4 Tips for maintaining your iMac

By Jason A Smail | Technology

Nov 25

As you may aware, aside from being one of the most reputable computer companies in the world, Apple is also selling the high-quality gadgets and computers, and it means they’re not cheap for anyone to buy. So that’s why knowing the right ways to maintain your iMac will be necessary, all the while you may also find the finest iMac repair plantation in the business, just in case you need the professional help.

In the meantime, here are the 4 ways to maintain your iMac:

1. Make sure everything is up-to-date

Check for updates for Apple software to get your Mac to stay optimized. From the Apple menu, select Software Update and configure your computer to connect to the internet. Software Update will recover your system and check which updates are needed .. If there is, then there is an option later for you to update the software in question. Check the desired software and click the button to download and install the update.

2. Get rid of unnecessary files

You are not a child anymore, do you? Do not let your desktop fall apart with all sorts of scattered files and place your files where it is easy to find. This can minimize the possibility of your files being accidentally erased and you can work efficiently. You can create new folders (in finder, push the Shift-Command-N key) and customize them according to your wishes.

3. Name your files

You must have some files named “generic” like image001, worddoc01, etc. This can be troublesome if you need it anytime, but do not know where the file is. Therefore, from now on give more descriptive names for your files. Did you know that although Spotlight can work quickly it is useless if you are not busy with descriptive names!

4. Trim your “forest file”!

To reduce the number of clutter in your HDD, clear a little space by archiving large files that are rarely used, and make sure you give the correct name after archiving (Remember rule 3). Delete unneeded or outdated files; also delete unwanted files. It’s easy. Just drag all the files to the trash folder and do not forget to empty it. Your computer will appreciate the effort you give!

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