Avoiding Risks And Using Scaffoldings Carefully

By Jason A Smail | Business and Finance

Dec 11

Generally, if the scaffolding is used properly, it can minimize incidents. This is because the safety in using scaffolding always starts from whether scaffolding is safe or not to be used. So, it is better if the scaffolding is installed by skilled workers and thoroughly inspected before starting to use. Additionally, you may also call the Scaffold tower hire company to rent sturdy and durable scaffoldings https://www.hirein.co.uk/product/scaffold-tower/.

Improper use of scaffolding can not only endanger workers who are above it, but also workers who are active under it. The following are some of the potential dangers of using scaffolding that violates the provisions:

– The possibility of electric shock
– Falls or slips due to the slippery and dirty work floor
– Objects fall from the scaffolding and hit the workers underneath
– Falling from a height due to a weakly structured work floor
– Scaffolding collapsed due to overload or improper installation of components

Correct Scaffolding Usage Standards

To avoid work accidents caused by scaffolding, related parties must comply with the correct scaffolding usage standards as follows:

– Make sure workers get training on scaffolding before using it.
– Workers must wear PPE completely.
– Do not store items or equipment on the safety fence.
– Pay attention to the co-workers who are above and below the scaffolding
– Scaffolding must be in good condition and safe when used.
– Make sure that the scaffolding and supports can support the load according to their ability.
– All wood used for scaffolding must be in good condition and straight.
– Avoid using unstable objects such as drums, cans, boxes, etc. for platforms or work floors.
– Ensure that the worker or staff assigned to install, move, or dismantle the scaffolding is competent.
– The lifting of the bridles must be monitored for stability.
– Do not perform various risky activities on hanging scaffodling.
– If the scaffolding is equipped with a crane hook, then make sure to look at the safety lock. Lifting bridles must be tied with a shackle to the lifting block so it will not fall of accidentally.

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