Benefits of Graviola (Soursop Leaves) for Health are Rarely Known

By Jason A Smail | Health

Nov 14

Apart from the sweet fruit, the leaves of the soursop tree have many benefits. It is rarely known, it turns out that there are many health benefits of soursop leaves that you can get apart from consuming the fruit. Some of these benefits include preventing cancer, anti-inflammatory, diabetes treatment, and many more. Check out the following health benefits of soursop leaves as the best super foods.

Cancer prevention
Some people use soursop leaves as a traditional medicine to treat cancer. This is in line with research by researchers from UT Southwestern Medical Center who stated that soursop leaves are effective enough to kill cancer cells. Soursop leaves, also known as Graviola, can inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the human body by up to 80%. The acetogenin content in soursop leaves has anti-cancer properties.

In addition to prevention, soursop leaves that have been processed into extracts are also able to help in the treatment or treatment of cancer. Acetogenin compounds can inhibit the spread of cancer cells and make the body’s metabolic system increase. You need to know, acetogenin is a unique compound, has the ability to destroy and kill cancer cells without damaging other cells in the body that are still healthy. This is what makes soursop leaves widely used as a prevention and traditional cancer treatment.

Soursop leaves as an anti-inflammatory
Not only cancer prevention but the health benefits of soursop leaves that should not be taken lightly are also their anti-inflammatory properties. A study in Brazil concluded that soursop leaves can function as an anti-poison. In this case, it can relieve inflammation in the human body. These anti-toxic compounds can also produce the same effect as analgesic drugs or pain relievers. These anti-inflammatory properties are not only present in soursop leaves, but also in other parts of the tree such as roots and bark.

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