Come On Be A Musician!

By Jason A Smail | Entertainment

Jan 20

How to get into the music industry? Well, one of them is to become a musician. Being a musician is much more than just playing a note on a musical instrument. Learning to choose the right musical instrument for you and starting to make music can be a life-changing experience for many people. It’s more than a hobby, skill or talent. If you want to be a musician, you can learn to build the skills needed to be the player you want to be and make the type of music you want to make, with practice

1 Choose the instrument that suits you
Choosing a musical instrument that suits you is one of the first things to do. If you choose a musical instrument that is not suitable then it will be feared will feel ‘wrong’ one day. If your goal is to be a staged rocker in a punk band, you can indeed learn a lot about music by playing the oboe, but that might not be the best way to form the band you want to form. If you want to play classical music and become a virtuoso, unfortunately, there is little room for synthesizers. Choose the category of musical instruments that suits your ambitions to become a musician.

2 Consider starting with the piano
Even though you don’t imagine yourself becoming a concert pianist who plays recitals using a tuxedo, one of the best ways to build a good foundation as a musician is to learn piano. Because all the notes lay in front of you, the piano is a good first musical instrument, popular with young children and beginners. A piano is also one of the most versatile musical instruments, played in classical music, pop, and many other musical styles.

3 Learn about classical instruments
Used in musical performances, jazz, pep bands, swing bands, and other types of music played by instrumentalists, classical instruments refer to many different types of instruments played by professionally organized bands that play something other than pop music. If you like history and complex, artistic and sophisticated music, learning one of these instruments may be for you.

4 Consider pop or rock instruments
Although all of these instruments can be used to play various styles and sounds, when we think of playing pop music or forming our band, we usually think of a guitar, bass guitar, drums, and keyboard or piano. If you are less interested in becoming the type of musician who plays wearing a tuxedo in a concert hall and is more interested in being part of a garage band that tours around in a van, this might be the right instrument for you.

5. Consider playing the percussion
Percussion is much more than just background. Good percussionists push music forward in every type of music, from folk to classical, from jazz to rock and roll. Nothing is more flexible and important to a group of musicians than talented percussionists who keep the tempo.

6 Play an electronic instrument
From digital DJs to synth wizards, the traditional definition of what it means to be a “musician” is much bigger than before. Like how complex and artistic music can be made by pressing the button on the laptop the same if it is operated with a valve on the trumpet and is equally valid.

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