Defining Your Blog Theme

By Jason A Smail | Technology

May 25

Creating a blog can be done by anyone. But only those who resist is able to Make a blog to succeed. One of the difficulties Creating a blog is, science Creating a blog is not obtained from the school. Bloggers should find their own information, practice their own, trial and error themselves. So no wonder, in this age of information overload, many bloggers are confused and do not understand how a blog is able to reach many visitors. Before that, if you often ask “how to set up a blog for free?” you can visit our website to get the answer.

Define Blog Theme
Choose the most appropriate blog theme. In general, blogs are categorized into two, ie blogs with one niche, and blogs with many niches.

A. Blog with One Niche
Blog with one niche is a blog with one discussion theme. For example, blogs with street food niche. This means that the blog specifically discusses street food. Expected from a blog with one niche is the depth of content and the validity of the information presented. That is, the writings in the blog with one niche should be much deeper than the blog with many niches.

The advantages of blogs with one niche:

– More targeted visitors. This will help increase CTR Adsense ads (if you install them).

– Blogs of this type have a greater chance of entering the Google page one for the targeted keyword because the discussion is very detailed and specific far compared to many niche blogs.

B. Blogs with Multiple Niche
Blogs with multiple niches have widespread discussions and tend to be not too deep. Blogs of this type, if relying on one author, tend to be rather heavy, as they involve many different themes. Competition to produce quality writing becomes increasingly heavy because it is not focused. This kind of blog will usually survive and popular if done by the team.

The advantages of various niche blogs:

– Type of writing varies. This will make it easier for writers to look for written themes, so the potential to make a lot of writing is getting bigger.

– Potential to be online media. This is understandable, given the articles in this blog is updated and continues to grow every day. Similar to online media.

– The number of potential visitors is greater.

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