How to Overcome Loneliness

By Jason A Smail | Health

Jul 14

There are various reasons that make a person feel lonely, for example, because of awkwardness to face other people or do not like to mingle. However, there are also people who feel lonely, when they are in the middle of the crowd. This can happen because they are less able to establish intimacy with others. There comes a time, a person feels trapped in loneliness and feels very unpleasant. There are various ways to overcome loneliness, for example by meeting people you do not know, learning to respect solitude, and improving relationships with family members. Visit our website if you want to know how to cope with the fear of loneliness.

Find out why you feel lonely. Take the time to find out why you feel lonely so you can change this situation. For example, suppose you assume that you are lonely because there are fewer friends so you try to find more friends. However, you may still be lonely even though many new friends because of this loneliness arise because of many friends without a close relationship.

Start creating a journal to record your thoughts and feelings. Creating a journal will help you understand your sense of loneliness and greatly help relieve stress. Start looking for a comfortable place so you can keep a journal quietly and write for about 20 minutes.

Practice meditation. Several studies have proven that meditation can be used to overcome feelings related to loneliness and depression. Meditation also makes you more receptive to loneliness and find out what causes it. It would be great if you could join a class that teaches meditation for beginners because besides having to be done on a scheduled basis, meditation requires regular practice and guidance. If there are no meditation classes in your neighborhood, try buying a CD or searching for an internet meditation guide that will teach you ways of meditating.

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