Do This To Prevent Heartburn

By Jason A Smail | Health

Aug 30

Keep your weight in a healthy range. Body weight that is too heavy will put pressure on the stomach and can force stomach acid to flow into the esophagus. Even a few pounds of weight loss can help reduce the pressure. The best way to lose weight is to go on a diet and exercise. Visit our website and find out How to get rid of heartburn fast.

A healthy diet means avoiding fried and fatty foods, and these foods can aggravate heartburn symptoms. Healthy exercise routines can be done by having moderate cardio training in thirty minutes (for example jogging, swimming, cycling, etc.) for five days a week. Remember that GERD experienced by women can be caused by pregnancy. Consult with a doctor before undergoing exercise to lose weight if you are pregnant. People who are overweight by 45 kg above normal are more likely to have bariatric surgery to help with GERD symptoms.

Stop smoking. Tobacco smoke can damage the lower esophageal sphincter, thus disrupting its ability to function normally. This makes stomach acid which causes heartburn to flow easily into the esophagus. You must stop smoking to reduce the risk of smoking-related diseases, especially after eating to reduce the chance of heartburn.

Go to the doctor. You should see a doctor if your symptoms of heartburn have not disappeared for more than two weeks even after taking a medication without a prescription. Live a diagnostic test. Because repeated heartburn attacks often show GERD, your doctor may ask you to undergo a diagnostic test to determine the best treatment for you. This ice will also check whether you experience GERD complications called erosive esophagitis, which is a condition when stomach acid has damaged the esophagus. Some of the tests that you must undergo include:

– X-rays, to see the shape and condition of the esophagus and stomach

– Endoscopy, to check for strangenesses on the esophagus caused by long-term esophageal decay due to stomach acid, particularly if you are over fifty years old or suffer from GERD for more than five years

– Outpatient acid testing, to check when the acid returns to the esophagus and how long it lasts.

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