7 Tips for Maintaining Home Security Before Being Left Out

By Jason A Smail | Entertainment

Jan 18

After deciding to leave home, sometimes we were anxious and suddenly thought on the trip. For example, feeling unsure whether the door has been locked, electricity has been turned off or not, until doubt whether the back door has been locked tightly. So that your home is safer when left and your heart stays calm, apply the following tips that we’ll share with you. On the other hand, call the best Locksmith Dublin when the lock of your door must be checked professionally.

1. Don’t be ignored. Make sure the house is clean and maintained. Poorly maintained houses will look very attractive for thieves.

If you go from late afternoon to late at night, turn on the porch lights before leaving.

2. Receiving Obscure Calls That Ask Your Personal Data? Just close it immediately

Especially if you ask where your address is, who lives in it, and what are the activities of the residents. When receiving a call, ask first who you are talking to.

3. Avoid Origin Laying. Store Valuables in their place

Have you ever heard in the mass media about someone who is a service worker who commits theft in homes? Although not all of them, it’s good if we stay alert, girls. Store valuables in a safe place so that they are not fishing and inviting.

4. If Going in a Fairly Long Time, Inform Left and Right Neighbors

As a precautionary measure, tell the next door neighbor if you are going to leave for a long time. If something happens in your house and there seems to be someone suspicious, they will be more alert.

5. Immediately repair if the door handle is damaged

The door handle, as well as a damaged key, can invite people to do things that are not desirable. The house appears to be unlocked and can be easily entered.

6. The Window Becomes the Main Access the Thieves Are Targeting to Enter. Besides Installing Trellises, Provide Additional Safety

Give additional padlocks or safety so they cannot be damaged.

7. Give the Plant ‘Safety’ that can be placed outside the window and around the fence

Putting thorny plants around the fence and windows can be chosen.

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