How To Maintain Watches Properly

By Jason A Smail | Entertainment

Oct 04

Today, a watch is not just a tool to show the time. Some people already think of a watch as an object that has various stories and memories in it. Therefore, you want your watch to last a long time and if it can be passed on to the next generation. So that your watch can continue to live up to the next few generations, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the things on how to care for the best watches for men below. Pay attention to where you store your watch. Although most luxury watches are equipped with features to prevent dust from entering the movement, this cannot be a guarantee. It’s a good idea to keep your watch in the case or for automatic watches it is recommended to keep it in the watch winder wesite to buy watches.

Not only does it protect from dust, but the watch winder also keeps your automatic watch always ready to use without needing to reset the time. Also, care must be taken not to place your watch near speakers, refrigerators, or objects that have strong magnets, as they will damage your watch. Finally, pay attention to the room temperature where you store your watch, do not let your watch be stored in a room with low temperature (below 0 ° C) or high temperature (above 60 ° C). Although some watches claim that you can use them while exercising or gardening, when it comes to watching accuracy, this is not recommended. So, if you can, don’t use your watch in any activity that is extreme enough to maintain its accuracy.

Currently, almost all watches come with water-resistant features. Watches that can be used for water sports must be water-resistant up to 100 meters, while diving is at least 200 meters. Then, you must make sure the crown of the watch is closed when you are diving and do not turn the pusher of the chronograph while in the water, as water can get into the movement.

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