Getting rid of the unpleasant smell from your toilet

By Jason A Smail | General

Apr 26

The smell of toilets that smell up to other rooms in the house can be a sign that the cleanliness is not enough awake. But do not worry, the smell of toilets that sting is not always your fault. Even the bathroom and toilet are diligently cleaned was still potentially spewing odor into the air because of dirt stuck in the neck of the toilet. Whatever the cause, two ways to get rid of the odor in the right toilets following you need to do immediately. Meanwhile, we highly recommend you to hire Mr. Clean Aseo to get the best result of the toilet cleaning.

How to remove the smell of the toilet by cleaning it

Even if you’ve done everything to keep your toilet bowl clean and hygienic, it’s only natural that you miss a part that is not easily reached under the toilet bowl, which is its neck that becomes the sewer to the septic tank. Every time you flush or flush the toilet bowl, some dirt is trapped in the bend of the canal and potentially the cause of the smelly toilet. The best way to clean the neck of a toilet is to throw as much water as possible to empty the winding channel. You can suck the water with a hose to get out or pump it with a toilet pump stick to enter the septic tank.

After the neck of the toilet is empty, disinfect cleaning products and eliminating quality toilet odor capable of eradicating germs effectively, such as Domestos. Wear rubber gloves, follow the advice of the product on the packaging, and open the door/bathroom window to smooth the air circulation inside as long as you work on this method.

Use a toilet brush to rub the channel as far as can be reached-avoid forcing the incoming brush to veer too far into the channel because new problems will arise if the brush is broken inside. Flush the toilet bowl and refill the toilet neck with clean water.

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