Want A Shinier And Sleek Car? Try This Way

By Jason A Smail | General

Feb 04

Caring for a car is not only about the engine and components that support car performance car polish near me. The exterior or exterior of the car also needs attention to keep it looking clean and sleek. The most striking exterior appearance is the car paint color. Over time, the condition of car paint will certainly change due to air pollution, heat, rainwater, and others. Perform maintenance in the car detailing los angeles so that your car continues to be shiny and looks like new.

For that, special care is needed so that your car paint is maintained with the following tips.

Wash the car first
To do this, use a special shampoo so that the dirt on the car body can be lifted. Don’t forget to also choose a shampoo that has a pH balance level, which is a pH close to 7 to minimize the occurrence of scratches and dull colors due to shampoo foam.

Then also pay attention to the right time when washing the car. Sunlight can make the remaining washing water that contains soapy foam dry out quickly, causing a crust on the car paint.

Use a clay bar so that it can absorb dirt quickly
Clay bars are flexible objects like rubber that are box-shaped and function to lift residues that stick to the car body. However, the clay bar should not fall on the ground because there is a concern that sand or gravel will stick to it, which will scratch the car paint when used.

Polishing and waxing
The next step is to polish your car using it to remove the dull color attached to the body. However, polishing your car can make the paint thinner as it is eroded by the polish. So, don’t polish your car too often if you don’t need it.

Better to use wax to treat and provide protection to car paint. The method is very easy, namely by using a special sponge to smear the wax into the desired parts.

Then, rub the wax in a circular, vertical, or horizontal way as needed. Typically, at professional car salons, they will use a rotating machine to scrub the wax off.

If you have time to spare, you can do these steps yourself at home without having to go to a car salon. Good luck!

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