Jul 29

Components of concrete (concrete material), concrete mixing, concrete mixing or mixing, concrete casting, concrete finishing, concrete curing or curing are some of the things we do to create good concrete in accordance with the requirements and the topics that will be we describe in some posts in the future. Concrete is a material derived from a mixture of cement, coarse aggregate, fine aggregate, water, and additives as a mixture if necessary special conditions. Apart from that, we also recommend you to take a look at the reliable Concrete pump hire Essex.

Rough aggregates are commonly known as coral or split. It can be natural coral or also artificial or split broken coral. It is said in SNI that the size is the grain ranged from 5mm ~ 40mm.

A fine aggregate is commonly referred to as sand as a natural material or artificial burst material having the largest size 5mm.

The purpose of mixing material was to facilitate the transportation, placement, compaction, finishing to next generated a material named concrete shape fixed, hard, strong and durable.

In a building, concrete is the most important component that holds the role in the upright establishment of a building. If it is permissible in our bodies the concrete is the skeleton of the body or bone that sustains it.

In general, if it is said to be concrete then it means like the above definition (an only mixture of cement, aggregate, and water), concrete in a building construction is not enough, still must be added with reinforcement (iron concrete), but in a construction industry if said concrete then reinforced concrete. In this blog, we will distinguish the meaning of concrete and the meaning of reinforced concrete.

The main properties of concrete (not reinforced concrete) that the concrete is very strong against the press and very weak against the stress (pull, stretch)

Therefore, reinforcement (concrete clearance) is needed to achieve strong building structural components. This combination of concrete and reinforcement is called reinforced concrete. Well, this is a reinforced concrete is a component of the building structure.

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