Development in Nurse-Patient Relationships

By Jason A Smail | General

Oct 27

Perhaps the most obvious change that occurs in nursing is the relationship between nurses and patients. The patient is no longer a passive recipient, nor is a nursing student who is no longer a passive recipient in nursing education despite changes in nursing education longer than changes in nursing care. People who come to the hospital or are admitted to their homes are now given better information about health care, more center asking their care and entitled to ask for higher healthcare standards. Some of the reasons for this change can be expected to account for today’s widely publicized health advertising programs so that education in schools and colleges encourages people to better address health needs and more questioning about the care they receive. If you were given the opportunity to get a nursing education, it would be better if you chose a 6 month lvn classes education.

The traditional roles of doctors and nurses have changed and these changes encourage nurses to reassess the way they provide care and the way they communicate with patients and colleagues. Also, nurses, doctors, and other health professionals are increasingly being taught together and this seems to make all professional disciplines more aware of the problems and strengths of each group. Interdisciplinary education has the potential to increase greater teamwork among professionals and begin to eliminate professional communication barriers. This issue raises some questions, what generalizations can be made about caring? Get caring taught? What aspects of communication require the most attention in nursing? How can nurses improve their communication skills?

It is emphasized that many nurses to date only get a very basic introduction to communication training and very little training on caring domains. But in the RN program, when you are prepared to become a licensed nurse you will learn more modules that will make you more valuable than most nurses and many hospitals will receive you with a very decent wage.

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