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Jul 05

The Floor to Choose When Buying a Condo

By Jason A Smail | General

One of the important things you should also consider before deciding to buy Amber Park is the location of your unit floor. The layout of the floor will certainly affect your comfort while staying there. Condos with a higher floor and overlooking the charming views of the price are certainly estimated to be higher. Therefore, prospective buyers must consider well, the position of the unit he will buy from the condo Because there are several advantages and disadvantages of several condo positions.

Generally, condos in urban areas always offer views of the city decorated with blue skies. While in certain condos, residents must incur additional costs if they want such a view.

Did you know, money people choose condos on the eighth floor and above are people who crave beautiful scenery and panoramas? The reason is, the higher the position, the lower the noise level. Another plus, the upper floors are relatively safer than thieves even though this is not a guarantee.

Even so, the upper floors also have some disadvantages. The upper floor causes difficulty in carrying furniture. Second difficulty if there is an emergency or disaster, such as an earthquake and fire.

Not that the condos under the eighth floor have no selling value. The condos downstairs can also get a view. As a prospective buyer, you can choose one that faces the park and swimming pool.

Then the benefits that you can feel during an emergency, you can save yourself faster because of easier access to the emergency exit.

So is the direction. The uniqueness of the condos is on each side which has a different view. For example, rooms in condos on the east and south face the same view, namely the architecture of the city, the west side faces the pool, while the north side faces the garden.

Directional considerations affect the price of the condos Usually, the more beautiful the view is, the higher the price offered. The condos hunters consider health reasons by seeing the incoming sunlight so they don’t get the wrong direction.