It’s About The Importance Of Information Technology Audit

By Jason A Smail | Technology

Jan 09

Currently, companies and organizations spend a lot of money on an investment in IT. The benefits of IT in improving the services and work processes of an organization are very pronounced. With a large investment, organizations need to ensure the reliability and security of the IT systems that will be used. IT systems must also be able to meet the needs of work processes, be able to reduce the risk of data being sabotaged, data loss, service disruption, and poor management of IT systems. That’s why if you want to secure the management of your IT within your company in Dallas, you can hire On-Site PC Services Managed IT Support Services in Dallas TX.

IT audit, or what was once referred to as electronic data processing, computer information system, and IS audit, was originally an extension of conventional auditing. In the past, the need for an IT audit function only came from a few departments.

Then the auditors realized that computers had affected their performance about key functions. Companies and information processing management are also aware that computers are a way out for resource problems to increasingly compete in the business environment and even between departments. Therefore, there is an urgency to control and audit the ongoing process. It was then that professionals realized the need for IT audits. IT auditing is an integral part of the general audit function because it will determine the quality of the information processed by the computer system.

Initially, auditors with IT audit skills were seen as mere tech resource staff, often as technical assistants. Whereas today, IT auditing is a job whose actions, objectives, and quality have been regulated in global standards; there are ethical rules; and professional demands. Of course, this requires special knowledge and practical skills, which previously was also preceded by intensive preparation.

From this brief explanation, it seems clear that there will be many challenges ahead for IT auditing. Each party must be able to work together to be able to design, implement, and achieve basic goals that are generally understood.

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