For Website Owners, Avoid Some of These Errors

By Jason A Smail | Technology

Sep 01

Creating a website must be done by those who understand how to make it. Website creation cannot be done by just anyone because it will have an impact on the results of the website. So, you should find the right website creation services to get quality website results. One of the right website creation services isĀ  Webdesign Hessen.

However, there are still many people who have a website but do a lot of mistakes in it. Some of the mistakes they usually make are

1. A little visual content
Don’t make your website a plain webpage, make it a visual and engaging webpage. Visitors often don’t want to be on your site for a long time, but if you have videos, pictures or infographics, you can deliver messages quickly and clearly.

2. Sentences or pages that are too long
Written words remain important, but when it comes to your website, a little text will be better. When customers visit your website, they want to find what they are looking for quickly and easily. Having a page full of text will make more customers turn away than interested in your website.

3. Do not consider access to sites using mobile
Access from mobile devices currently accounts for 33 percent of online shopping revenue in Indonesia and this will only become increasingly important.This means that to create an optimal experience for users, you must imagine your site will be accessed via a mobile device at the site design stage. So that various things can be better anticipated, such as minimizing the drop-down menu, optimizing the size of the page and creating a diverse experience for users.

4. Pop up ads that appear continuously
Nobody likes pop-up ads that suddenly appear when users are opening your website. Even though income is greater because of that. But, many customer that will be loss if you use this ads.

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