Boiler Care Must Be Done Properly To Avoid Corrosion

By Jason A Smail | Technology

Jan 05

Boilers are one type of technology that converts water into steam power that can move other objects. Even now many ships use boilers as steam power plants. Factories also use boilers in their work processes. This is what makes Gemlsa produce boilers with very good quality. The durability of the boiler must be calculated as long as it will be used for a long time. In addition, boilers have complex components that not everyone can understand. This is where the importance of the quality of an item can be used in the long term as long as it is cared for and cleaned regularly.

If you think the boiler can’t cause problems, then your opinion is wrong. Boilers that are not properly treated can cause damage, one of which is the appearance of corrosion in the boiler. Pengkorosian can be caused by water or other substances. The following is corrosion that might appear:

– Corrosion is caused by boiler water
Corrosion will occur if the smoke funnel above the combustion chamber is continuously exposed to moisture. If that happens, immediately deal with the chemical liquid so that the corrosion does not get worse. Washing with a chemical reaction will slow the occurrence of corrosion. Some of the causes of corrosion are negligence in the blow off, not clean cleaning in the boiler, insufficient circulation of boiler water and excessive use.

– Corrosion by nature
One part of perforation or perforation, expansion of the area is caused by the separation of acids in boiler water and the separation of large/fat acids from animals or woven plants in boiler water.

– Corrosion by excessive heat vapor.
Steam is a separator in hydrogen and oxygen when the temperature of the steel surface rises to centigrade 400 degrees or higher. Oxygen is the corrosion section of a steel section.

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