Characteristics of a Bad Company

By Jason A Smail | Health

Sep 11

Who does not want to have a towering career, steady income, and cool colleagues? Especially for those of you who are a fresh graduate, it is, indeed, very reasonable if you crave for it. Even though looking for work is not easy, it does not mean you can apply for a job just anywhere in any company offering any job that you find. Not every company deserves to be your place to develop yourself. It is because it will be hard for you develop yourself in an office if the office cannot even support you on that matter. That is why you need to be able to find a good company to work for, like the Kyani, for example, and avoid the bad companies.

To know whether a company is good or bad, you can identify it by knowing the characteristics of a bad company. Here are some of the characteristics of the company you need to avoid.

1. There are too many new employees in the company
When you visit the company, it turns out most of the employees are new there. Or even just want to apply also in the company.

It is hard to find loyal employees who have worked there for a long time, even though the company has been a long time. It should be questioned, do many employees do not like it?

2. You watched your boss snap at his subordinates in public
Whether you are waiting for an interview or visiting there, you witness a boss who cursed his subordinates in public. Well, it is better for you to think twice before you actually apply and hand in your proposal.

3. The tasks and responsibilities demanded from you are too vague
When you want to apply, the tasks, responsibilities or targets requested by the company are very widespread. As if there is no definite benchmark as to how your performance is needed.

Be careful with companies like this. Besides not knowing the direction of their own goals, it could be you will be used as the victim to do all that must be done.

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