Where to Go to Play Arung Jeram?

By Jason A Smail | Entertainment

Sep 02

Arung jeram or also called rafting is a ride that categorized as a water sport, especially extreme water sport. Arung jeram is a sport where being played on the fast flowing river. The participants are using an inflatable boat as a transportation. Dufan also has this tiket dufan 2018 ride. Arung jeram dufan is an artificial arung jeram. Dufan is using a water pump to make an artificial river.

For the one who loves nature and loves arung jeram or rafting so much, you have to try playing rafting at these places. First, there is the Pekalen River. Pekalen River is located in Probolinggo, East Java.

Pekalen River one of the most favorite place to do arung jeram. Because this river has a very beautiful scenery. The level of difficulty of this river is in grade 3. This river has a length of 12km from Pekalen upside. From the middle side, 7km and from the downside, it has 10km.

Second, there is the Citarik River. Citarik River is located in Sukabumi. This river also has a beautiful scenery and fresh air. The level of difficulty of Citarik River is in grade 3.

Third, there is a river that located in Aceh. This river is called Alas River. Alas River is the longest river in Aceh. The level of difficulty of this river is in grade 3 until grade 4. This river has a sharp turn and a very fast flowing current so it will make the participants’ adrenaline pumped.

The last one, there is a river that comes from North Sumatra. This river is known as Asahan River. This river has a very high level of difficulty. Asahan River is in grade 4 until grade 5. This river is usually being used for arung jeram competition. Asahan River also becomes the third best river in the world.

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