Avoid Dangerous Facial Care Products

By Jason A Smail | Health

Dec 09

When you want to try the new product like exposed skin care, you may wonder to ask exposed skin care where to buy. With numerous products available in today’s market, it’s important to know which product to buy for your skin care needs. If you still have the doubt of choosing the right one, you can follow this tip.

The number of products that circulate in the market to make us more confused in choosing. Especially in the selection of cream today many contain harmful ingredients because of the impact that will aggravate the situation when we use unsafe cream. The characteristics as follows:

Color Shine Cream

Suspicious with a strikingly yellow or glossy white cream color like a pearl, because it could be the color used is a dye that is harmful to the body.

Red Skin When Exposed to Sunlight

The skin has a network that protects the lower part because of sunlight so that the skin will not hurt or sore when exposed to sun exposure. Due to the use of harmful facial creams, the skin will feel sore and sore when exposed to sun exposure. This happens because the skin layers that protect us have been damaged by these harmful chemicals.

Instant and Very Fast Results

Something that gets quickly or instantly is usually not good, all definitely take the process step by step. Similarly, face bleach cream. Dangerous facial creams will usually give a quick white effect, but you do not like it first. It is even more dangerous, the cream that gives a white effect in a short time of about a week or even in a matter of days usually contain mercury. Long-exposed faces of mercury will gradually be thin, smooth, small pores and not overgrown with acne. This is because the skin layer is so damaged that the bacteria that cause acne can not live there.

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