Here Are Some of the Role of Antagonists in the Simpsons Series You Must Know More

By Jason A Smail | General

Sep 09

You often hear the cartoon series The Simpsons. Besides the interesting and funny storyline, The Simpsons character was also made so interesting that the audience did not easily leave the series. In fact, for some fans, they are willing to create caricatures from the series The Simpsons in their photos by making simpsons avatar. For fans, this is one way to entertain them and show that they are fans of The Simpsons.

If you are also a big fan of The Simpsons, then you must also know that there are some antagonistic characters in the series that you have to know more about and their history.

– Jessica Lovejoy
The daughter of Pastor Lovejoy was raised in a religious family. Her nature is sweet, calm and pleasant. Being an idol in his school, Jessica’s charm made Bart have a crush. He became Bart’s first girlfriend. But behind all that, Jessica kept another secret. Yep, he is a rebel child, likes to do chaos, even exceeding the mischief of Bart Simpson.

– Sideshow Bob
Bob is arguably the most frequent antagonist character in the Simpsons series. Starting his career as a companion to the Krusty clown on a comedy TV show, Bob decided to leave. That’s because it can’t stand the torture of the clown.
Planning revenge, this genius character devises a plan to trap his former boss. His evil plan was arranged.

– Tony’s fat
The owner of the real name Marion Anthony D’Amico is famous as a mob boss in the city of Springfield. Having a myriad of illegal businesses, Fat Tony is the brain behind the illegal gambling business, theft, smuggling and buying and selling fake identities. For the sake of launching his action, Fat Tony bribed Major Quimby, the governor in power in the city of Springfield.
Born with a poor life, Fat Tony’s childhood was truly sad: homeless. His fate changed after he was discovered by Salvatore Tessio, a member of the mob as well as a mentor. Since then, little Tony was taught how to survive as a mafia member.

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