Reduce Meat Consumption With Vegan Burger

By Jason A Smail | Health

Dec 30

A veggie burger might not what you want to eat every day because it does not sound very appetizing. But plant-based meats with high quality like available at have made a name for themselves, in such a way that they have managed to attract the attention of many people, especially lifelong meat-eaters and of course vegans and vegetarians. They have started appearing on fast food menus such as Del Taco and Burger King, which have reported increased sales since introducing this plant-based meat option. Plus, recent reports linking plant-based diets with positive effects on waist circumference, blood pressure, insulin levels, and the cardiovascular system add to their appeal.

While the nutritional data can be enormous, large medical organizations such as the American Heart Association recommend that we limit our intake of red meat, especially the processed type. The Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger and both are delicious and do a better job of imitating a beef hamburger. But many scientists and health experts said that it’s too early to tell if they’re healthier. Plant-based burgers are processed products, and some use ingredients such as peanut protein which can be difficult to digest and can cause gas, bloating, and other digestive problems. Plus, recent research shows that eating ultra-processed foods leads to greater weight gain.

However, a meatless burger could be a positive step in the right direction as far as it is more sustainable. A study conducted by Beyond Meat shows that the environmental impact of The Beyond Burger when compared to US beef burgers uses less water, land, and results in fewer greenhouse emissions. Additionally, they can be a good segment for someone looking to switch to eating less meat. If you choose a plant-based diet because you don’t want animals to be used as food, these products will give you a ‘burger’ eating experience that is very similar to a regular burger.

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