Are we always being spied on by the Intelligence?

By Jason A Smail | General

Feb 06

What’s on your mind when we know all our movements are spied on by intelligence? You may reply no matter. However, what if the case is slightly clarified. Let’s say the spy is so able to read all the intimate messages you send to your beloved, for example. Can you guarantee that they do not laugh when they read it and it happens without our knowledge? In the meantime, perhaps you can try Bug Detector for the better protection against any types of espionage.


The allegations stem from the bombing of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon Building in September 2001. Since then, the US intelligence has used a variety of sophisticated tools to spy on suspected terrorists. But as the massive act of terrorist, did not rule out the tool is also used to spy on us secretly.

In addition to conducting terrorist surveillance programs linked to the Al-Qaeda network, in collaboration with the NSA, the United States has also passed the Patriot Act Act, a law regulating the interception and control of suspected terrorists, both at home and abroad.

The NSA has also asked Google and Microsoft to provide Internet users information data as additional data. Even later, the American government argued with Apple because the request to open the iPhone’s encryption code of terrorists rejected outright by the company that had led Steve Jobs.

The reason is quite reasonable. With the code, it is not impossible the government will invade the privacy of Apple users around the world. In this age of computers and the internet, spying is a necessity. Tapping tools can be purchased easily.

Some countries indicated to use such tools can be seen from state surveillance or government oversight policies to prevent crime. France uses state surveillance to stop people protesting against climate change. Turkey is more authoritarian, it uses state surveillance to imprison the people who criticize the government.

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