Different Types of Property to Choose for the Investment

By Jason A Smail | General

Feb 06

There are several types of property at this time. You can consider Seaboard-properties to get the right property choice. Each type of property has its own advantages and disadvantages. You must study it carefully to find out which property investment is more profitable according to the situation and conditions. Here are some properties that have good prospects and provide big profits in the long term, including:

Land investment is one form of investment in the property sector that is very easy. Make sure you buy land on strategic land so that long-term profits are quite large. For example, choosing to buy land on the edge of a highway is better than being in a housing complex. The land can be rented to the farmers or used as a place of business.

Choosing for land investment will never lose. It is actually very profitable, especially in a very strategic place. The increase in land prices occurs every day so that this investment is very promising to be undertaken at this time. Many people have been investing in land for a long time and now they are rich and become billionaires.

The author sees growing apartments in various big cities and strategic areas in Indonesia which are all selling well in the market. As with land investment, investment in the field of apartments is very profitable. An apartment can be rented or resold at a price higher than the previous purchase price. If the apartment is rented, it means that we will get a passive income a month is quite large.

The advantage of home or building investment is that we can get passive income from monthly or annual rent from the house we rent if resale is very easy and every year the price of housing increases rapidly and can be used as collateral for loan money at the bank. The disadvantages are maintenance costs.

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