How To Overcome Collapsed House’s Foundation

By Jason A Smail | General

Dec 25

As we know that the foundation is the main aspect of the construction of a building. Therefore, this requires special attention when making a house foundation. However, many houses or buildings are experiencing collapsed foundation problems. In general, several causes cause the foundation to collapse, such as unstable soil conditions and sinkage, the shock of heavy vehicles that often pass around the house to fatal mistakes when designing the foundation when building a house, as well as mistakes in choosing the location of the house. After we know what causes the foundation to collapse, the next step is to fix it. For repairs, of course, you need underpinning in melbourne service who are experts in this matter.

First make sure where the collapsed foundation is, then lift the part of the collapsed floor including the mortar and soil heap so that the ground surface is visible. Collapsed soil foundations usually have a soft soil surface. Therefore, you need to compact the soil by pressing it or by adding gravel to compact the soil. After the soil condition is considered to be solid and not soft, you can sprinkle the sand evenly with a thickness of approximately 10 cm. Don’t forget to pour water for sure so that the layer is denser and stronger. The next step is to reinstall the old floor to the repaired foundation. If you are using an old floor, first make sure that the floor is clean from the previous adhesive layer. If you use a new floor then you just stick it using adhesive.

So, those are some of the ways you can do to repair the collapsed foundations of the house. Well maybe this is all we can say, hopefully, it’s useful and adds to your insight. Don’t forget to also read other articles about how to repair cracked concrete floors that were conveyed in the previous post.

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