How To Remove Ransomware

By Jason A Smail | Technology

Jul 10

Some time ago the world was waved by the presence of WannaCry ransomware that infects thousands of computers around the world. It’s one of the misuse of Technology by humans.

When the software is opened, the computer will notify the user that their files have been encrypted and give a few days to pay by warning that the file will be deleted. Most computer security companies have descriptive tools that can skip software. Bassically, ransomware will locks your files. The hacker threaten to remove them or publish your files online until the ransom is paid.

If many people know how to make ransomware, there may be more ransomware attacks. Here are some methods that can be tried to remove or prevent ransomware without pay as quoted from Ubergizmo.

1. Backup Your Files and Ensure Privacy

People tend to pay ransom for fear of losing archives and important documents. It would be nice if you have backups for your files. You can either backup your cloud or clone your files to an external storage drive.

2. Try to Use Antivirus

If you want to have the best security, you need to focus on getting one of the best AV software that is meant to give you the best defense against ransomware attacks. You want something that has behavior-based detection capabilities, it can prevent file modifications and prevent file access.

3. Remove Ransomware

Yes, you can remove ransomware without paying a penny. Probably not the case for every type of ransomware but in most cases you can try removing it. Even if you have successfully removed Ransomware, there is always the risk of losing files.

The most common way to remove ransomware is to perform a system restore in Windows. If that does not work, you can take advantage of a CD from Bitdefender.

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