God Is Real, These Are Some Signs He Provides

By Jason A Smail | Business and Finance

Jan 02

There are some people who still have a question the presence of God in their lives, or even question the Lord’s being. Some people usually ask what impact or benefit they feel if they trust God? In fact, all around us, the many signs God gives us know that god is real. Maybe there are some of us who feel their life is fine even though there is no God. There are even people who question the existence of God through the facts they have.

Some of the signs have actually given God for humans to understand that His presence is very important:

• God rules the universe, this world even with all the heavenly bodies in the sky there has been arranged by God. He arranges all their rotations and movements so as not to clash with each other. For example, the earth is at a distance corresponding to the sun, if nothing governs it, then the distance between the earth and the sun can get too close and make people in it burn. Meanwhile, if the distance is too far, then humans will freeze.
Another thing we must understand is that the air we breathe is produced by trees out there. Who arranges these trees to live and produce air for us? All is God. God arranges every aspect of human life and the whole universe.

• The universe works with the same laws of nature
Many of us do not realize that the laws of nature from day to day have the same style. Look at a hot cup of tea will be cool if left a few hours on the table. Or the gravity of the earth that makes all the objects thrown up will fall back. And the earth rotates for 24 hours at the same rate and unchanged.
This shows that there is a set of the universe. There is always the mainstay of humans that they do not have to bother to think about how to manage the earth where they live.

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