Do You Know These 6 Natural Remedies For Weight Loss?

By Jason A Smail | Health

Jan 18

If you want to lose weight and are interested in taking slimming drugs, first know some of the ingredients in slimming drugs and side effects to watch out for. Before buying or taking slimming drugs, make sure the drug is registered with a government-owned regulatory agency, and pay attention to the name of the content listed on the drug package. Aside from that, if you are also looking for a safe place to buy good quality weight-loss drugs, we recommend you take a look at PhenQ Amazon.

Apart from chemical-based drugs, some slimming drugs also contain natural ingredients. The following are 6 types of natural ingredients in question:

1. Green tea extract

Some research shows that green tea extract can increase the body’s metabolism so that it can lead to weight loss. However, the weight loss due to green tea extract was considered insignificant. Therefore, you still need to have a healthy diet and exercise regularly to lose weight.

2. Green coffee extract

It comes from coffee beans that are still raw and they have not been roasted yet. Even though green coffee is believed to be able to lose weight, a study states that the weight loss effect caused by green coffee extract is still very small.

3. Chitosan

Chitosan is a sugar-like compound found in shrimp, lobster, and crab shells. Chitosan is widely used as a supplement for weight loss. However, its effect as a new slimming drug is effective when accompanied by regular exercise and a healthy diet.

4. Chromium

This compound can increase the body’s metabolism, so it is believed to be able to lose weight. Because of this effect, chromium is widely sold as a body slimming supplement.

However, the effectiveness and safety of using chromium supplements as body slimming is still unclear and needs further investigation.

5. Acai berries

Various products containing acai berries are believed to help you lose weight. This fruit was widely discussed as a slimming herbal ingredient, but actually, no research can prove this.

6. Garcinia cambogia

Consumption of Garcinia cambogia is believed to reduce appetite and prevent the formation of fat tissue so that it can be slimming. However, various studies have shown that the slimming effect of this plant is not very significant.

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