Basic Freediving Techniques for Beginners

By Jason A Smail | Lifestyle

Mar 15

Do you imagine that you might swim with whale sharks at sea? This experience is not impossible. You can feel it at one of the sea tourism services. You don’t need to worry because your security will be guaranteed. You will be accompanied by professional staff to guide and maintain your security while at sea. But if you feel doubtful, then you can enjoy the view of the whale sharks from the cruise.

Actually, the sensation of swimming with whale sharks will be more pronounced if you swim directly in the sea. You only need to master basic swimming and freediving techniques, because you can’t wait for whale sharks to appear on the surface for a long time. For those of you who want to try a freediving technique, you better know the following tips:

– Find out about freediving
In any activity, researching before doing is important. Beginner travelers who want to try free dive should find out about diving that does not use this air equipment.

– Relax when swimming in the sea
Before trying free dive, make sure you have mastered the techniques and are used to being calm while swimming. Tranquility when swimming will relax when trying free dive. Panic will only cause dangerous things. This will not occur when relaxed in the water.

– Try taking a freediving certification
Besides scuba diving certification, free dive also has certification. This certification can be obtained from free dive schools in Indonesia such as in Tulamben, Bali. When taking the certification, tourists will be taught good and correct free dive techniques.

– Try not to dive alone
Just like in scuba diving, free diving is also emphasized not to dive alone. Ask to be accompanied by a diver friend or also known as a dive buddy when doing a free dive. Make sure the dive buddy who accompanies free dive also has certification to be able to anticipate unwanted events.

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