4 Strategic steps for Public Relations

By Jason A Smail | General

May 06

Public Relations cannot avoid the position that is between the internal and external public. Thus, PR Consultants should be able to form a harmonious relationship with the internal and external public.

For relationships with the internal public is known by the term internal relations when all public relations activities are addressed to the internal public which consists of people directly related in the company of employees, employee families, shareholders to top executives.

There are four steps and processes commonly conducted public relations in carrying out its activities. The four activities are:

1. Fact Finding and Feedback (Research Fact Finding)

At this stage the discovery of facts in the field or matters relating to the opinion, attitude, and public reaction with the wisdom of the organization or company concerned. After finding the facts in the field, then the data, facts, and information are evaluated to be the next decision-making guidelines.

At this stage, the most necessary is the sensitivity of public relations in listening and finding facts related to the interests of the company or organization. This stage is also called the stage of the situation analysis.

2. Planning and Programming

Stages of planning and preparation of work programs is an effort made to determine the next step in line with the public interest.

3. Action and Communicating

This process is not advanced after the planning. PR should be able to take action based on a solid plan that has been made. Actions are done according to the existing facts so as to convey effective messages that may affect public opinion

4. Evaluation

Evaluation is the stage of assessment of results from initial research to program planning, as well as the effectiveness of the management process and the form of communication used. This stage is said to be the stage of interpretation of the work.

The four stages above are very important to do and interrelated with each other. If there are constraints or incompatibilities and misappropriation, it can be expected that the results of the activities, the implementation of the PR program until the results assessment is not significant for the purpose of making decisions appropriately and correctly.

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