Do You Know How To Store Your Valuables In The Vehicle Safely?

By Jason A Smail | General

Nov 02

Whether it’s a habit or because of a troubling factor due to the impact of the Coronavirus, theft crimes have become more prevalent lately. The trend is also shifting from home to public places such as minimarkets. Well, the government’s recommendation to stay home more leads criminals to seek other, less guarded targets. Also, criminals stopped looking at plans and atmosphere. As long as there is a chance it will be executed. Like the theft with the mode of breaking the windshield of your vehicle that has happened recently. Thieves no longer care even if it happens in the open. The important thing is to get results from the targeted vehicles. Of course, you don’t want that unpleasant incident to happen to your vehicles. Therefore, keep your belongings well, don’t be the target of criminals. You may also use the sturdy trailer storage box if you use a trailer for travels.

Here’s how to keep things safe in the vehicle:

First; Do not carelessly place valuables in the cabin. For example on the dashboard, on the seat, or the console without being closed. A place that is safe enough for storage, for example, under a chair, in the trunk, covered with items to make it look vague, or better not left in the vehicle

Second; Park in a safe place, for example near security posts, near crowds, or near CCTV cameras. Thieves usually target vehicles parked in quiet places such as at the end of a parking lot far from being watched. Do not put valuables in the cabin. If you have to, use closed compartments such as glove boxes, drawers, luggage. Take advantage of the blinds shutting the windows and luggage when available.

Third; Don’t forget to always lock the vehicle door when you leave it and activate the alarm. At least this will slow down the criminals from doing the action. Apart from that, it would be better to use additional sensors like dual alarms, etc.

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