How patent law works: When you try to give an identity to something

By Jason A Smail | General

Nov 21

The granting of exclusive economic rights to intangible assets through Intellectual Property Rights protection system (IPR), for many parties, has felt the benefits both in improving competitiveness and in providing added value in the trade of goods. Nevertheless, although IPR protection systems in the America have been present in the America for decades, and as many companies in the world begin to gain more profit through the use of their intellectual property rights assets, it seems that there are still many domestic business actors still implementing an integrated intellectual property rights management system as an important part of the business activities it undertakes. On the other hand, if someone or a certain organization tries to steal your ideas or patents away, perhaps you need to call the best Patent Attorney in the business.

Though the management of IPR itself has a very broad dimension and not related to the process of obtaining protection in the Directorate General of IPR or solving the dispute in the Court solely. Because IPR itself intersects with so many aspects of human life, including business activities, it is not wrong if the aspects of intellectual creations that are attached to the business activities from the beginning have been managed with the best.

Below are just a few of the many signs that you look at as the moment you start having to think about a good IPR management for your business:


Shakespeare may say, what is a name. But even the most minimal person even though his knowledge in the science of marketing would say that “name” or “identity” is a very important element in marketing a product or service, especially to distinguish it from similar products or services derived from different sources, avoiding consumer confusion that ultimately affects producer losses.

In the context of IPR, the affair of “name” or “identity” of this product or service is closely related to Brand protection. The unique name or identity that you provide to the product or service that you offer to the consumer may be registered for protection as a Registered Mark, so only you can use that name or identity for the products and services.

However, make no mistake. Even if you feel that your product or service name or identity is unremarkable and does not intend to monopolize it through brand registration, tracking registered trademarks for names or identities related to the product or service is still important enough to do.

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