Here Are Some Signs if Your Instagram Account Hacked

By Jason A Smail | Technology

Jan 12

Currently, of course, there are many people who use social media, especially Instagram. Instagram itself has become one of the social media used by millions of people. Unfortunately, not everyone pays attention to the security of their Instagram account. With more hints, it will help you secure your Instagram account. Because passwords are indeed considered inadequate to secure an account on the internet.

Being careful is indeed one of the things you have to do. There are several ways to find out if your Instagram account has been hacked by someone. Some of the ways in question are

1. There is data that changes
You can change your profile photo even though you never replace it. Or you can also vary your personal information without you knowing the real cause. This is what makes you have to be careful so that later you will avoid various hacking actions that can happen to your account. Make sure you don’t tell your account password to everyone, even though that person is someone you know.

2. Upload photos that you never uploaded
This is a sign that is quite significant. You certainly know what photos you have uploaded and never uploaded. For that, if there is a photo that you have never uploaded but on your Instagram, then it’s time for you to secure your account properly.

3. There is a notification from Instagram
It could be that Instagram detects attempts to enter from hackers. Check email. If there is a warning email from Instagram, immediately check your account and immediately alert.
The second method is usually there is a similarity of authentication where Instagram will ask whether you are logged in in a certain area with your account simultaneously. If that isn’t you, just say no so the Instagram party can immediately take care of it.

You must pay attention to these three things to avoid hacking attempts by some bad people.

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