It’s Necessary To Know How To Work At Height Safely

By Jason A Smail | Business and Finance

Dec 26

You must ensure that work is properly planned, supervised, and performed by competent people with the skills, knowledge, and experience to do the job. You must use the right type of equipment to work at height. Take a sensible approach when considering precautions. Meanwhile, if you want to secure your footings at a height easily and firmly, you can rent sturdy scaffolding from the best Hire In company.

First, assess the risk. Analyze and take into account factors such as height, duration and frequency, and surface conditions when work is being carried out.

Before working at a high-level workplace, go through these simple steps:

– Avoid working at heights unless you have no other choice
When work at a height cannot be avoided, plan fall prevention measures, by conditioning the existing work that is safe or certain types of equipment
– For inevitable risk, try to minimize any possible damage
– Team protection should be prioritize over individual protection.

Collective protection is equipment that does not require people working at acting heights to be effective. Examples are permanent or temporary fencing or tower scaffolding.

Personal protection is a tool that requires individuals to act to be effective. An example is laying the safety harness properly and connecting it to a suitable anchor point.

What to do and not to do when working at heights

Things you can do:

– Doing as much work as possible from below (don’t work at height unless you have to)
– Ensuring workers can find safe conditions to and from where they work at high altitudes
– Ensure that equipment is suitable, stable, and robust enough for the job, is maintained and inspected regularly
– Fragile surfaces need extra cautions
– Protect yourself from falling objects
– Consider emergency evacuation and rescue procedures

Things you cannot do:

– Rest on the ladder against a weak upper surface, for example, glass or plastic gutters
– Use of stairs or stepladders for heavy or heavy tasks, as they should only be used for light work of short duration (maximum 30 minutes at a time)
– Allowing incompetent, untrained person to work

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