Advantages of LED TV

By Jason A Smail | General

Sep 05

After tube TV, we are getting to know LCD TVs, then LED TVs and Plasma TVs. These televisions are made as a refinement of its predecessor technology. Like an LED TV which is an LCD TV development. On LED TVs, Backlight is used instead of fluorescent light used on LCDs. As a result, there is a significant change in the quality of the screen display. The excellent quality can be seen on LG LED TVs. One of these top brands offers several types of LED TVs with the latest technology that is worth choosing. Visit our website and get The best deals on LG Smart TVs.

Thanks to LED TV technology, the current size of television can be thinner. LED TVs generally have a thickness of only 25mm. Besides that, the angle or angle of view can be seen more broadly. On the slope of 450, the screen still looks so clear. In addition, LG LED TVs or other brands will produce colors that are very bright when compared to LCD or CRT TVs. The contrast ratio between black and white is also higher.

Another advantage that LED TVs to have is the need for small electrical power. When compared to CRT, LCD or Plasma TVs, LED TVs are far more economical. This savings reaches 20 to 30% when compared to LCD TVs. This is because the LED lights used are classified as energy efficient. In addition, if the radiation level is measured, the LED technology has radiation that is close to zero, so this TV will be very safe to watch, especially by children.

After knowing the advantages of TV with LED technology, many people choose the type of TV. TV producers also compete to bring products with various advantages that are increasingly attractive. Many new features and technologies are added. Including by LG, as one of the world-class electronic equipment manufacturers. LG offers various variants and sizes such as LG LED TV 32. Television products from LG do have many advantages, so it deserves to be an option.

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