Condominium Investment: What You Didn’t Know

By Jason A Smail | Business and Finance

Nov 11

Well, a condo is a form of housing use rights where certain parts of real estate (generally apartment rooms) are privately owned while use and access to facilities, like heating systems, elevators, and exteriors are under the law associated with private ownership and controlled by owner associations which describe ownership of all parts. This term is often used to refer to the unit itself replacing the word condo. Condos are a term used in the United States and parts of Canada, a form of ownership that was introduced in 2004 and unusual in some places, but over time this investment has a lot of interest. Seeing this investment prospect in Indonesia. Opportunities are still very large to get a profit. Because Indonesia’s population is increasing, the demand for housing continues to increase. You can choose condo to buy, even more, if you already know what Treasure condo showflat can provide.

Condo investment is known as a more promising choice when compared to other investment types and options because, in addition to being one of the trends in the business world in Indonesia, condo investment has the potential to get 200 percent profit and has a small level of risk. This business can also be said as a business opportunity that is not inferior to several other investments in the property world such as houses or shophouses. This investment is an attractive and profitable investment choice, many people understand condominiums, with prices that continue to increase each year because of this type of condominium investment, is pretty much glimpsed by consumers.

The price offered is indeed very diverse from cheap to expensive, the region is certainly a determinant of the price of this investment. The advantages of this investment are very much starting from the added value that continues to increase along with the development of the city and gain benefits such as the increase in selling prices because the location is the main key of this investment. Condo investing requires a number of steps that are appropriate because competition and other investors’ offers are more attractive to the interests of tenants or condominium buyers.

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