Dashcams Are Getting Even More Popular

By Jason A Smail | Entertainment

Oct 05

Lately, dashcams are very popular with drivers. But what are the functions and uses of this dashboard camera? And do you have to have it in the car? To answer this question, let’s break down what exactly the function and purpose of this dashboard camera are. Only then do you decide whether it is feasible to have a dashboard camera in your car or not. If you have decided to buy one, perhaps you want to read some dashboard camera reviews first so you will end up with a dashcam that suits your needs additional info.

The way a dashboard camera works is very simple, similar to the CCTV cameras that are everywhere today. This camera aims to record various events on the road when the car is moving and stored in memory for some time.

Later the results of this recording can be used as evidence if there is a dispute or even an accident on the highway. This dashboard camera certainly records video, but many can also record audio.

The sophisticated models even feature GPS, which can record the speed of the car and there are also accelerometers that will detect accidents and save the footage taken just before the accident occurred.

Most of these dashboard cameras will start recording as soon as they are powered up. So when the car is started and if the camera is adjusted through the power of the car it will immediately record. But apart from that, there are also many other variations.

Some have an LCD screen so you can watch footage immediately without having to transfer data to a computer. The majority also have built-in memory which can also be increased. When the memory is full, the camera will also re-record by deleting the old data.

This doesn’t matter, because if nothing happens then there is no point in the recording. If there is something you want to save, please transfer it to the computer first.

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