How to Care for a Cat without a Cage

By Jason A Smail | General

Nov 11

At first glance, cats do look like independent animals. However, cats still need good care to stay healthy. Cats can be kept in a cage or without a cage. When caring without a cage, cats can play freely using cat hamster wheel, but you should still pay attention to cleanliness so that the cat stays in good health.

The first way to care for a cat without a cage for beginners is to carry out regular checks. Usually, routine checks are carried out twice, namely monthly and annually. Monthly checkups are generally done for grooming and your cat’s overall health. Meanwhile, the annual examination aims to check the cat’s internal organs. Cats without a cage will roam outdoors more often, so screening is very important to detect disease in your cat before it gets worse. Also, discuss the cat’s care and health with your vet. Observe if there are several different things such as how to walk, how to meow, and differences in cat behavior.

Cats that are kept without a cage are certainly very active around so they must be kept clean regularly, or what is also called grooming. If the cat has long hair, PetLovers can use a pin brush to comb the fur. Meanwhile, if the cat’s fur is short, use a flat slicker brush to comb it. For young, vulnerable kittens, use a mini-sized comb with soft teeth. Combing cat hair is very important to remove dead hair, clean fleas, remove fungus on cat hair, clumps, and can also improve blood flow to the cat’s body.

In order to prevent your cat from indiscriminately seeking its own food, be sure to regularly feed 2-3 meals a day. Also, add vegetables and fruit such as cooked broccoli. Let the cat play with its food by customizing the food container in a unique way.

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