsipkan, atau menanggapi setiap email baru di setiap sesi. Ini tidak hanya akan menghemat waktu Anda dalam jangka panjang, tetapi akan memberi Anda rasa pencapaian saat Anda tetap di atas korespondensi Anda.

Nov 27

Amazon Web Services: The Implementation of Cloud Computing System

By Jason A Smail | Technology

Wherever you run a business, be it retail, real estate, finance, social media, you need applications that run well in supporting the business. Applications must be reliable, secure and cost-efficient. Now, you can consider choosing AWS since your business needs more than what you use in the past. Don’t forget to first consider the benefits of AWS before you make any move and leave the existing system.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud service provider, AWS offers computing power, database storage space, “content delivery network” and other functionalities that help many businesses to grow and run applications properly. AWS provides many product choices that make it very easy to build a business. Infrastructure as a service is the right term for AWS.

On traditional servers, we must know in detail what server specifications we want, such as support, spare parts, then placement in the data center, and the process is not an easy process. If we prepare too many servers, while there are not much computing needs, we will waste a lot of money. Whereas if we prepare a little server while computing needs are very much, this will disrupt the business.

In addition to offering convenience, one of the advantages of AWS is the “pay as you go” feature, which is paid when used. Like AWS EC2, the pricing model used is hourly for the type of on-demand deployment. AWS provides a simple monthly calculator that we can use to predict what costs will be incurred. Aside from that, at a fairly low cost, we have powerful services, for example, kinesis streams, without the need to manage streaming applications such as Apache Kafka, we can solve the same problem with a shorter time. The effect is that we can deliver features faster, we can focus on users, we can focus on business, and we don’t need to think about “scaling”.

Nov 26

Important Privacy Settings provided by WhatsApp Plus

By Jason A Smail | Technology

WhatsApp Plus is an alternative to WhatsApp with some additional features. People are highly using this application mainly due to the features which it provides to its users. It is basically a third party application which you can obtain from its official website. The file which you receive can then be installed on your device but it will require removing your original WhatsApp.

Due to the improved amount of integration with the mobile device and advanced chat feature, WhatsApp has gained a substantial amount of popularity. Still, it is lagging in some of the features which a normal user wants in their application. This is the main reason why people are moving towards WhatsApp Plus 2019 download which provides these additional features with the original features intact.

In addition, providing the normal settings available in WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus is providing additional privacy settings. These settings are discussed here to make you aware of them so that you can use them as per requirement. Each of these settings will help you to maintain your privacy while you are chatting or viewing other’s profile.

Hide Online Status: You can now hide your online status by using this application. It will not allow any of the WhatsApp users to see while you are online. This will give you a liberty to use the application freely.

Hide Blue Ticks: A blue tick appears to the user who has sent you a message when you read them. It makes them aware that you have already read their message. You can hide this feature by using WhatsApp Plus. This will not allow the sender to get to know whether you have read the message or not.

Nov 02

Why should any website owner have a web hosting?

By Jason A Smail | Technology

After knowing what web hosting is, now is the time for you to have your own hosting. Yes! You must have web hosting! Why? Because websites cannot be built without hosting and domains. So if you want to have a website, make sure you know what web hosting is and have bought a domain and hosting. Without these two things, the dream website might not be a reality. There are various websites that you can create such as personal websites, school websites, company websites, information systems to online stores. Apart from that, perhaps you should take a look at the recommended servidores vps near you as well.

Besides that with domain hosting, you can make the website more professional! For example, there are 2 websites. The first website, namely justacheapclothingstore .blogspot .com.

The second website, namely If you as a website visitor, which one will you choose? Of course the second website, right? With additional hosting and .COM domain extensions, your website looks more professional. What if you already use * .blogspot? Take it easy! You can do a custom domain to blogger.

When to Buy Web Hosting?

Okay, now you understand what web hosting is. Well, of course, you have to buy web hosting when you want to create a website! In addition, you must buy web hosting if you want to change your blog * .blogspot and * .wordpress to a more professional website. Actually hosting functions are very many. You can save files in the form of images, videos or script websites on hosting. Although hosting is a plot of land, but you can choose to host capacity as well. There are various hosting capacities ranging from 300 MB to 48 GB. Want to have 5 kinds of websites in 1 hosting? Can you do it! Want to have an email with your own domain name to be more professional? You can too!

Nov 01

Reasons to Buy an Electric Bike

By Jason A Smail | Technology

At present, the existence of Bästa elcykeln has begun to fade along with the emergence of various modes of transportation. Even though there are many cycling campaigns that are hailed, still the bike is only a menu of a handful of people who understand health and are aware of environmental threats. Even in big cities bicycles are only used as a play and sports tool, not as the main mode of transportation. Because of the lack of public interest in bicycles, bicycles were created which were equipped with electric motors called electric bicycles.

This type of bicycle is more in demand because of several advantages, namely:

– Using battery power
The use of battery power on this bicycle allows us to run a bicycle without having to pedal it. In addition, with the use of rechargeable batteries, it is not necessary to spend more money to pay for fuel costs.

– Pollution free
Because it uses electricity, this bike does not smoke like other modes of transportation. By riding this bicycle, of course, your friends will participate and help reduce air pollution, at least in the surrounding environment.

– safe
With a maximum speed of 45 km per hour, this vehicle is quite safe to use for children.

With all the advantages that exist on this electric bicycle, it is expected to increase the interest of the community to use bicycles again. But before that, we also have to know how to properly care for this bicycle so that it doesn’t get damaged quickly. Some tips for caring for them include:

– Do not forget to recharge the battery if the power is running low
Users of electric vehicles often forget to recharge their vehicle batteries. Do not leave the battery empty for too long because it can shorten the life of the battery, which results in friends having to replace it with a new one.

– Avoid the road too uphill
This type of bike is more suitable for urban terrain and short distances, so as much as possible to avoid the uphill and bumpy roads. Choose a smooth and flat road to make the bike more durable.

– Check the brake system regularly
Brakes are one of the most important components of a vehicle. For that, make sure to check the brake system regularly and periodically.

Sep 17

Tricks for New Domains to be Fast on Index

By Jason A Smail | Technology

If you have bought a new domain from poor hosting, you should read our post this time about the tricks to speed up the index of a new domain. Otherwise, if you want your website in the first page of search engine like Google, you can contact seo nyc. This trick is our goal for those of you who might have difficulty after buying a domain but not yet indexed by search engines or search engines. Here are the tricks you must do so that the search engine quickly indexes the new domain. The first action to speed up the search engine index is to send your new domain URL to the search engine manually. You can directly send your web URL to Google and Bing manually. The second trick you have to do to speed up the search engine index is to register your new domain with webmaster tools like Google Search Console and Webmaster Bing. Send the sitemap XML site there, so the search engine will quickly find out about your new domain. this will also be faster to increase the index of the new domain.


Every time you publish a recent post the best step to speed up the search engine index is to share posts using social media. because this method is very effective and can improve your web ranking. Social media is one way to speed up the search engine index. Twitter, Facebook, and Google plus are social medians that we can’t just stay to improve search results. If you use the WordPress platform you can use the sitemap generator plugin service that will make your site fast in the search engine index. The Google XML Sitemap Generator plugin is one plugin that will generate a friendly sitemap. Please install this plugin to get a good and friendly sitemap. You may have often heard that Content is king. Search engines will provide value if they get more content with large keywords from your site. using relevant and interrelated internal linking will make it easier for spider bots to crawl all content. Take advantage of your posts as a way to speed up the search engine index and the role of internal linking is one of the most important things to improve site ranking.

The robots.txt file is one of the references of search engines to speed up the search engine index. Using robots.txt is a must for your new web. Make sure you don’t limit a lot of spider bots by using the Disallow attribute. If it is very important you can instruct Allow as an attribute to allow spider bots to crawl the contents of the site.

Sep 01

For Website Owners, Avoid Some of These Errors

By Jason A Smail | Technology

Creating a website must be done by those who understand how to make it. Website creation cannot be done by just anyone because it will have an impact on the results of the website. So, you should find the right website creation services to get quality website results. One of the right website creation services is  Webdesign Hessen.

However, there are still many people who have a website but do a lot of mistakes in it. Some of the mistakes they usually make are

1. A little visual content
Don’t make your website a plain webpage, make it a visual and engaging webpage. Visitors often don’t want to be on your site for a long time, but if you have videos, pictures or infographics, you can deliver messages quickly and clearly.

2. Sentences or pages that are too long
Written words remain important, but when it comes to your website, a little text will be better. When customers visit your website, they want to find what they are looking for quickly and easily. Having a page full of text will make more customers turn away than interested in your website.

3. Do not consider access to sites using mobile
Access from mobile devices currently accounts for 33 percent of online shopping revenue in Indonesia and this will only become increasingly important.This means that to create an optimal experience for users, you must imagine your site will be accessed via a mobile device at the site design stage. So that various things can be better anticipated, such as minimizing the drop-down menu, optimizing the size of the page and creating a diverse experience for users.

4. Pop up ads that appear continuously
Nobody likes pop-up ads that suddenly appear when users are opening your website. Even though income is greater because of that. But, many customer that will be loss if you use this ads.

Jul 30

Tips for Designing Your Website to Attract

By Jason A Smail | Technology

Non-canvas websites contain abstract paintings, we are passing on information to readers, not distorting their eyes. The most important thing about the website is the content, lest the background color you use is more crowded than the content itself. Color also affects the psychology of the reader, creating a mood, even intruding into the subconscious. Color can convey a symbol of itself even without accompanied by text. That is why color selection is one of the important elements of a web design. For you who seek for agence marketing de site web, you can visit our website.


Use a light color for the background and old colors for text, not vice versa. For example, a white or gray background for background and black or gray for body text letters.
If you are unsure of the appropriate color options, use grayscale.
Avoid using primary colors for background: red, blue, yellow. There are millions of color gradations in this world, you can choose one of them.
Select only ONE color to highlight. For variety, you can use other colors but with the same tone or gradation of the main color.

In addition, you need to pay attention to navigation. Navigation is like a floor plan or walkthrough that makes it easy for readers to search for any content category or product they want. Put navigation where it’s easy to find, also choose an easy-to-use navigation form to keep readers linger on your site.


Put the navigation at the very top of the layout. Can be under or above the header.
Categorize navigation based on the main product or sub-topic of your website.
For a better user experience, we recommend using ONE navigation line only.
Use the drop-down menu to separate sub-subtopics with sub-subtopics.
You can use the linear navigation or hamburger navigation.

Another important thing is the search button. Nothing is more annoying than visiting a website and not finding the search button. We will never know what readers want to find when it comes to our website. Navigation, category, and label are options that we provide, while the search button is freedom. The reader does not have enough time to search from one category to another or from one content to another.

Jul 21

Tips on Playing Grand Theft Auto

By Jason A Smail | Technology

Playing Grand Theft Auto V may be endless. Just like the previous series, namely GTA: San Andreas. If the players have already completed the ‘mission’ that exists, the GTA V players live to explore the map and the various secrets contained therein. Different from previous versions, in GTA V there are three characters that can be played in turn. They are Trevor, Michael, and Franklin. Although not exactly gangs, they are the number one villain syndicate in the game. To get the review of this game, then it can be a good idea to come to

Since there are three characters played, GTA V games certainly have many hidden secrets that may not have been widely known by many people. Especially if the secret is about the code. Here are 5 secret things in GTA V that Hubbers may not know.

Earn Unlimited Money

The presence of money in GTA V games is vital. Although how to get it is quite easy, sometimes just kill the pedestrians or complete certain tasks, but the amount of money owned always feels lacking. Typically, money is used to buy and modify vehicles, buy weapons until fun to change looks and entertain themselves. If the amount of money owned always feels lacking, GTA V has a hidden secret to get its players to earn unlimited money.

Fixed the vehicle quickly

When driving on GTA V, sometimes players feel annoyed if the vehicle owned suddenly accidentally hit or even hit something. Views of the vehicle become no longer smooth. Players were forced to immediately find the nearest workshop to make the vehicle look like new.

It also takes time. If you’re not carrying out a mission, players can actually improve the look of the vehicle like new without having to go to the garage. Players just replace the character being played with other characters who are idle. Then immediately change again to the player who was driving. Then, like the magic, the vehicle that had been hit by scratch here and there, became like new again.

Jun 05

The Virtualization Matter for Document and File Storage

By Jason A Smail | Technology

If you still ask why virtual data rooms look like the best solution for the storage and security of your important documents and files, then you should know this. Are you currently or will invest to build a data center? Is your preferred data center the smartest nowadays? Even after when will your investment for the datacenter come back? Questions like that would surely come to light of someone who is or will build a data center infrastructure as a necessity of business today. So what technology should be applied? The answer is Virtualization. Why? To address these concerns, we have summarized several reasons why we should implement Virtual Data Centers instead of Traditional Data Centers:

Reduced Cost

The component which has the highest price in the data center is Hardware. Reducing the amount of hardware in your DC by virtualization means reducing spending by virtualizing your hardware, such as servers, routers, switches, etc. with the same performance and even other features that are very useful for availability, manageability, and security. In addition, you can also reduce the cost of electricity consumed by cooling/cooler and DC. these things you will not get if you still use traditional DC which can only run one application and OS on one server only.

Better Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery will be very easy to do when your server is virtualized because it has advanced feature features, such as an up to date VM snapshot, so that time can go back to a state in case of a disaster. It can also move your VM to another DC in a long distance that is connected before with just a few clicks. Surely things like this would be very difficult to do with traditional DC.

Easier Migration to a cloud

With Virtualization, you get closer to cloud services because it can easily migrate your VM from private to a public cloud on demand if your existing DC virtualization is no longer able to accommodate the VM. things like this will be very difficult for traditional DCs

May 25

Defining Your Blog Theme

By Jason A Smail | Technology

Creating a blog can be done by anyone. But only those who resist is able to Make a blog to succeed. One of the difficulties Creating a blog is, science Creating a blog is not obtained from the school. Bloggers should find their own information, practice their own, trial and error themselves. So no wonder, in this age of information overload, many bloggers are confused and do not understand how a blog is able to reach many visitors. Before that, if you often ask “how to set up a blog for free?” you can visit our website to get the answer.

Define Blog Theme
Choose the most appropriate blog theme. In general, blogs are categorized into two, ie blogs with one niche, and blogs with many niches.

A. Blog with One Niche
Blog with one niche is a blog with one discussion theme. For example, blogs with street food niche. This means that the blog specifically discusses street food. Expected from a blog with one niche is the depth of content and the validity of the information presented. That is, the writings in the blog with one niche should be much deeper than the blog with many niches.

The advantages of blogs with one niche:

– More targeted visitors. This will help increase CTR Adsense ads (if you install them).

– Blogs of this type have a greater chance of entering the Google page one for the targeted keyword because the discussion is very detailed and specific far compared to many niche blogs.

B. Blogs with Multiple Niche
Blogs with multiple niches have widespread discussions and tend to be not too deep. Blogs of this type, if relying on one author, tend to be rather heavy, as they involve many different themes. Competition to produce quality writing becomes increasingly heavy because it is not focused. This kind of blog will usually survive and popular if done by the team.

The advantages of various niche blogs:

– Type of writing varies. This will make it easier for writers to look for written themes, so the potential to make a lot of writing is getting bigger.

– Potential to be online media. This is understandable, given the articles in this blog is updated and continues to grow every day. Similar to online media.

– The number of potential visitors is greater.

May 24

Services and assistances

By Jason A Smail | Technology

When you do your work, you must be wondering what kind of software that you can use to make your work easier. You maybe already use the most sophisticated software that your company recommend to you, but you still want to find the one that can really make your work way much easier. For example QuickBooks software. This software is a kind of software that can help all accountant in this world do their work easily. They just need to put what they need to count and then click several tools and they finish their work within a minute. Sometimes when you want to use this software, you will need to learn more about this software. Like you need to know what is the function of this software, how it can help you to do your work and many other things. Sometimes you also need to know how to handle the problem that happen to you when you use this software.

247 QuickBooks Company is a company who can help you to solve your problem when you use QuickBooks software. This company can help you to give the best service and assistance that you might need for your QuickBooks software. If you think that there is a problem with your QuickBooks software, then you can just call this company. They will help you to solve your problem easily. This company can offer you several services and assistances packages that you might need for your company. They can offer you a one-time assistance and annual assistance. You might not always have a problem with your software, so one time assistance might become the best option for you. Or if you if just in case there will be another problem with your software and you don’t want to always call them, then you can take the annual assistance package. It’s all up to you and depend on your need.

May 18

Understanding What is Content Marketing

By Jason A Smail | Technology

Lately, maybe we more often hear the term content marketing, especially when it comes to marketing in digital media. But actually, what is content marketing? What makes it supposed to be a powerful marketing strategy? Even touted as the most effective marketing programs today, especially when compared with conventional marketing. Visit the website of Alexsander Queiroz Silva if you need information about marketing content.

In general, content marketing is understood as an approach strategy in marketing activities, which focuses on the creation and distribution of valuable, relevant, and consistent content, in order to attract and retain the interest of a defined audience; and encourage the actions of customers who can make a profit. Under that general definition, the “Valuable, relevant, and consistent Content,” section becomes the key that distinguishes content marketing activities from regular marketing programs. Why? Because that section shows that the characteristic of content marketing is the pivot on the interest and interest of the audience. Therefore, the content should be useful and have value for the audience.

In addition, content marketing programs must be run with metrics or clear benchmarks, so we can monitor whether those activities actually help us achieve our intended marketing objectives; whether it’s to attract audiences to get to know the associated brand, or to encourage them to be your consumers, customers, or brand users.

Content marketing is an activity that draws the audience’s attention to visit and experience a valuable experience in the channel managed or worked on a brand. The form can be a blog, or account on various social media channels. In an age of technology that is more content-friendly, content marketing activities provide space for brands to generate a variety of unique content to reach diverse target markets; rather than conventional marketing communication materials such as banner ads, which are relatively only two versions, per campaign.

Then, content marketing also has the ability to help brands improve credibility in the eyes of consumers if they feel the benefits of the content program that is run. In addition, this content marketing program also has the potential to increase the value of revenue per unit (average revenue per unit or ARPU), as measured by the total revenue divided by the number of customers.

May 10

Create a Modern Website Design With These Three Tips

By Jason A Smail | Technology

Creating a website is a thing that is indeed done in the present to be able to market the services or products of the company. However, the website alone is not enough and should also use SEO Company to get good SEO and quality. Good SEO will make many customers come and visit the website. It will certainly bring you many benefits.

The website is an important marketing tool, therefore choosing the website design should also be considered. So, modern website design is what you can choose right now. There are some tips for making a modern website design like

1. Streamline your menu
If you look at most sites, you may see them giving you more space and more intuitive to navigate. It’s still a popular choice to have tabs at the top of the page, but try to limit the number. Professional web design services can make limited choices effective, look slimmer, and make it easier to find what visitors need.

2. Create a web page that is easy to understand
Visitors should be able to determine your web about what it does in five seconds or less. In other words, in just a few seconds, your website should be able to communicate many things. Your web should be able to communicate clearly through pictures and text. If you use professional web design services, they can use images to communicate what you do and who you are faster than words can do.

3. Use analysis
Sign up for metrics platforms like Google Analytics that can provide some deeper insight into who visits your site and where they come from.

With these three ways, you will be able to get a modern website design that can attract the attention of many customers. And you can use the SEO for the best result.

Apr 27

SEO Tips To Optimize Your WordPress Blog

By Jason A Smail | Technology

Have you ever created a blog? If not, why? Many Marketing people like you think they have to blog – and are very impatient to get started – but they do not have the time to find a content management system that suits their needs. I am here just to let you know that WordPress is a great solution, and if you do not use it for your blog, then from now on you should do it! Let’s see why. Meanwhile, you can also check the services of SEO Agency if you want to find a reliable SEO service for your online business.

Understand what WordPress can do for you. There are more than 60 million bloggers using WordPress, this means that WordPress is one of the most common content administration systems for blogging professionals, WordPress can be easily customized to suit your business needs. In addition, it is easy to optimize SEO. Many prominent bloggers rely on CMS WordPress for their own blogs.

While great for traditional blogging, WordPress can also be used to create unique homepages for your business. Companies like Tribune Media Group and LA Times Media Group have adopted the WordPress interface to build their non-blogging website. WordPress allows you to build your blog.

SEO optimization tips WordPress. Here are five quick and easy ways from SEO to help you optimize your blog:

1. Choose an SEO-friendly WordPress theme If you have a designer and SEO expert at home, you’re on the right path. But if you do not do it, you can buy more customizable themes. However, keep in mind that not all WordPress themes are an SEO friendly theme, although some themes can be optimized. Remember, be sure to look for themes that use best SEO practices, such as H1 tags for blog post titles, and those that do not depend on Flash.

2. Select the SEO Plugin. The WordPress SEO plugin provides an easy-to-use dashboard for optimizing your blogs and blog posts for optimal search engine benefit and beyond what is inside the WordPress interface or included in the SEO theme. Some SEO Plugin options also include meta descriptions, index / non-index, and 301 redirects. Plugins can automate the process for you.

Apr 20

Video games can help people to relieve their pain

By Jason A Smail | Technology

Video games have virtual reality in the form of images or videos that can interfere with the work of the brain in response to pain stimuli in the body. Playing video games also tends to make us much calmer while holding back pain and make the flow of blood can flow better so we tend to feel the intensity of lower pain. This indirectly changes how the brain responds to pain. Meanwhile, if you love to play Fornite, there’s a fortnite v-bucks hack that you may need to try.

One expert in this field, Jeffrey I. Gold, Ph.D. (as quoted by Psych Central) said that “virtual reality affects the brain from within, so the pain-relieving effect is not only generated from the distraction of pain but also has an impact on how the brain responds to pain. “When playing video games it is possible that some parts of the brain respond to the stimulus with more of the anterior cingulate cortex and hypothalamus. Both parts of the brain play a role as a distraction, distraction, and emotion, thus allowing a decrease in the patient’s sense of pain when restraining the pain.

The same has also been tested in the study by using pain caused by cold temperature (2oC). The results of individuals who play video games have a much higher tolerance for pain compared to individuals who did not get the opportunity to play video games while holding back pain. Research also shows that distraction can be passive like by just watching TV but not as good as when playing video games.

Are all video games if played can reduce pain?

As technology develops, video games come in many different forms and become more sophisticated, but that may not necessarily eliminate pain. A chronic pain expert, Dr. Dahlquist believes the effects of video games are strongly influenced by the interaction of individuals with virtual reality presented. It also adds a person’s age will affect how he enjoys the game being played.

Apr 12

Do not Be Left, Some Things Are Big Impact On Your SEO

By Jason A Smail | Technology

Maybe a lot of businesses now need SEO to be able to increase traffic to their website. They also prefer to use quality SEO services in order to get maximum results. one that can be selected is FLORENCE SEO and Web Design EXPERTS. With a qualified SEO services provider, then you will get good results and in accordance with the goals, you want.

However, unfortunately, some small things that have a major impact on SEO are often forgotten.

1. Forget the analytic
So far what tool do you use to monitor your website performance? How do you know that the SEO implementation of your website has been running effectively and maximally? How do you know the performance tracks of your website, as an ongoing analysis material?
If you are a Google webmaster tools service user, use the “Google analytic” verification method, then log into the analytic page “asynchronous tracking code”, log in with the same webmaster tool account to get tracking code that will be posted on the website.

2. Forgetting content with relevant keywords
SEO goal is to increase traffic, high traffic certainly increases the possibility for the occurrence of transactions. SEO does not guarantee increased sales, but SEO ensures able to increase traffic. In increasing sales in order to achieve profit, return to the focus of content with keyword relevance so as to answer what the user is looking for.

3. Keyword spamming
In the beginning, I learned SEO, where “keyword” became the most highlighted, boggling mind to insert keywords in every paragraph, even though the sentence sequence was a little weird, in order to speed up the rating. The assumption is true and true in the past, it works.
But the SEO algorithm is growing day by day. Search engine (Google) Latent Semantic Indexing system is a program designed to recognize a topic without stuffing keywords. Overusing keywords can even be recognized as spam. So spamming the use of keywords has no effect on the success of an SEO.

 4. Forgetting quality links
Building links/links with external links affect your website ranking. Make link exchanges with other URL / website, but make sure the link inserted is relevant and has a good reputation.

Apr 11

Three Step Website Design It Can Help Optimize SEO That You Use

By Jason A Smail | Technology

Probably many people who assume that SEO can work with the maximum without the help of any element. In fact, SEO can work with optimal and maximum if there are some elements that help. One that can help is a good website design. To find out more about optimum website design and SEO, visit

Good website design will usually give a good impact on SEO given. So, you should create a good website
design for the visitors who will enter into your website. There are some things you need to consider in creating a good website design for your website SEO.

1. Reduce the Number of Objects Loaded
The more objects, the heavier and longer the page will be when accessed. And the longer loading a website, it will worse reputation of the website. At this time, the speed of a site becomes an important factor for SEO optimization. So, the first step you can do is to minimize the object to be loaded.

2. Optimize Use of CSS
It is used for making the website page resulting in smaller CSS files. You can remove unnecessary code and remove CSS repetition. In this case, the use of the framework can be very helpful, if after the code is complete, it is not used in the framework and will be removed.

3. Compress Code
What is meant here is to compress HTML code that directly builds a website page. This is done to save the source or shrink the file on the website page so that it can do the loading quickly. The compressed code should be the final code and no longer edited. Before, compressed, just back up first so that when you need to edit the code can be done easily.
With these three steps, the website you have for SEO will be better and will not do a long load.

Apr 01

Pros and Cons of VPS Hosting You Should Know

By Jason A Smail | Technology

Hosting VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. VPS is a standalone virtual partition contained in a server. It says the partition is standalone because this partition has a standalone operating system, standalone hard disk space and own bandwidth allocation. In a server can be divided into multiple VPS. So why do you determine that vps hosting is the one that will work in accordance with your needs?

VPS Hosting compared to shared hosting gives you more control, and when compared to dedicated hosting will get cheaper cost. VPS Hosting provides greater flexibility and control, but you are also required to have expertise in terms of setup and maintenance.

VPS Hosting is the next choice when shared hosting is not enough. VPS offers more control and more flexibility as dedicated hosting, but at a cheaper price. Is VPS Hosting is right for your needs ?, Advantages and Disadvantages of VPS Hosting below, will give consideration in deciding the right choice for your hosting.

Pros of VPS Hosting

Control and Flexibility, when you have VPS Hosting, you will have full control over its administrative root access, install the applications and software you want, create more WHM and Cpanel accounts, customize server settings to your liking, etc.
More Economical, with the ability and administration as well as dedicated servers, but at a cheaper cost.
More Reliable, Shared Hosting is like a haystack, one bad customer can cause one server crash. An overselling system in shared hosting sales where providers accumulate thousands of customers in one server will inevitably lead to server reliability will drop dramatically. Things that will never happen if you use VPS Hosting.

Cons of VPS Hosting

– Price, Indeed the price of VPS Hosting Cheaper than the Dedicated Server, but at the same time Much more expensive than the Shared Hosting.

– Technical Ability, Managing Server itself, even virtual server, needs more server administration capability than managing shared live hosting.

Mar 19

Live performance version

By Jason A Smail | Technology

There are many musician or singer in this world. Many of them already perform their song and usually, they sing their performance differently from their original song. Sometimes there are some remix version or another version of a song that you never heard for. Usually, when you want to listen to the other version of your favorite song, you must visit youtube and then you can enjoy your favorite song and also enjoy your favorite singer performance. Sometimes, there is a moment in your life that you don’t want to visit youtube to enjoy your favorite singer performance, but you just want to listen to their music. Actually, you don’t need to be worry since you can use the youtube to audio converter. The youtube to audio converter can help you to always enjoy the other version of your favorite song without need to visit youtube anymore.

You maybe wondering where you can convert the youtube video into an audio file. If you can’t find the best website to convert your youtube video into audio file, then maybe you can visit Mp3DownloadBox. This website can really help you to convert any video that you want to from youtube and change it into the mp3 files. You just need to copy and paste the link address of the video that you want to download, and then download it right away from this website. This website application will never ask you to pay for anything, they will offer you a free download service. With this website application, you can always enjoy your favorite singer live performance without need to visit youtube anymore. You can also download the other song that you find on youtube and you can download anything unlimited without need to be worry about the payment since they will let you enjoy your favorite music for free.

Mar 17

Know Some Types Of Navigation On A Website

By Jason A Smail | Technology

A website certainly has various elements that must be in it. This concerns how the websites provide information to readers. For that, the website design should also be made very precisely in order to provide good navigation to the reader. One of the options you can make to design your website is Miami Web Design. With the right design, you will get a website that can increase the number of visitors the website.

Navigation tools must always be on a website because it will make the website visitors feel helpful and not waste their time to find the content they need. For that, there are several types of navigation you need to know, like

1. Horizontal Navigation
This navigation is made with a text-based always the base. This is a general and frequently used menu by most websites. The horizontal menu usually consists of a list of sections of the site. usually, they also use one or two words to describe the menu.

2. Vertical Navigation
In addition to horizontal, this menu is also much used on the website. This menu usually consists in the left or right sidebar. This menu also has the bullets or text, or even there are only provide text only.

3. Text and Description
Usually, this menu form is horizontal, but the difference that usually exists on this menu is that each menu has a short description located underneath. This is made to make it easier for readers to know the contents of the menu.

4. Icon
The shape of this menu is usually vertical but has an icon in addition to writing to give a more lively impression. Because usually, with a given icon will indirectly describe the contents of the menu.

5. Sub Menu
This is usually used by horizontal navigation. For submenus, it is usually still part of the drop-down menu, or in other words, a smaller part of the menu is horizontal and usually more specific.

Mar 16

Avoid Some of These Mistakes For SEO Works Well

By Jason A Smail | Technology

Now, to be able to increase your website traffic, you do need a good promotion. One form that you can make a medium to market your website is to use SEO. SEO that you use will be very useful for your website. An SEO will not work properly if there is no proper keyword. For that, you need to know the Information on how to do local keyword research so that can find the right keywords for what you offer.

An SEO does not work for itself, there are many components that can also support the workings of SEO can work more leverage. so, you who use SEO should avoid some of these things in order to get real SEO benefits.

1. Forget Content with Relevant Keywords
The goal of SEO is to increase traffic. High traffic will certainly increase the possibility for the occurrence of transactions in the next stage. An SEO does not guarantee increased sales, but SEO ensures increased traffic. This increase in traffic can happen if you have the right and relevant content. Koten you have must have the right keywords with what you offer.

2. Wrong In choosing Keyword
Google will indeed accept any appropriate keyword to display in search results. Make sure you also use the right keywords. There are several ways that can help you in determining keywords, such as using the help tool. You can use some online tools like Google Trend, Adword, Keyword Planner and so forth. With this tool, you can find out how potential a keyword.

3. Keyword Spamming
Using keywords and putting them in various places on the content you create is the right thing. But if too often to use keyword is a very disturbing thing. So, use keywords with reasonable and not excessive in order to work with the maximum.

Mar 02

More People Can See Your Company Website If You Take Care Of These Things

By Jason A Smail | Technology

A company’s website will be highly regarded as failing if it does not generate a lot of readers. Therefore, the large number of readers will greatly affect the company’s sales. one of the things that can make a company’s website has many readers is SEO. This technique is widely selected because it is considered capable of providing increased website visitors who are influential with increased sales. To be able to get the right SEO techniques, you also need the right SEO service, SEO Services Singapore can be an option for you who still feel confused to find the right SEO company.

To boost the SEO techniques you have used, there are several ways you can do. Some of these ways will make the SEO that you use more work very well and give a good impact on the sale of the company, some way is

1. Give Captions On Each Image
Usually, someone will give a caption on the image with writing that is arbitrary and not trying to give the right caption but in also able to boost the SEO techniques used. With the right caption in the image, the search engine will easily detect the website you have. Without a clear name, search engines will not be able to track your website well so it will not go into the search engine.

2. Keywords
In addition to images, keywords are also a very important thing for an SEO technique. Good keywords will be able to make your company’s website to be number one in search engines. To create a search engine that sees your website you must create a title for every content you have very precisely. You can create an interesting title by looking for what keywords are often sought by many people. With the right keywords, search engines will easily find the website you have.

3. Own Domain
If the company website you have still use the domain provided by the internet, then it’s time you switch to your own private domain. You really need to pay some fees, but the search engine will also display the private domain very well then the internet domain.

Feb 21

What You Need to Develop an Ethereum Mining Rig

By Jason A Smail | Technology

If you want to learn more about best pcie risers then you come to the right place. Nothing’s doubt that doing online research can help you gather information, which also means you can enrich your knowledge. If this sounds to be true, this is what you need to know about mining cryptocurrency. Let’s talk more about the great awy to develop an ethereum mining rig and go to the market without the doubt and fear at all. Well, you must get hold of a reasonable couple of parts and the costs stack up rapidly:

1) A MotherBoard

This is well known as the mind of the PC and is the thing that you construct everything onto – the base of your mining rig. The principle includes you are searching for in a motherboard is the quantity of GPU spaces it has as this will decide what number of illustrations cards or GPU’s it can suit – and at last your aggregate hashing power. 3 PCI Express openings can mean that you have the chance to suit 3 x Radeon HD 7950 with a hash rate of 20 MH/s each – or an aggregate hashing energy of 60 MH/s. A PCI Express space is an association port on the motherboard and resembles the photo beneath – they are frequently hued white yet is able to be beige. This also means that each of you will get different kinds of openings, however, almost GPU’s work on a PCI express.

2) Graphics Card – Don’t choose your GPUs! A few designs cards cost a luck, however, so try not to hash much while some are more sensible yet utilize more influence. Eventually its a harmony between how capable you need your apparatus to be and the amount you need to spend – yet an insight worth heeding – ensure you pick a productive GPU. Sure, it also can be a good idea to get second hand GPU’s from legitimate suppliers, for example, GPU Shack – be watchful however when you get them off a road corner as regularly they have issues that you can’t see until the point that you get the card home and connected to.

Feb 20

When your car is scratched and your budget is low

By Jason A Smail | Technology

Not the same as if you fix it yourself, in addition to skill, you can also save considerable cost. Usually, scratches on the car paint can take place anytime, either because of friction twigs, the time the vehicle will be parked, children’s delinquency, chicken scratch or cat and so forth. Beyond that, scratches on car paint can also form by itself, for example, due to weather aspects. Scratches as a result of oxidation of rain that has acid content is generally a spider web. It certainly gives a long list of threats to the destruction of paint that goes on our favorite car. Meanwhile, you can also check out the Auto Body Shop Santa Ana to get the best service with the more affordable price.

Then, how to get rid of scratches on the car paint and limited to disguise the beret on your car? These are the steps:

Mild Scratches

The meaning of easy scratches is blistered due to nail scratches, a pebble or time to clean the car. These strokes do not pass through the paint of the vehicle, so it can be removed by hand.

Take wax (compound, polish, product scratch or swirl remover), then spray on the microfiber pads, then rub it repeatedly in the room affected by scratches. Use a microfiber towel to clean it. If necessary, give the car polish to make the surface look shiny again.

You can also wear nail polish used by some womenfolk, we just choose the color of nail polish that matches the same color of our car then give the scratches so the defect in our car will disappear for a while.

Medium scratches

This type of scratch usually touches the basic paint arrangement. Eliminate with touch-up paint. Clean the scratched surface first with grease remover and wax. Then you can paint again.

Deep scratches

The basic arrangement of the metal is usually touched by this scratch. Simply, you simply paint and sand. Blend the facets scraped with a sandpaper of 800-1000 grit thick then sandpaper back with a thickness of 1. 200 grit. Then the paint and thinner combination you can spray on the surface of the car. If it becomes difficult, then you can go to the garage to consult.

Feb 14

Number of Dashboard Camera Options with Various Features

By Jason A Smail | Technology

You must have watched a television show that aired the incident on the road recorded through the camera from a vantage point in the car. The video recordings are taken from a camera recorder mounted by the owner of the car on the dashboard of the car or suspended in the front mirror. This camera is basically installed to monitor the environmental condition around the car that is not visible to the eye so that if your car pranked by people when parked, or when there is an accident on the road, you can know how chronological incident by looking at the results of the camera car recordings. Dash cam can also be mounted on the back that serves as a parking camera. With the camera connected to the monitor screen on the dashboard, parallel parking becomes more fitting and reduces unwanted risk. Are you interested in installing your own vehicle mobility camera? Visit The Blog of vdashcam and find out more about dashboard cameras.

Depending on what recording you want to get, there are many different types of cameras for cars to choose from and install as an additional eye to watch what happens to the environment around the car both when driving and when parked. There are cameras that use single-lens there that uses dual-lens. Single-lens is the most used cheap dashboard camera and only takes pictures with the angle in front of the car only. While dual-lens uses two cameras that can record at the same time to reach the front of the car and the inside of the car. The dual-lens camera is usually widely used for taxi cars, freight cars or public transport, and cars that require extra security.

The quality of the best dashboard camera is also determined by the quality of the video and also the size of the camera. Now more and more who prefer the camera with a smaller size and can be hidden placed on the front of the car or behind. This small and hidden camera is certainly safer than the ignorant or criminal hands. You can also record a variety of events outside and inside the car without the knowledge of people. Especially if you install a dual-lens, a more hidden camera will not interfere with passenger comfort that feels controlled all his movements.

Jan 06

What is web traffic and why does it important?

By Jason A Smail | Technology

Most bloggers and website owners have the same purpose for their blogs and websites to increase their website traffic. Currently, the internet is completely full of a wide variety of content. Bloggers and website owners should ensure that they can stand out among other websites and blogs so they can get stable traffic on their website. That’s why there are so many website owners who hire the trusted Affordable SEO Packages, Best SEO Pricing Plans & Services.

What is Traffic?

Website traffic can be defined as the number of people visiting a website, the page they are viewing, and the duration of the visitor viewing or reading the pages. When someone visits your website, these visits, as well as all the links they click and follow, are recorded by your domain. Later these numbers can give you an idea of how popular your website is.

Why is traffic important?

If your website is not visited by many people, your website is threatened to be drowned among other websites on the internet. Every website needs traffic. No matter how good your website is, if visitors are few, your website and business may not be able to survive. Basically, your website will only survive if there is a stable traffic flow.

Traffic from users interested in the content of your website or products will be more likely to spend more time on your website and tell the website to the crowd.

If people spend more time on your website, it is likely they will sign up for your website newsletter or receive promo content that will make them become consumers for long period of time.
For a business, you need to get website traffic to profit and ensure that your business runs smoothly.

Aside from that, you may also need to check out the peripheral factors that can affect your SEO, such as web design, advertising, and also social media marketing.

Jan 06

Knowing the Cause of Leaky Air Conditioning & How to Cope

By Jason A Smail | Technology

If you have not been servicing AC for a long time, say for 6 months or even forget it for so long, then a leak on your air conditioner is a normal thing to happen. Mostly, our air conditioning leak occurs approximately 6 months after purchase and every 3 months if not serviced. Therefore, the leakage of the air conditioner is almost certain to happen even can make your walls become dirty because of the water that falls from the air conditioner. But you do not have to worry because now you can get air conditioning help control mold through our website. Apart from that, here are some causes of AC leakage!

1. The Exit of Water That Is Part of the Process
Water permeation from the air conditioner is part of the AC work process. Normally, the AC works to remove moisture in the air-conditioned room. Then, the moisture will condense and then flow down and out through the sewer at the bottom of the AC machine. In general, there will always be a way of water to get out of the AC machine. When you see and find there is water coming out of the AC when the air conditioner is on, then most likely it is the water from the condensation process in AC. That’s normal so you do not have to worry. However, if the water coming out of the air conditioner is much and beyond the normal limit, then this is an indication of leakage on your air conditioner.

2. Less Accurate AC Tilt during Installation
AC should be mounted at a slight angle to the back of the back. This will cause water to flow out into the exhaust stream. Installation of incorrect position on the air conditioner will cause water to seep and drip out the machine and then can wet the floor of the room.

3. Mushroom Growth and Dust Formation
One cause of the leaky AC that often happens is the presence of dirt, dust, and other objects that clog and block the sewer. This wastewater drowning will make the water forced to find paths and other holes in the air conditioner to exit. So this is what makes AC leak because water out through the path is not normal. The growth of fungus and the buildup of dust on an air-conditioning machine is not something that can be underestimated by you. If the AC is not cleaned properly, then the fungus can grow and spread. This can lead to air that is not clean and less healthy. This can interfere with our health, especially in respiratory disorders.