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By Jason A Smail | Business and Finance

Jan 08

The use of carpets is not only so that the room in the house remains warm, but also can add beauty to a room. Because this is the presence of carpets at home is very important to note. many types of carpet materials available on the market, but it would be better if you choose a carpet that is safe for the health of the family. then how do you choose a carpet that is safe for health at home? One way to choose a carpet that is safe for family health at home is to pay attention to the material from the carpet. Usually, rugs that are safe for health are made from natural fiber materials such as wool or cotton. The bigger the carpet you use at home the more the possibility of the spread of allergens. For those of you who have a family with a history of asthma, this is very important to avoid. If it really does not need a wide carpet, it would be better to use a small size. Compared to large carpets, small carpets are usually easier to clean with read more.

Plastic carpet is a carpet that we often encounter, it can be bought at the market until the stalls near the house. The price is quite cheap to buy. However, behind it all turns out that plastic carpets are very dangerous for health. In general, plastic carpets have very interesting patterns and motifs, so many children like to play on this plastic carpet. According to one study, plastic carpet is very dangerous for health because it is made from the basic ingredients of Phthalate and Bisphenol A (BPA). BPA is a substance that is most often mixed for making plastic mats. Its characteristics usually have a very sharp smell. In fact, BPA is now banned from being used in various countries. In fact, in 2011 ago, all countries in Europe had banned the use of this substance. Besides being used to make carpets, it turns out that BPA is also often used to make children’s toys. This disease that can be caused by BPA is quite alarming because it can cause cancer and inhibit the growth of the child if he is swallowed or touched with the skin directly.

The effects of BPA substances are long-term and do not cause problems in the near future. So, without knowing that plastic carpet threatens your health secretly. A study shows that fur rugs are a nest of various types of germs, dust mites, viruses, and bacteria. The germs on the carpet will get worse and more in number if the fur carpet is rarely washed. Maybe it’s because of the weight of washing fur rugs, so most of them just pat it or sweep it with a broomstick.

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