4 Essential parts of the Boilers

By Jason A Smail | General

Aug 25

All boiler engine components are very important to pay attention to, so you can easily understand the damage to this engine. This time, we will share information about 4 of the many calderas pitotubulares parts with you.

Used Gas Disposal Regulator

Smoke from the combustion chamber sucked by the IDF (Induced Draft Fan) blower through the dust collector will then be discharged through the chimney. The smoke gas regulating damper is set first as needed before the IDF is turned on, because the bigger the damper is opened, the greater the suction that will occur from inside the furnace.

Safety Valve

This tool serves to remove steam when the vapor pressure has exceeded the specified limit. This valve consists of two types, namely a wet steam safety valve and a dry steam safety valve. This safety valve can be set according to the maximum aspects that have been determined. In wet steam is usually set at a pressure of 21 kg per cm squared, while for the safety valve dry steam is set at a pressure of 20.5 kg per cm squared.

Estimator Glass (Sight Glass)

Estimator glass is mounted on the upper drum which serves to determine the water level in the drum. The aim is to facilitate controlling the water level in the kettle while the boiler is operating. This glass of estimator must be washed regularly to avoid blockages that make the water level unreadable.

Water Kettle Disposal

This boiler component serves to remove water from the upper drum. Water disposal is carried out if there are substances that cannot be dissolved, a simple example is the appearance of foam that can interfere with observations of glass estimators. To remove water from the drum, a blowdown valve is installed on the upper drum, this valve works when the amount of foam has exceeded the specified limit.

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