How to Serve Food?

By Jason A Smail | General

Feb 13

The type and way of serving food in a restaurant depending on several factors, including the type and layout of the restaurant, the type, and the number of guests, the type of menu and the price of dishes, equipment, and personnel available. Basically, there are several types of services among other ways of serving which is with England, America, Russia, and France Style of Serving. To find out more, here are the reviews!

1. The American way of serving
In this way, the food is first prepared on a dinner plate in the kitchen. Then the food is delivered by the waiter with Kitchen Carts and then served in front of the guests on the dining table.

2. The English way of serving
The dish is placed on a well-stocked dinner table with the necessary tableware. Guests will take the food themselves and be enjoyed at the same table, assisted by the waitress who is specific to it.

3. Buffet
In this way all kinds of dishes are displayed on the buffet table attractively, guests will pick up the desired food and then enjoy it on the table provided.

4. The Russian way of serving
Before the food is served in front of the guests on the dining table, then in the kitchen, the food should be prepared on the plate. The waiters first put an empty dinner plate on the guest table, in front of each guest. Then a dish filled with food was brought to the guests and served to the guests.

5. The French way of serving
The food is prepared first in the plate. Waitresses set up a help desk near the front desk, complete with necessary equipment. Then the food in the dishes is brought from the kitchen to the restaurant, and placed on a table of helpers. After that, the waiter mixes the food on the dinner plate. Then food that has been prepared on a dinner plate presented to guests on the dining table.

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