Having More Of Your Stock Phrases

By Jason A Smail | General

Mar 18

When you find your friend that is fluent in speaking English, you feel so much interested in being the same. Seeing that he or she is capable of speaking English like native makes you more motivated to learn English more and more. You should be thankful to have such a competitive environment so that you can keep motivated to always upgrade your English skills before taking your b1 test. In this case, as an English learner, you have to be quite aware of things that you have to do and are recommended to do. Thus, to find some tips from people that succeed in learning English is quite meaningful to practice.

In this case, it is good that you have already found a certain method that you feel comfortable. With the method, you feel like that you can upgrade your English skills significantly. By this way, you can just focus on implementing that method consistently. However, for those that have not already found their effective method of learning English, they should read more references or tips. You can just make some trials and errors. If you think that you do not work in a certain method, you can just find the alternatives.

For instance, to have a number of stock phrases is likely to be another method for you to communicate in English fluently. If you learn phrases, you are going to be able to speak English faster and better. You are going to see the difference when you learn speaking English word by word and phrase by phrase.

Besides that, there are some English phrases that you get difficult when you are trying to translate into your own language. There are a lot of English phrases that you can just have no idea of the translation but understand what it is going to try saying.

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