Important For Those Of You Who Have Just Graduated And Are Looking For Work

By Jason A Smail | Business and Finance

Dec 05

For students who are soon to graduate and prepare to enter the workforce, here are four basic abilities that you need to prepare to meet the expectations of the company. Nowadays, it is rare for companies to ask candidates to send a personal history alias in print. On average, asking applicants to send emails or CV emails to companies through social media such as LinkedIn or a special platform that brings together workers such as directgov post a job. Several times the DirectGov post a job and the team has opened Indonesian vacancies. However, not a few who send makeshift e-mails. The directgov post a job means “sober” is an email without a subject and a clear explanation. So that as an email recipient, directgov post a job is also confused about what this email means. Then how do you make the right email?

First, use a subject that explains the purpose of the e-mail, for example: “I want to apply for ABC at the XYZ company”. Second, mention the name of the recipient of our email. Example: “Good afternoon. Mr. Joko “. By mentioning the name, our email will feel more personal and most likely get more attention from the company. Third, giving a brief, solid, and clear self-introduction in the body of the email. Who we are, where we see the vacancy, why we want to apply at the company, what documents are included in the email, and the closing sentence by saying thank you. Most millennial curriculum vitae now focus on attractive visuals, but forgetting content is more important than visual. Will be different stories if you do apply to become a graphic designer or creative team that focuses on the visual aspect. Attractive CVs are not fat ones that are irrelevant information, but that focus on the achievements that we already have.

First, focus on results. Most of the CVs of friends at the university still focus on what their role is and forget the achievements we have had when interning at a company or an organization. What companies want to know from prospective employees is what they have achieved during their work. From now on, remodel the CV by providing a special place for the achievements that we achieve. For example, if you are a student majoring in communication and have an internship at an event organizer company, explain what the biggest event you have handled, what campaign you have done, how successful the campaign was, how many people saw the video you made, how many social media shares from the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram posts you make.

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