Bad Nanny Characteristics

By Jason A Smail | General

Jul 19

Suspicious with a nanny that seems to show bad signs? Check if these bad signs on your nanny. You can visit our website to Hire a Nanny in Dubai.

Many mothers worry whether nannies or babysitters they employ are of good quality and good behavior. It’s not easy to know whether nannies really do their job well or not, or tend to abuse your child.

Here are some nanny criteria that are not good:

– Your baby is not happy and happy to see the nanny, even tend to worry or cry. Surely between nanny and baby still there must be attachment or bonding. And the child should be comfortable with his nanny.

– nanny seems to hide or hide how he and your child spend time. nanny should be able to tell all the activities on that day when you go.

– Children become more often ‘accidents’. The job of a nanny is to keep, watch and care for his foster children. Beware of violence or neglect if the child is often ‘accident’.

– What you ordered, often not done.

– Your nanny is often late or late at work. If your nanny often seems less committed to work, getting up late, or even being too relaxed, you may need to scold.

– Children often seem unkempt and dirty. The basic job of a nanny is to care for, care for, and take care of the child. If he can not do it, maybe he is not the right person.

– Lying. Never tolerate someone who steals, lies, or deceives you. A nanny must be trustworthy in doing his job.

Are there any of the above criteria on your nanny? If yes, you need to follow up. If it is severe and many criteria come in, maybe you need to find a new nanny better.

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