How to make a wood surface smoother by using a sandpaper

By Jason A Smail | General

Apr 11

There is a separate sanding technique that you can apply to obtain the best result of smoothing your woods that has smoother and flatter surface. On the other hand, the process of sampling is done randomly it will cause the surface of the wood becomes bumpy. In fact, it is not impossible if the wrong in determining the exact size of emery, wood surface will be smoothed this even become increasingly rough. Meanwhile, check out the best benchtop jointer review as well.

Check out the tips of wood sandpaper below to get the maximum work!

The most appropriate sandpaper used to smooth the wood that has not been shaved with a planer/crab is sandpaper number 40. After the surface is smooth evenly, the process of sanding then continued once again using every number 80.

As for sanding the wood that has been shampooed on the surface, you can use the number 80 emission. Next rub the surface of this wood again with sandpaper number 120.

In order for you to rub the sandpaper into the wood surface steadily, put a rubber grip on the back side of the emery paper.

Sanding wood with flat surfaces is very easy but requires high persistence. The technique is to rub this emery sheet to the wood surface by giving it a little repetitive pressure and movement over and over again.

Meanwhile, to smooth the wood shaped round, you can use paper that size is quite long. The emery paper is then looped over the entire surface, then gently rub it in the same motion.

Another if you want to soften wood carvings. Given its very detailed shape, you need a small piece of emery and rub it with your index finger. Perform a one-in-one sanding process on a prominent wood surface.

As for the carved wood surfaces that go inside, you also need a slimy technique. Try to bend the emery to be the size of a pen first, then rub it into the wood surface that came in with the movement forward and backward.

As we know, wood is very sensitive to water. The excess water content in the wood will result in the structure becomes loose and easily destroyed. So avoid using water during this wooden sanding process is underway.

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