5 Myths And General Facts About Fur Carpets

By Jason A Smail | Health

Dec 13

Comfort and luxury offered at the base of the floor make it a popular choice to decorate residential floors. Especially now more and more available various options that can be tailored to the needs and style of your home. One of them is the fur rug. If you find it difficult to clean, just ask the Carpet Cleaning Northern Beaches http://freshhealthycarpetcleaning.com. There is so much misinformation about carpets that is even more trusted. The following are important facts and myths about various types of carpet that must be known before buying:

• Myths and facts 1: Machine-made rugs vs handmade rugs
Many believe that machine-made rugs are much more durable compared to handmade rugs. Even though it was wrong. Hand-made rugs with weaving techniques by skilled hands make it stronger and more durable than machine-made carpet.

• Myth and fact 2: Silk carpet means pure silk
It’s just a myth that unfortunately many people believe. Because the silk carpet may mean a kind of pure or artificial carpet. The best tip to find out if the rug you are buying is pure silk or synthetic rug is to do a ‘burning test’.

• Myth and fact 3: Carpets can only be cleaned in the laundry
The most recommended way to clean carpets, especially carpet fur is to submit it to the services of specialists. Because ordinary laundry uses chemicals to clean carpets. And this can risk damaging the texture and color of the carpet.

• Myths and facts 4: Contemporary rugs are best suited for modern designs
Do not even believe this one myth. Be aware that unlike this belief, modern home decor styles can also be paired with traditional carpets. And if you are interested in combining traditional rugs with modern styles, the choice is a Persian motif.

• Myth and fact 5: The quality of the carpet will decrease over time
The fact is just the opposite. For rugs made from quality materials, whether it’s silk or wool and combined with attractive color combinations, will make the sale value higher over time.

The carpet is almost the same as wine, the longer its age, then the carpet will be more special. Whether it’s silk carpets or fur rugs, such as character fur rugs, motif fur rugs or plain fur rugs made from wool.

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